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November 17, 2004

Three Things

Keith and I went to a great screening tonight. Cast and crew and supporters at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood (GREAT location). Very well done. Congrats, Chuck! And very cool to see Moira in such a meaty role, plus the joy of getting to hang out with Jennifer both before and after the screening... CONGRATS on signing with ICM, you frickin' rockstar! Wow! Awesome!

Spied an amazing actress who stole the show in every frame she occupied. I will DEFINITELY be calling Ms. O'Brien in. Definitely! Phew! That's talent, baby!

[Yes, I'm intentionally not name-dropping. Yet.]

On the drive home, Keith and I talked about a zillion things, one of the most entertaining was a discussion of our favorite types of exam questions in advanced high school math classes. Seriously. Loves me a good proof!

Finally, Tony Dungy, shut the fuck up. Seriously. If you are worried that your kid is being damaged by having to see the suggestive ad for Desparate Housewives prior to watching your players crush into each other on Monday Night Football, then please have the camera-operators stop squeezing in for tight shots on the cheerleaders' racks between plays. Sheesh! Hypocrite. *grumble grumble*

Oh, one more... it looks like we may try to take Quinn with us to Scotland for Faith's wedding. Can you imagine father and son in MacTaggart kilts?!? Oh, I'm hopeful we can work that all out.

I so love my life. Wow. It just rocks. Seriously.

Posted by bonnie at November 17, 2004 11:37 PM