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May 11, 2005


Let's send loads of good luck, break a leg, show-get-picked-up vibes to New York for the Upfronts.

Bob's new show, Nobody's Watching, is going up for the WB.

Jeff's new show, Loved Ones (And Other People We Hate), is going up for NBC, though it looks like it may have been pushed to midseason. Hm.

Either way, way to go, two of the tallest guys I know! Kick ass. Have fun! Get those pilots picked up!

PS--Looks like Rose took me to the TWOP TAR-Con last night. Fun! Got to meet TAR6 castmembers Joe (of Joe and Avi) and Lori and Bolo (and Bolo tells me I must find a way to Taft-Hartley him for this next movie I'm casting. Hm. Could happen). Hee hee. Fun night. Lots.

Posted by bonnie at May 11, 2005 1:42 PM