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December 14, 2005


I checked my TiVo this weekend and, sure enough, it was all set to record the "reunion" episode of America's Next Top Model tonight.

Tonight comes... it's like 8pm and I see the red light on, so I know it's doing its business and I can finish doing some work while it tapes the show (so that I can happily speed through commercials).

9pm comes and I excitedly hit the button to watch the episode.


Not taped!

And when I go to the little "To Do List" screen it says something about someone changing the status of the season pass--which I SO DID NOT DO!!!!!!!


Who's going to give me a blow-by-blow? I mean, it's gonna bit a bit 'til four-four does it up, right?

(Yes, I have it set to TiVo for next week, but dangit!!!! *stomp* Why do I have to wait?!?)


Posted by bonnie at December 14, 2005 10:20 PM


After Kelly watches the tape I can so try to swing Santa Monica way and drop it off so you have it before Tues' reair. Basically, Gilles Bensimone liked Nicole so much that he's already ready booked her for another issue of Elle. Coryn and Lisa made up. We never found out who ate the granola bar. Jayla and Nik made up.

Posted by: Aimercat Author Profile Page at December 15, 2005 12:35 AM