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December 27, 2004

She's Becoming a Woman

Well, technically, she will never be a WOMAN, she will simply be an adult female cat... but it's happening.

How do you know when your female kitten is becoming an adult cat? As we'd been warned, "You'll know." Oh yeah... we know.

Oh, the howling!

We had been told to wait until this started happening, so that all of her good female hormones would set in before the surgery removes much of her girlie inards. Thanks for the tip, former vet employee Shon. We'd have just done it at the six month point, which would've cheated her out of another seven weeks of growing as a female.

Good news is, the Santa Monica City Shelter has provided us with a voucher to defer the cost of spaying Thwok. We'll take her to the clinic next week and have the whole thing done for $30. Insane, right?!? Awesome.

So... I was looking for something to distract me these next couple of days. Think a howling kitty will do the trick? Heh heh.

She's not so little anymore. Tee hee.

Posted by bonnie at December 27, 2004 1:33 PM