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January 9, 2005

The Year In Review

Take The First Sentence From The First Post Of Each Month Of 2004. That's Your Year In Review.

Nabbed from:


January 2004: I still definitely have some things to fix in this new Blog setting (now Movable Type) in order to get it all looking like I want it to look.
February 2004: Okay, folks. I need you to weigh in on our travel itinerary for later this month.
March 2004: Oh... you know how we love the photos!!
April 2004: So today is April 1st, traditionally one of my least favorite days.
May 2004: So, ever since the whole "my computer is dead" drama, I've been leaving my computer up and running/sleeping (and open) all the time (since shutting it down could mean having to go through all of that again).
June 2004: If you have kids... you probably already know this. It's new to me.
July 2004: Yep, just got the call a few minutes ago... we've been approved and will be the new residents of cousin Faith's current pad (a kick-ass 2BR seven blocks from the beach in Santa Monica).
August 2004: I have so much to say... but can't seem to keep my eyes open long enough to say any of it.
September 2004: Did any of you use the term "brown bread" to refer to whole wheat bread, growing up?
October 2004: In a few hours I'll be under the knife.
November 2004: Everyone is glad I'm home. Especially me.
December 2004: Today is day #7 for me on CortiSlim (day #6 for Keith). I love it. Seriously. Wow.

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