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March 7, 2006

Get Ready for Blast-off, Y'all

So, there was the great news from Saturday, which has made casting How I Lost My Mind and Killed Someone an incredibly surreal experience. Then, there was the amazing dinner with the Damn Skippy Pictures gang (such wonderful people) last night! Today...


rockstar meeting with the Visualize This team. Yup! Initial (private) breakdown will go out on Friday for Wanderers of the Wasteland. I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM CASTING TWO 7-FIGURE FEATURE FILMS AT ONCE! Any advice on how not to freak out over reaching a career level you only ever dreamed of would be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, the script-leaking process begins this week. Such fucking amazing stuff. Truly outrageously synergistically great experiences happening right now. Bummed I had to miss out on the tea with Tovah this afternoon, but I had my own meeting scheduled and that one was seriously kickass enough. I'm sure Joel and Trevor did just fine without me. ;)

Oh! Also got news that Queen of Cactus Cove has made it into yet ANOTHER film festival. Holy crap, we may actually have a shot at the Best Live Action Short Film Oscar in 2007. I can't even wrap my brain around what that would mean/how that would feel.

And maybe that's why all of this stuff keeps happening. I stop leaving room for negativity, I no longer fear saying NO to what isn't working, and I'm not questioning whether it's POSSIBLE to get what I want. Could it really be that simple? Wow. YotL.

Posted by bonnie at March 7, 2006 8:36 PM


Yep, it's POSSIBLE for the Bon, cause you rock!!! You know your stuff to the max. Tons of heartfelt congratulations and love........

Posted by: PameLa at March 7, 2006 9:27 PM

Bonnie, gotta tell you how to handle the huge success: Set your Sights higher. Do two EIGHT-figure movies at once. Then do a blockbuster that does 9 figures at the box office. Then you can write your own ticket.
The ony person who is surprised by your success- is you. Dig it. Nothing's out of reach. I keep telling my friends that.

Posted by: Ed R at March 7, 2006 10:23 PM