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April 30, 2005

Some People!

Okay, I'm seriously over these people.


So, this Georgia chick is overwhelmed by the fact that she's getting married and has invited 600 people to the wedding. So, she runs away from home (leaving no note), and the world launches a search for this missing woman. Resources are used up, dogs are sniffing for her, posters are being put up, a reward for her safe return is created, her fiancé is questioned, the family is distrought.

Finally! She calls 911 from New Mexico. Woo hoo! She's alive! She's safe! She's going to be okay--despite the fact that she's been kidnapped and driven across the country in a van. Bless her heart, she sounds so emotional on the 911 call. What an ordeal she must've faced! Thank God she's alive!

Today, bitch comes clean about the whole effin' hoax. Cold feet.

Police say they won't charge her with any kind of criminal act.

PLEASE, though, could they BILL HER for the expense her little game surely cost "the system" (not to mention those who worried so)?

Reminds me of the dillhole who parked his SUV on the beach last summer. He drove right past all the signs that said NO DRIVING ON THE BEACH and parked, drank, watched the ocean. Watched 'til it came right up and swept his car out to sea.

He jumped out and used his cell to call 911. Tons of emergency workers poured out to the beach, but when they realized they were going to have to wrangle the SUV out of the clutches of the sea, they decided to simply wait for the tide to go out. It was really all they could do.

This bozo goes on the news talking about how he's going to sue the authorities for NOT doing anything to save his SUV from further damage. Look, fucknut, I want them to sue YOU for having needed rescue personnel at all that day, as you blew off the rules and took care of your needs to drink at the beach in your ride.


Some people!

Anyway... when I need to call off a wedding, I say, "It's off." I don't concoct a story about being kidnapped and driven cross country. WhatEVER!

Posted by bonnie at April 30, 2005 1:19 PM