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March 1, 2005

Bragging on the Birthday Boy

Keith has had a stellar year. His birthday is Thursday (he is very old). We started the year off with a little affirmation about his life as a working actor and before the first week of 2005 had ended, Keith had signed with his rockstar new manager.

Now, before he signed, he had already been called to go on tape for producers on the new show Head to Toe at Nickelodeon.


Within a week, his manager called with a tape-to-producers audition for The Shield.

Then came another audition. This one was for Crossing Jordan.


(Here's where it gets really good.)


In the past few weeks, Keith has had a preread (which led to a same-day producer callback) for CSI, a meeting with legendary casting director Mike Fenton for a feature film currently titled The Hunt, and a preread for a pilot called Invasion. That last one led to a producer session today with the pilot's executive producer... Shaun Cassidy.

It has been a good year.

Baby, I hope you get a big bowl of BOOKED for your birthday! I am very proud of you, excited for you, and thrilled to experience this journey with you.

Posted by bonnie at March 1, 2005 7:11 PM