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January 1, 2005

Before Sunrise Musings

Okay, so I was asleep by 11pm. Told Keith to wake me up at Midnight for a kiss, because they say whatever you're doing at the stroke of Midnight you'll be doing all year. That was fun, even though I was groggy. Keith had spanked me at Scrabble TWICE before I called it a night. The unfinished bottle of champagne was taken outside for the local homeless to celebrate with.

There were two awesome New Year's Eve parties I skipped. Nelson had a great idea: celebrate the East Coast New Year with a party that starts at 7pm, ends at 10pm PST. That way, everyone is home and safe before the roads get really crazy with drunk drivers. Deb's NYE party was also of the birthday variety. Love my New Year Birthday Baby! Sorry I missed getting to spank you, sweetheart. ;)

Withdrawal is way icky. Upset tummy, swollen hands and feet, aches, odd sleep cycles, and as a bonus: a HUGE sore on my lip. Lovely. No wonder I didn't want to go out last night. Ugh. Keith wanted to order pizza. I told him that I was way supportive of his "normal" diet while I'm doing my new thing, but that *might* be crossing the line with just six days of success under my belt. More ugh. I'm just crabby this morning. Got up at 4am and kept trying to NOT be up yet. That just gets annoying.

Oh, so, as I'm flipping around the DirecTV guide, looking for what to watch, I notice that my lovely Trio is no more. WHAT? Didn't we JUST save Trio from a DirecTV dump in 2003? Why yes, yes we did! WTF?!? Well, the Save Trio email form for DirecTV subscribers remains on the Trio site, but things look pretty grim for the network altogether. Ah. The same dingus-filled corporation that cancelled Faith's brilliant show is at the helm? Well... there ya go.

I'm hungry. *sigh*

Posted by bonnie at January 1, 2005 5:25 AM