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December 19, 2004

An Epiphany-a-Day?

Okay, so I'm having breakthroughs left and right. Finally, I've had to start looking at this non-stop personal growth stuff and ask:

Is this normal?

I mean, I know we spend our 20s pretty much self-involved. Are we, by nature, to spend our 30s self-evolved?

Not that I don't enjoy all of the new a-ha moments and happy confirmations that I am exactly on the right path and all that, but I have to wonder when we, as women today, kind of start just BEING.

Or is this what that is?


I'm pontificaterrific tonight! Ooh... The Wizard of Oz is on! How much am I loving that they're using Love & Rockets' No New Tale To Tell as the lead-in/out music?!? Awesome!

PS--Walks to the beach at sunset and happy hour at Sushi Roku with your fiancé are just about some of the best living out there.

Posted by bonnie at December 19, 2004 8:01 PM