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April 18, 2005

And... They're OFF!

Paul Revere had his Midnight Run. Mine was to Kinko's. And $109 (and 40 minutes) later, the typeset book was copied thrice for my Queens of Style (Courtney, Nini, and Robin), who will now give the book the once-over.


Meanwhile, I'll continue culling quotes for the What Others Are Saying section and busting ass to get the manuscript fully, accurately indexed (now that it's been put into the publishing software).

*contented sigh* (but a brief one, as I can't really stop work just yet)

I did take a break long enough to sleep for four hours and take this quiz. Seeing as I've never seen The OC, I have no idea what these results mean. But hey, the chick is hot, yo.

You scored as Julie. You are obsessed with status and prestige because you are invested in what other people think. Learn to find happiness by figuring out (and pursuing) your own internal desires instead of society's.
What OC character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

Huge big yay for Ali, who got the all-clear at the doctor today! Woo hoo! And, again, yay!

Finally, I really really really want a photo of me done up Comic Book ala PhotoShop style. That's just way effin' cool.

Pff. Like I need another project!

Did I mention I start casting two films next week? ACK!

Oh, one more thing. Is it weirder to encounter someone (who you KNOW reads your blog) who asks, "So, what's new?" or to encounter someone (who you are certain doesn't even know you have a blog) who quotes your blog to you?

Posted by bonnie at April 18, 2005 11:59 AM