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December 21, 2004

Responding to Recent Comments

Okay, rather than emailing replies to comments or posting them within the comments field here, I'm gonna do that every-now-and-then thing that I do... making a post out of replies to comments.

First... OW. My head hurts to the extent that I would really like to lop it off and operate as a headless body. I AM SO SICK OF THIS PAIN!

Next... put a red rinse on my hair for a festive holiday kick (first rinse I've used in over two years) and it seems they've changed the formula and of course I didn't read the instructions and... well... I look like a poinsettia. Niiiice.

Excited about upcoming social engagements. We'll be out doing the holiday festivity thing every night starting tomorrow. Yay! Love our friends!

Have been told that my symptoms of joint pain, allergies, and migraines seem typical to those of a gluten allergy, so I'm doing research on all of that. Any advice/hit lists of non-obvious foods to avoid is much appreciated.

Updated the book's page to reflect recent interviews. Wow! What a rockstar-looking book we have going on here! AND... we're half-way done with conducting interviews! Woo hoo!

Oh... CHIP! I keep forgetting to tell you this! You may recall that you said, in your blog last year:

I think it will have one really good season and we will end up watching all of them hoping that it will get back to the basics of drugs and sex that it has strayed away from with guest stars and very special episodes. But, I will watch it anyway if only for Peter Gallagher's hypnotic brows.
Okay, well, I was watching a Best Week Ever a few weeks ago (who knows when it actually aired... TiVo has so spoiled me) and someone actually said the exact phrase: Peter Gallagher's hypnotic EYEbrows, which is almost EXACTLY what you said well over a year ago!! Should you sue?

Cingular still way sucks. I've now faxed a copy of my contract from early 2004 to the SEVENTH person within the Cingular organization and we've gone to the Cingular store from which this contract originated THREE times. I think, at present, I've logged about 10 hours on the phone with various CSRs and managers. Result... I'm still grabbing my ankles and awaiting the inevitable you-know-what you-know-where.

Yes... if this situation is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will blog ALL of the gory details and create a website called something along the lines of Cingular Sucks dot com or such. And then, when they sue me to take it down, I will insist on mediation through The People's Court, produce my contract, and become a clip-du-jour on Talk Soup or Reality Wrap-up or whatever is out there for such clips of brilliance anymore.


Let's see... how far will I go before I decide this fight isn't worth the money in dispute? Hm. If it's anything like the fight I had with Experian and its erroneous reporting of my credit rating while I was in debt consolidation, it'll be some time AFTER every government agency with an interest in consumer protection has heard about it.

I've realized, my biggest issue with ANYTHING is fairness. I want what's fair, what's right, what's promised to be delivered. That's all. I don't want an unfair advantage. I don't want something I'm not supposed to have. I want exactly what I signed up for. And when I'm being screwed... well... I screw back. Hard.

And then, eventually, I move on, realizing some institutions are simply unscrewable.

It seems like a zillion years ago that I was so tweaked up over the whole Experian thing, but it really did consume me a couple of years ago. Every spare moment, I was writing another letter, faxing more confirmation, making more phone calls, researching more consumer rights, etc. And now that I'm out of consolidation and Experian has returned my credit rating to its rightful 100% PERFECT standing... well... I'm getting an offer a day for a 0% six-month introductory APR credit card with a $15,000 limit and a post-introductory 7.9% FIXED APR for life.

My answer? No thanks. I'll enjoy the offers and turn in all of my chips when it's time to buy a house or car or both and y'all can just keep salivating over the idea of getting my business until then. Ha!

Yeah, that'll show 'em.

I know. I've got nuthin'.

Okay... on to the comments.

Re: sushi and joint pain, Ames added (from Ohio, even)

ugh...so want sushi right now!!! hope you are feeling better.
Sushi rocks. Seriously. But I had baby lobster tails with truffle and miso spinach instead of sushi the other night. Holy crap, that's some good stuff. Keith's steak was the best I've ever tasted. Yes, better than Dan Tana's. I don't know what they soaked it in, but it was TASTY! As for the feeling better... nah. But I'm thinking that gluten allergy thing might be a key. We shall see. Thanks for checking in.

Re: excellent music, Nini contributed

Ooooh I LOVE that Love And Rockets song! It's on a cool '80's mix CD that I made for myself...it always puts me in the BEST mood when I hear it.
Love and Rockets has been a favorite band for nearly 20 years now. Man, I'm old. I've seen them in concert seven or eight times, most recently in 1997, methinks. Such a great band (and the bands before it comprised of its members). We came in the other night to Haunted when the Minutes Drag on the '80s DirecTV music channel and I just melted. Keith doesn't get it. Classic rock is more his speed. WhatEVER!

Re: Orphans' Christmas, Nini said

Hmmm...have this again next Christmas too, okay? Greg and I just may.......attend. *hopeful grins*
That so seriously gets me bouncing up and down on my big sofa! I would LOVE that!! Yay! What a great goal for 2005... for me too! I can't wait! Yay!

Re: missing my mom, Nini gave

I know. It's tough. You haven't known me long enough to know how tough this time of year is. I'm currently crying pretty much every day. Thank goodness it's the "self-aware" kind of crying, rather than the really crappy misunderstood kind.

Re: my age-15 photo, Nini observed

Straight out of a John Hughes movie! :o)
I know, I know. I was a serious Molly Ringwald contender. Wait 'til you see my 1985 Homecoming photo. Seriously... way Pretty in Pink. Tee hee.

Re: Keith's Marine photo, Nini growled

Uh-huh. You got that right, sister. Yummy!

Re: 2004 in Questions, Nini said

Physical peace......yes, *that's* what it's called. It's what I'm looking for too. What a great list. I'm gonna snag this too!
Oh, goodie! It's a good one. I've reflected on my answers and the meaning of the year, using those questions to guide me, quite a few times since posting it. Definitely want some of that physical peace. You let me know if you find it first and I'll make the same deal with you. ;)

Re: Lost, Nini asked

And what did you think?
I liked it. A little too suspenseful for me (and I'm not a big fan of getting the crap scared out of me in the name of entertainment), but I'm a huge JJ Abrams fan, and had I known he was involved, I'd have watched from the beginning just on repuation. I'm in. We'll keep watching. ;)

Re: Cingular Sucks, Aimercat shared

my dear, you need to read this. I'm convinced that Cingular is Latin or ancient Greek for shit.
I'll be sure to link to that, when I create my hate site. ;)

Re: migraines, my sis Deb wrote

Oh, honey. Vibes for you to get better right away. Migraine... BAD. Happy smiley pain-free Bonnie... GOOOOOD!!!
Keep those vibes comin', sugar. Ugh.

Re: quote attribution, the new winner in the God of Google contest, Chairman contributed

Perusing the Google links regarding that quote, quotation-resource sites unanimously attribute the quote to Mary Anne Radmacher. The results that pop up attributing the quote to Hunninghake are almost all from message boards where it shows up as someone's sig-line or as a quote in someone's post. Most importantly, Mary Anne appears to attribute the quote to herself in one of her motivational art pieces which can be seen here. With too much time on his hands at work,
Yours truly,
Holy crap, Chairman. I bow in your honor via the Internet today and will do so in person at Christmas dinner. Awesome.

Re: life rocking, getting more interviews done, celebrating at Dan Tana's, my lovely sis, Deb, wrote

I'm so damn happy for you, sis! You are getting everything you have worked so damned hard for and you deserve it! Woohoo! I can't wait for this book to come out! I'm jealous you went to Tana's! I'm having withdrawals!!! Loooove Mike, *said in my best Croatian accent*... "Shut up and drink!" Teehee! Miss you!
I've been quoting Mike ever since that night. He was in rare form. "Drink, bitch!" Wow! I've moved up in the world, eh? ;) Very excited to get to see you this week. Yay! We'll have a blast! PS--Thwok is so big. I mean, she's still a kitten, but she's growing so much!

Re: the PhD with poor grammar and a mean streak, Nini commented

Aw GOD that sucks so bad. I'm so sorry. ((Hugs))
Yeah, it's not even the NO. That's fine. It's what I expected, really. It's the way the no was served up with a plate of cruelty. *shudder* It's hard to shake that one off.

Re: sofa, Hannah the decorating goddess said

Yay for Sofa Day!!! I meant to comment earlier that I think the picture of it is SO pretty!!! Good luck with the book work. :-)
Awesome. Thanks so much. Your sense of style is so very cool, so it means a lot that you like our new furniture. Now, if I could just stop feeling so intimidated by those recipes you post in your blog!

Re: others' children and actor no-shows, Michael from Toronto commented

Read about your NO SHOWS(still amazed that that is the LOW end of the scale down in your neck of the woods...) and got sucked into reading the rest of the blogs (like so many before me I am sure) We are actually playing the role of parental units this weekend as well - because our friends went home for American Thanksgiving and the little guy is in a play and can;t miss rehersal. It's this great warm feeling when you have a little someone to have fun with - we've never played so many board games in our lives. Will be sad to see him go (Cody...he's the next big thing in Musical Theatre...he's 8) ! My parents have assured me that other peoples children are always much more stress-free than your own....wonder if that rings true?
I think it's definitely cool to have others' children around. Especially fun during the holidays. I think we'll be doing some family/friend visits with our friends who have kids in the next few days and weeks and we'll certainly feed off all that. As for the no-shows, yes, we really do have that level of no-shows 'round here. I guess it's market saturation and a sense of entitlement, combined. I hear there are nowhere near this level of no-shows among New York actors. There is a theatre-actor discipline that spills over into everything, methinks. Here... it's all just so casual.

Re: y'allbonics, Suesie contributed

oh, i get these..HA!!!! as a chicagoian...born and raised (southern after marriage and birthin' three kiddos in 3 different southern states!!), i love it....rock on, jo-ja peach!
Weren't those fun? Ah... I miss grits. Can we have those, next time we come over? ;)

Okay, I'm a little exhausted. Looks like we may have some movement with the Cingular folks. *fingers crossed*

And Salema, while walking across my computer, managed to pull off a key from the keyboard (the | \ key--wow, that was hard to type without the key in place) with her claw. Interesting, these kitties' technological capabilities.

Later, all!

Posted by bonnie at December 21, 2004 4:46 PM