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October 4, 2005

Mitchell Fink on TV

Okay, so once upon a time, I met a guy online (yeah, that seems to happen a lot in my life, but that's not what this is about).


Well, turns out, Mitchell Fink would end up moving to Hollywood and taking this town by storm. Watch the rockstar at work, all this month.

CSI on October 6th, The OC on October 13th, Cold Case on October 16th, and Still Standing on October 19th.

MitchellW (VIP) posted 01-07-2003 03:48 PM
I know I have never met you, but when I get to Los Angeles this summer, you will high on the list of people to meet.

I got the book last night and read a pretty good chunk of it and I am so impressed!

Great content, great insight and it's so nice to break down the wall of fears associated with CDs.

Love it...keep up the great work!

CastingQs (Administrator) posted 01-07-2003 09:42 PM
Yay! Love meeting new people!!

I am SO glad you like the book! Yay! That makes me very happy. That's the goal: for the whole "meeting-the-casting director" issue to be demystified. I'm glad it's giving you some good ideas for your approach, once you get to meet with some of these folks.

Thank you very much for the feedback. Do good work--and we'll meet soon!


Yes... I'm a wee bit proud. ;)

PS--Camille Mana, you were smokin' in the bathing suit on One on One tonight. C'mon, girl! You work it!

Posted by bonnie at October 4, 2005 12:34 AM