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January 20, 2005

Well, Hell. A Quiz

I know how happy this will make Kris! ;)

Nabbed from Chip.

20 Questions to a Better Sense of Humor

Sunny/Dark: 7/10
drY/Gross: 3/10
Traditional/Offbeat: 5/10
Active/Passive: 7/10

You are a DYT--Dark Dry Traditional. This makes you a Cynic.

You're a realist. You'll take the piss out of anything, and do it with style and a skinny gray tie. You find humor in the mundane. When the mundane is thousands of working class families watching their retirement savings get snarfed by unpunished white collar bandits, that REALLY gets the larfs.

You bring humor with you, and can flip over any situation to find the tender funny underbelly.

Incidentally, you're better equipped than anyone else to shake off the bad things happen to you. Mysterious lump? You've seen scarier lumps in your garlic cheesey grits. It seems like nothing makes you truly happy, but nothing really upsets you, either.

Your comic sensibility was more in tune with the eighties. But cross your fingers--another coupla years of Bush and maybe we'll work up a nice Reagan-era national bitterness again. A sardonic orange cat will once again rule the newsprint, and Springsteen'll write more righteous Jersey retro-cock-rock anthems for the progressive pols of 2024 to cold gank. What's past is prologue!

You might like David Letterman, or maybe stay up to see if Conan has another "Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage."

Of the 3215 people who have taken this quiz, 10.5% are this type.

Your Active humor score of 7/10 means you are ju-u-ust right. You're probably pretty popular--a walking social lubricant. You know how to take someone from on edge to relaxed, and from relaxed to larfing. You're kind of like an episode of Arrested Development. That show is good. Anyway. Rave on, funny one.

That reminds me.

Favorite joke at All Ivy Comedy at the Improv Tuesday night?

From Eric Esoja (sp?): Donald Rumsfeld is just pissed that the tsunami killed more people in a day than his administration has in four years. He's pissed about the WMD (WAVE of mass-distruction).

Effin' brilliant.

Posted by bonnie at January 20, 2005 1:03 PM