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June 12, 2005


So, why is it when I have a kazillion things to do (and I am not *even* kidding when I say "kazillion," I really do have THAT MUCH STUFF to do) that I end up bored?


It just makes like no sense. How can I be bored when I have sooooo much to do? And all of it causes me more than a little bit of stress. Hm. Maybe I'm chosing boredom over stress. I guess that makes sense.

The "S" key on my PowerBook has a patch worn through. So, I guess it *is* the most common letter. For me, at least.

See? Bored. And I have a script to read, a column to write, offers to fax, feedback to provide, bills to pay, books to sign, books to pack, books to mail, headshots to open, headshots to sort, headshots to purge, a screen to put back in a window, a shower to take, litter to scoop, dishes to wash, three websites to update, a font to install, and dayplayers to enter into the Breakdowns system to email to producers. All of that needs to happen before Monday morning.

Yeah. And I'm noticing the worn-out "S" key. And making lists of the things I'm not doing. Sunday should be interesting. Look at all of those S-es I typed! Esses? Oh... and I found the first typo in the new book. :\ Page 129. Transposed a period and a close-paren. I'll decide that's in homage to Frances. How 'bout that?

Posted by bonnie at June 12, 2005 3:54 AM