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December 09, 2005

Rest in Peace, Dear Joseph

Word from Sacto on Joseph Montana...

Just wanted you to know that Joseph is gone. He went very quickly and very peacefully, with his flaps (ears) up. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.
He did very well this week until last night. He woke up at 2, crying. He and I walked and walked and walked. I gave him mineral oil. He pooped, but would not lie down. He finally calmed down enough to lie down around 6. I had to go to an appointment at 8 and left him sleeping quietly.
When I got home around 1, he had gotten up and was lying in the dining area. He was having trouble breathing. I called Dennis and at 2:45 he went to sleep for the last time. I am very grateful I got him there. He was so uncomfortable. Dennis conjectured that whatever has been bothering him these past few months, finally broke free.
Brandt is finishing his grave, next to Cocoa, Geoffrey, BoNose and the two pigs.
Talk with you some time this weekend.
Love to you both.

And that is all.

Posted by bonnie at December 9, 2005 05:38 PM

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