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July 26, 2005

Longest Blog Entry EVER

Or, well, it *will* be, when I finish it. Right now, it's just a list of stuff I'm going to say, when I come back around to this. Right now, I still have way way way too much to do to get caught up. And it's only a few hours since I got home.


1. I'm home from the casting gig in Missouri.
a. Dayum it's HAWT there.
b. Stephens College: visiting professor offer.
d. Feedback that I've inspired people to become CDs.
e. Cobras (and several other teams from the Junior Soccer League) staying in my hotel during their state-wide tourney.
f. Grinders?
g. I hate getting hangnails while traveling.
h. Mayo with fries?
i. Put ice in my bra on the heated tin can that was the Jetstream 41.
j. Pizza is $3.80 (yes, *a* pizza. No, I didn't have any, just noticed the price and remembered the good ol' college town days).
k. My bizarre sleeping style in hotel rooms.

2. I got several good column ideas from riding on the plane (conversations with strangers about what I do. Why do I always sit next to chatty people?) and speaking to filmmakers about actors (rather than speaking to actors about the casting process, which I usually do), and casting a film in ten hours.


4. Our brilliant LAX parking scheme and how confused the parking attendant was, trying to figure out how we pulled it off.

5. Thwok has a fat lip.


6. I have a review of the first season of The Amazing Race.

7. I think Thirteen may be the most compelling film I've seen in a long, long time.

8. I have reports about Celebrity Fit Club 2 and other lies told in the media (such as: "Diane Lane is 35" and "Kirstie Alley is a size 12"). Plus, commentary on the imbalance that is the performers on this season of the trainwreck show. What fucknuts!


9. Acting Qs has been reviewed (PDF is on this page--July 2005 Hollywood How-To from Bob Fraser). Excerpt to come.

10. Friends I'm proud of:
a. Camille Mana (series regular on One on One).
b. Blake Robbins (recurring on The OC).
d. Pamela Jansen (in Fearless Women, which was delivered to me with one of the best personal notes I've ever received from an actor).
e. Jasmine Jessica Anthony (series regular on Commander in Chief).
f. a dozen other actors in my life who are booking work these days. Dizzying to try and keep up (quality problem)!


11. Being okay with being imperfect. (This ties in with Pamela's letter. Esp. re: notation of BA instead of MA for my credit in the UGA book contribution.)

12. Searches. You're right, CoCo. They're starting to get funny.


13. Catching up:
a. Why the ATF came over.
b. The cat that meditates to the Stones (and the one that chills in the backpack).
c. Cool sofa repair guy.
d. Fantastic 4.

14. New favorite drink: ginger margarita.

15. Changing the clock on the SixHundy caused me to do something really odd tonight.


16. Grammar. STOP THIS: "Sam and I's relationship is over." Seriously. Stop it. You're killin' me with that crap.

17. Kill Reality redux (they KNOW it's more about charisma and being bold than nailing the read) and how funny it is to see Trashelle doing reality yet again after she swore NEVER after the second Surreal Life. Brilliant producers. Seriously.

Best quote?

I understand Toni's desire to dig a little deeper. I understand that many great actors want to get inside their character. But I'm pretty sure that none of those great actors were on Paradise Hotel.


18. Go look at this--Celebrities Eating--and be sad that there is an industry built around "catching" people with extraordinary jobs doing ordinary things. And then laugh, since some of the photos are way funny. Thanks to BrYan for that one. Oh, and for this one too. Tee hee! That's a different kind of quiz!

More later. It's good to be home.

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