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December 15, 2004


Do you ever just want to like seriously rip off someone's arm so that you can use it to beat the crap out of them?

Yeah... me neither. But dayum, I'm close.

Cingular sucks.

I almost want to go to The People's Court on this so that, when the judge lady says, "Wait! Bonnie, you have a CONTRACT?!" I can whip it out and have that Perry Mason moment be a clip they use in their ads.

Why is it that I have to prove TO THEM that I have a contract that says I upgraded to Nationwide with Rollover in February? And why is it that faxing the contract to them THREE TIMES isn't sufficient? And why is it that they certainly began CHARGING me for this new calling plan back in February, but neglected to upgrade my actual plan at that time? And why TODAY am I told that I have to pay this month's bill while they "sort this out" after THREE customer service reps have told me that THEY would be calling me back to give me an adjusted amount in 48 hours over the course of the last two weeks?

Y'all suck. Seriously.


All better now. Must go do kitcheny things for the Roxbury Potluck tomorrow. That's a good use of energy, right? Creating food items? Or am I begging to be further frustrated?

Ooooh... there's wine!

Posted by bonnie at December 15, 2004 6:44 PM