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March 9, 2006

T-Minus 10 Hours

'til our appointment with the CPA.

I do not think I will have our corporate taxes finished in time.

What a craptastic day! Seriously, doing nothing but prepping financial statements for 15 hours after having been woken up at 7:10am (after having gone to bed at 4:50am) by an anxious producer makes for a crabby Bon. No sleep in sight for this gal. I think I'll have a shower to see if I can feel as though I have a fresh set of eyes for this mountain of paperwork.

AUGH! Why are taxes such a HUGE pain in the ass?!?!?

So much for giving up complaining for Lent, eh?

Posted by bonnie at March 9, 2006 2:48 AM


Hi Bonnie, will you call me, if you ever get a break in your day? I was cleaning out my email late last night, when I came across an OMG, I was the one, referring to the FWD w/addresses exposed. I am sooo sorry, it'll NEVER happen again. That was so rude.
I used this address because I did not think that mine was going through on any others of yours, so please do not post. Again Bonnie, I am so sorry. Will you please forgive me?

Posted by: PameLa at March 9, 2006 9:04 AM

IT's a conspiracy between the IRS and the accountats. It's so they can charge more, basically.

Posted by: Ed R at March 9, 2006 11:42 AM

Hey Bon, why don't you just let "George" do it?

Posted by: PameLa at March 9, 2006 3:25 PM