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January 16, 2006

Long Lost Meme

Oh wow, so as I'm cleaning out the storage units of my computer (getting ready for the cleaning out of the storage units of my apartment), I come across this old meme (my first, ever) initiated by BrYan (and answered in the comments section of his old old old blogs, it seems). I thought I'd posted them here, too, but I didn't (it seems), so I'll put it here now. Hop in the wayback machine, okay?

Oh, and if anyone has advice on the redesign of our home office (with Feng Shui in mind), I'd love to hear it.

Date: June 6th, 2003 - 08:30 pm

Oh, cool! I like it. Whatever it is.

> 1. How did you meet Keith? What was your first impression
> of him and did you have to change it or did you have him
> pegged from the start?

1a. On the Internet, of all places. He was on a Yahoo group for gamers and one of his fellow posters invited him to join a Yahoo group he moderated. This group was in support of the magazine he edited (fans and staff writers posting together), and, I was one of his writers. So, Keith started posting in that group and eventually we started emailing offlist, exchanged photos, made phone calls, met in person, etc.

1b. My first impression of him was that he's intelligent, clever, geeky, intense, funny, cynical, and generous. All of that is true. But all of that is just part of who he is, so even though I "had him pegged" (somewhat), there was much more to learn about him that has rounded out what I think of him now. I see flaws now that I didn't see at first--and I also see deeper degrees of the wonderful qualities he possesses. And... he's just a big ol' goofball. ;)

> 2. How did you get into casting as a profession?

By accident, I think. I came to LA to act and I ended up taking on a temp gig with Back Stage West as a survival job. They quickly learned I had a brain and some writing ability and asked me to do a regular column, interviewing casting directors. As an actor, I could think of no better job than being paid to get in front of casting directors with whom I'd never get auditions, this early in my career here.

Over three years, I interviewed 200 or so casting directors and found them to be wonderful, creative people with a really cool job. I became the go-to gal when anyone needed to speak with an "expert" on casting in Hollywood. And, casting directors started calling me to ask for help in putting together projects.

A few months ago, I got a call from a casting director who needed a casting coordinator for a reality show for Fox. I told her I'd get some names together and get back to her. She said, "No, Bon. I mean YOU." I figured, "What the hell?" and went in to interview (expecting nothing). I put a dollar amount in mind, knowing that the only way I'd do a job-job (as I LOVE freelance living and do not love office work) is if it paid, in four or five weeks, enough to print my second book this summer. Well... guess how much the job paid. Yup. Exactly.

So, I took that gig, turned down the next one (needed time off and still was working for Back Stage West), then left my job at Back Stage West over some political whatnot... just in time for the next offer to work in casting (17% pay increase and all).

When I started this most recent job, I was asked, "Did you realize you were doing the job of four people on the last show?" I said, "Y'know... it FELT like a lot of work." This time, I had an assistant and only 1/4 of the job assignment. I LOVED it and decided, if there's a place for me in future casting assignments, I'm open to taking them--mainly because I CAN do four or five weeks on, two weeks off, and so on.

So... as soon as I say yes to jobs three and four (next week), I will close the management company I started last year, as it is considered a conflict of interest to be in casting AND talent management simultaneously.

> 3. What is the furthest you've travelled for pleasure? For
> work?

3a. 4316 miles according to http://www.ofps.ucar.edu/sbi/catalog_hl y-02-03/other/lat-long.htm from Atlanta to Madrid. Twice.

3b. 1932 miles from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Twice.

> 4. If I gave you $5000 on the condition that you had to
> spend it frivolously, what would you do with it?

God. Define "frivolously." I'd say a down payment on the way-too-expensive car I want (the Infiniti FX45) is pretty frivolous, but you might disagree.

Hm. How about having a bunch of friends come into LA for a big dinner party at one of the most posh places in town, followed by helicopter tours of the city at sunset. Good enough?

> 5. Cricket Feet?


When I'm happy, I get "cricket feet," meaning, I rub my feet together like a cricket. So, if the goal is to be happy (a status evidenced by having "cricket feet") a company with that name should lead to happiness.

And I think crickets are major good luck, in many cultures.

This was fun! Now what? Do I ask you questions?

Posted by bonnie at January 16, 2006 10:14 PM

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