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February 27, 2005

Calling All Photoshoppers

Hey. I need some low-level hand-holding in Photoshop 7 for Mac OSX.


I need to replace a background (one color for another) and modify some text that appears on top of the background. I also need to change the dimensions of some of the guides and the overall width of the image. I need to do this without it being obvious that someone who has no clue about using high-end graphic software did the tweaks.

Or I could just pay someone.

But, just like with doing taxes, I will spend at least 100 hours attempting to do it myself before I realize that I could spend the money that I would earn in those frustrating hours to pay someone to do the damn thing about a thousand times over and still have enough money left over to buy myself something pretty as a reward for not being a perfectionist and letting someone else be an expert at something rather than proving to myself that there are, alas, some things I'm just never going to be able to instantly master.

Any takers?

Yeah... I know. I made that sound really palatable, didn't I? Man, I used to know Photoshop. When was that? 1997? Yeah, that's it. A sure sign of aging. Rapidly.

Posted by bonnie at February 27, 2005 12:26 AM