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June 25, 2005

Perfect Day!

So, I went to bed late, slept 'til I woke up naturally, did a word puzzle in my jammies, wandered into the living room and found this on AMC:


I challenge any one of you to tune in and NOT smile ear-to-ear the whole time.

Heck, I remember being so excited that they'd made a movie about US (Georgia US) when I was a little kid. Of course, I'd probably never seen an 18-wheeler close-up, but I was sure this was Hollywood loving Georgia and that gave us some sort of credibility as people.

No comment, upon watching as an adult. Heeeeee!

Just the same, I cannot watch a MINUTE of this movie without smiling, laughing, and singing along. What a great day!

Posted by bonnie at June 25, 2005 1:29 PM