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December 27, 2004

Day Two Gluten-Free

So far, so good. No real headache, no joint aches, and pretty much feeling good. Able to eat some stuff I love and not yet missing the stuff I can't eat that I can't have, doing the wheat-free thing.

Awesome big shout-out to Anna for volunteering to take Keith shopping for gluten-free options, seeing as he's the chef 'round here.

Huge breakthrough last night in the missing Mom/leftover issues department. Bless Keith for being such a support system. Wow.

Not at all surprised that I'm having such personal growth spurts right now. I cursed the timing last night and Keith reminded me that this is precisely when it should all come together. The rest of the time, I'm too busy loving my life. Right now, I'm open for all of this. Awesome.

Big goal: lay off the needing to be right thing. Reading a book right now that talks about the need to be right being inextricably tied to the inability to control one's physical world. Makes perfect sense.

Anyway, there's more... but it's for the talks and the old school journal.

Oh, here's a question: Is it wrong to send Christmas cards this late? I made a deal a few years ago (at the suggestion of the brilliant Dawn) to only send after receiving (I'd gotten up to sending over 250 cards a year and feeling really taxed trying to get all of those Christmas cards out and feeling sooooo guilty if I missed ANYONE I'd talked to during the year). She said, simply, "Let yourself off the hook for sending any cards until you receive any." Rock on. I've been doing that for a couple of years now and it's saved me sooooo much sanity (and money). Interestingly, I was the one keeping up with so very many people. Now that I'm pretty much leaving it in others' hands... well... I can count on my fingers and toes how many people (other than actors sending headshot greeting cards) reach out to me. That rocks.

I prefer hooking up with those I see in person regularly anyway. Those are better holiday greetings in a major way. Want proof? See the Christmas and pre-Christmas photos by clicking below.

Posted by bonnie at December 27, 2004 10:45 PM