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May 30, 2006

New Casting Gig

Salvation, Texas.


Yup. Looks like I've found a way to make the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge even *more* stressful.

And no, I don't know why my column hasn't posted this week. I turned it in Sunday night. *shrug*

Okay, time to put together the breakdown. It rolls out tomorrow. Woo! I'm 'cited!

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May 29, 2006

How To Get off the D-List?

Okay, so Bravo has been running ads all weekend about Kathy Griffin's quest to get off the D-List.


From the website:

I want OFF the celebrity D-List. I want off now. So here's the plan: you get to vote which A-Listy thing I should do to get myself off the D-List and I'll do it. It's as simple as that.
What are the things she's willing to do? Well the list includes joining Scientology, canoodling with Ryan Seacrest, and going to Namibia, but in the commercials, she says, "I'll do anything!"

Okay, Kathy. Here's my vote. You want off the D-List? Take an acting class. There ya go.

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10 Years Ago

10 years ago, from Ames:

Ten years ago today, it was May 29, 1996.

1) How old were you?
THEN: 25.
NOW: 35 (no Hollywood math, there).

2) Where did you work?
THEN: WUOG (grad assistantship as advisor to 200 students at the 26,000-watt FM [yes, I'm still FCC-licensed]), had just been hired to shoot a documentary for the Athens Clarke County School System's technology initiative and was gearing up to work as Technology Coordinator for the 1996 Olympic Soccer Venue.
NOW: seven blocks from the beach, technically (heeeeee), casting movies, writing books and columns, starting up on a few new really cool projects I'm WAYTOOEXCITED about.


4) Where did you live?
THEN: 635 Oglethorpe Ave., Athens, GA 30606.
NOW: between Wilshire and Montana, total Westside diva.

5) How was your hair style?
THEN: I was probably JUST starting to grow out "the Rachel" at that point.
NOW: long, straight, red... boring, boring, boring.

6) Did you wear contacts?
THEN: Acuvue Disposables.
NOW: Nope.

7) Did you wear glasses?
THEN: from bath to bed each night and from bed to bath each morning.
NOW: Nope.

8) Who was your best friend?
THEN: I always had a lot of friends, but my truest-bluest was probably HRH John Chambliss at that point. But there was the radio gang, the old-school buddies, Engine Room team. And mom, of course.
NOW: hmm... Keith, of course, and probably every one of these fine ladies, just for starters. But I'm so much more about a bunch of good friends than one bestbestbest friend. I guess I always have been.

9) Which of your pets were still alive?
THEN: Muffy was 15 and goin' strong.
NOW: Archie, Salema (both mom's kitties), and Thwok are ruling the roost with gusto.

10) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?
THEN: I was single and ready to mingle, baby!
NOW: ditto (kidding, honey). First anniversary is in a couple of weeks. Ack!

11) Who was your celebrity crush?
THEN: John Cusack.
NOW: Jon Stewart.

12) Who was your regular-person crush?
THEN: probably the bouncer at the Engine Room.
NOW: Jon Stewart.

13) How many piercings did you have?
THEN: two.
NOW: two.

14) How many tattoos did you have?
THEN: one.
NOW: two.

15) What was your favorite band/singer?
THEN: Robyn Hitchcock, Pixies, REM, Queen.
NOW: ditto.

16) Had you smoked a cigarette?
THEN: I was a "bummer-smoker" at the Engine Room. I think I pretty much quit on New Year's Eve, 1996.
NOW: non-smoker who hasn't bummed one in a loooong time.

17) Had you gotten drunk?
THEN: it was grad school. What do you think?
NOW: not this week. Yet.

18) What kind of Car did you drive?
THEN: the TicTac, age seven.
NOW: the TicTac, age seventeen. Woo! My Miata is almost a freakin' classic, baby!

19) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?
hmm... not sure that I thought about where I'd be in 2006. The big deal was imagining where I'd be < Conan >"in the year 2000" < / Conan > which was the year I would turn THIRTY. That was sooooo huge-looking. Since I had chosen to go back to grad school to delay adulthood, I'm guessing I didn't have much of a plan in 2006, other than "stay in school, throw bullseyes on the Engine Room dart league, and have fun."

20) Any idea where you'll be in 2016?
I'm guessing I'll finally be a homeowner, have a kid (plus have Quinn living with us), and be teasing Keith about the fact that he's 50.

We shall see.

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May 26, 2006

14-Day Screenplay

Fun Joel made it look so cool that I'm going to do it.


Yup. I'm in. I'm gonna write a screenplay in 14 days. And I'm gonna hold my feet to the fire through blogging.

Who's with me?

PS--As if I needed a sign that this would be a great day for me, it started out with an email from my NBF, the writer/director of THE BEST MOVIE EVER. So, in the spirit of always always always sharing your bliss, being public about your passion, and squealing with glee like the kid that you are, I encourage all of you to SHARE WITH THE WORLD what it is that makes you happy. You just may get a thank you note from someone who likes knowing that HER passion brought you such joy.

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Best and Worst Movies Ever

Next to Stick It, which is just totally the best movie ever, there is what will certainly be the BEST movie ever-ever, coming out in a couple of months. But first, I'll talk about the worst movie ever.


That'd be X-Men 3. Yes, Keith and I went to the midnight showing, thinking this movie would rock as hard as the first or second... and dammit to hell if that wasn't just a big ol' ball of suck! I mean, EVERY actor I cared a bit about watching got like a total of four minutes of screen time. Fine, fine, fine to bring on the newbies, but PLEASE could Sir Ian at least try NOT to do the schmacting thing? Could we get more than a SECOND of The Piano girl? And when Halle Berry has a "me-off" with a mirror image actor... well... no, there was way too much Halle on screen, really. Nowhere NEAR enough Hugh Jackman, though. But that's a given. Oh, and can anyone see Famke as anything other than her character on Nip/Tuck? Oh well... at least the WORST actor from the first two films was dead early on.


But there was a glimpse--just before the worst movie--of what surely will be the BEST movie EVER EVER... and that's Snakes on a (Mother Fucking) Plane. Without question, this film has the most pre-opening-weekend buzz of any film EVER. Bless the blogs. Bless the concept. Bless the TITLE. I mean, c'mon!!! Greatness!


Now, about two months ago, the brilliant Sassy McLassie sent me this link, where I first learned of Snakes on a (Mother Fucking) Plane. Without question, this was going to be a gorgeous film, just based on such entries.

But now that I've seen the ACTUAL trailer just before midnight in a dark room full of comic book junkies and virgins, I know for sure this WILL be the best movie EVER EVER EVER.


In fact, as we walked home from the theatre, the most FREQUENT topic of conversation among the leaving-the-theatre types was NOT the bad movie we'd just seen. No, no... it was Snakes on a (Mother Fucking) Plane. Ahhhhhh, life is good. Hollywood takes care of us, even when we are sure we don't love such film candy. And my goodness, if you DIDN'T know how badly you NEEDED a film like this in your life, you simply haven't been paying attention.

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May 25, 2006

WikiWiki YahYahYah


Sorry I haven't been around the blogs lately. I have a new toy. And I'm not sharing 'til it's out of Alpha.


Je suis Lady OCD.

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May 24, 2006

ABCs of Me, Baby

Tried to sleep, woke up cranky, decided to do a long-ago bookmarked meme from Beau, who calls it "slam-book silliness."

Accent: Somewhat Southern, although not always.
Booze: Ooh, yes please!
Chore I Hate: Vacuuming.
Dog or Cat: Three cats (which are technically one cat, one puppy, and a monkey) 'til we have a house with a yard, at which point we will have a dog.
Essential Electronics: My Mac (Zed), my iPod (Do Not Eat iPod), my Treo (the SixHundy), TiVo.
Favorite Cologne(s): Do people still wear cologne? I'm a scented lotion kind of gal since Donna Karan discontinued Chaos.
Gold or Silver: Platinum with a white gold chaser.
Hometown: Atlanta.
Insomnia: Check.
Job Title: Author, Casting Director, Columnist, Public Speaker, Career Consultant.
Kids: Quinn, my stepson.
Living Arrangements: Shacking with my hubby, three cats, and once a year my stepson in our 2BR apartment seven blocks from the Pacific.
Most Admirable Traits: Honesty, Loyalty, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Getness.
Number of Sexual Partners: More than one, fewer than 100. That's all you really need to know.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Probably when I was born.
Phobias: Claustrophobia.
Quote: "Live your dreams! If you don't, someone else will."
Religion: I'm a mutt.
Siblings: Two way-older brothers.
Time I Wake Up: *snork* That's funny!
Unusual Talent or Skill: Near-photographic memory, OCD-enduced recollection of the tiniest details from the most casual of encounters.
Vegetables I Refuse To Eat: Mushrooms, radishes.
Worst Habit: Conditional love.
X-rays: Wrist, neck, back, hips, chest, teeth, knees, ankles... goodness, I should glow.
Yummy Foods I Make: I burn water.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer with Libra rising and Libra moon (and my Venus is afflicted in Leo, or so I'm told).

Okay, I feel a little better now. ;) Ready to go for that walk! Hurry home, Keith!

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May 22, 2006

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I was telling Keith that I'm really bad at patience. He shared a story with me. It's from his days as a Jesuit-educated kiddo. (I was never taught such deep stuff in public school.)

The young priest goes up to the wise, old patient priest and says, "Father, please teach me patience." The old priest says, "Well, patience is a gift from God. So, let's pray for you." The two get down on their knees and the old priest begins to speak: "Dear Heavenly Father, please visit upon this young man all manner of suffering, trials and tribulation, please give him pain the likes of which he has never experienced." The young priest says, "What are you doing?!?" To which the old priest responds, "Once you have endured all manner of suffering, sitting still and waiting patiently will be the easiest task you've faced."

So, I'm getting okay with being patient. I mean... look at my choices! Sit patient, I shall! Like it or not. ;)

But I got to thinking about my "mess of options" as a garden. Let's say that, in my handful of years in Hollywood, I've been planting seeds in various sectioned-off areas of my garden. Pretend that I somehow had the wisdom, good mentorship, or an instruction manual to guide me. And that's why I did a really great job of putting seeds into the ground at areas with the right type of shade for their healthiest growth, knew not to put plants that choke the life out of one another in close proximity, and carefully chose fertilizer that works well, even though I--at the time--thought I was just biding my time playing in the dirt.

I may not have realized, while writing for Back Stage West, that I was planting seeds. It just felt like a cool survival job for an actor with an MA in Journalism. I mean, what the heck, right? It was easy, it related to my world, and I was asked to earn money writing about casting for a readership of actors... so I did it! When I published my first book, I probably didn't think of that as planting seeds, since it seemed like such a BIG DEAL. That HAD to be a harvest, right? Book publishing couldn't be seed-planting. So, I didn't worry about the seeds I had already planted, since I was busy harvesting. Or so I thought.

Getting into casting was definitely seed-planting, but it was in a totally different section of the garden. I'm pretty sure, at this point, I considered it an entirely NEW garden, rather than looking at some large field as a whole. But the thing is, I didn't uproot the seeds I'd planted years before just because they were no longer relevant to me. In fact, when I left Back Stage West and went a whole year without a weekly column, yeah it was weird, but it was also okay. Like, maybe that part of the garden would grow someday, maybe not... but I didn't really care. I had a new garden and that's where my focus was.

So when I started writing a weekly column again a couple of years ago, I didn't look at it as though I'd gone back to that same area of the garden to plant new seeds, nor did I assume that I was harvesting something I had planted in the past. I figured I was just planting new stuff! And I enjoyed watching it grow quickly, not ever assuming that the quick growth had anything to do with having learned something about how to plant or nurture little sprigs of anything in the past. I mean, this was a whole different garden, right?

And when a few films I cast went on to appear in festivals and win awards at them too, I thought, "Cool! A little bud is popping up! How fun!" And I kept planting new seeds, because, y'know, THOSE seeds (the films winning festival awards) were already plants now and there was really nothing for me to do anymore. If I didn't keep planting NEW stuff, I'd run out of anything to garden!! Plant, plant, plant... hurry, hurry, hurry. Stuff the ground with seeds everywhere, in case something stops blooming and I'm suddenly out of anything to harvest. New relationships, new projects, new connections... focus, focus, focus... busy, busy, busy.

Hang on... what's that? That dark little corner over there where I'd planted seeds a gazillion years ago... what's going on over there? Holy crap! I must've done something right because without even watering, tending to, or fretting over what I planted years ago, something lovely emerges from the ground, healthy, beautiful, filled with life. It's like the sprinkler system I thought to install (even though I was sure I was wasting money at the time) has been doing its job. And the seeds were so well-planted, the soil so well-chosen, and the shade/sun ratio SO just right that there's LIFE there too!

Crap! Do I stop gardening in the section of the yard I'm paying attention to? Do I try to maintain both crops? All TEN crops? Could I possibly tug on the little seedlings just beginning to spring up to see if they're heartier than what's bursting through on its own over there? No... that would kill it all. Hmm. Do I... dare I... just WAIT? Could I ever trust that I actually knew what the heck I was doing all those years ago and enjoy that different plants are going to bear fruit at different times... and when they all bloom at once, just enjoy the view, invite people over, and have a feast?

Yeah. If I'm patient, I can do that.

Sometimes being a decent gardener means waiting for spring.

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May 21, 2006

Sometimes I wish

I were motivated entirely by money and nothing else.


It would make the decision-making process (in the whole Option Overload arena)







Just sayin'.

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May 20, 2006


Could it BE any worse?

Your 80s Heartthrob Is
Bill Gates
Who's Your 80's Heartthrob?

Lovely. Thanks, Def Jam.

PS--Deadline for this week's column got bumped up. I shall be out of touch even more than I thought I would be this weekend. If you were sending me headshots for the article, YOUR deadline is like... now! (And thanks!!)

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May 18, 2006

Option Overload

I remember learning about Option Overload my senior year of college. A Leadership UGA program speaker discussed the issue that is simply having too many choices among which to choose. I remember thinking about how much I'd like to sample everything and maybe just save any "official choice" for some moment of reckoning when I was FORCED to select. (I always did prefer having a few mini-spoonfuls of Baskin-Robbins flavors to ordering a scoop of one flavor--way too much commitment.)


But I was led to believe that I was scattered, unfocused, fickle, AFRAID of commitment, aimless. Hardly. As soon as I found something I wanted to do, I would do it all the way. Anyone who has known me for any stretch of time knows that about me. In for a penny, in for a pound.

I remember reading Barbara Sher's I Could Do Anything, If I Only Knew What It Was. She talked about skimmers vs. divers. Some people skim across the water and try lots of different things. Others pick a thing and dive very deeply into it. I always wondered what that made me, since I'd skim, then dive, then get bored and go skimming again....


I'm antsy again. Restless. At once inspired by and bored with the day-to-day of my life. Do I want to produce podcasts? Do I want to produce movies? Do I want to write scripts? Do I want to produce actor showcases? Do I want to teach Self-Management for Actors courses regularly? Do I want to write another book? It's not that casting, writing a weekly column, and guest-speaking regularly are gigs that don't fulfill me. They really do! I'm just... wanting to skim to see what else is out there.

I told Keith tonight that if I were the baby-having type, this would be when I'd want to get pregnant, since I'm bored and want a new project. Back when I was in college, this would be when I'd pick another degree program and pile on another set of courses for certification in something. If I were in my 20s, this is when I'd head to Europe again, stay in youth hostels, become inspired by anything outside my comfort zone.


It's like I need a rush of the first high. I needed to worry that the new edition of Self-Management for Actors would bomb. It hasn't. I've felt a blast of energy that comes from seeing films I've cast not only get into festivals but WIN awards at them. When "I want to be in the Bonnie Business" meetings started coming one after the other--each bigger than the next--I was an adrenaline junkie (both with worry over what could go wrong and with excitement over how right it all went instead).

One of the things I love about Hollywood is its collective embrace of the hyphenate lifestyle. It's actually cool to reinvent yourself, start a new career, drop and pick up whatever tickles your fancy. But what about when you can't figure out what that might be? I'm open to the universe and what it might send my way, but I'm stymied by my lack of passion right now. Which is especially weird considering what a swirl of things-amazing I've enjoyed lately! I haven't even begun to return all of the phone calls and emails I have in front of me, all "the ball's in your court" type contact made in the "let's get to work" arena.

I just don't always know what I want to be when I grow up.

I asked Keith tonight, "What do YOU want me to be when I grow up?" "My girlfriend," he said. "Okay. Check!" was my response. To which he replied, "Great! Then I have all I want." *sigh*

I guess it's not that I'm looking for someone to show me the path I'm supposed to take as much as I'm looking for there to be no path... only air, or water, or light. But the humanness of THIS is what gets frustrating. What do you do when you want to do everything and nothing at the same time? Just BE.

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May 16, 2006

New Favorite Quote

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.--Howard Thurman

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Being a Kid = Therapy

As I was gearing up to watch a TiVo'd 90210, I saw a commercial for a line of Crayola Outdoor products.


Quite sophisticated looking stuff, I'd say.


I remember being quite happy with a big hunk of sidewalk chalk and a patch of asphalt on which I could doodle, draw, create a hopscotch grid, or make MY star on the local Walk of Fame.


But I also remember being in my mid-20s and getting my hands on some sidewalk chalk, heading down to the parking area behind my apartment, and spending hours just being a kid, avoiding some thesis outline deadline or the heartbreak that the bouncer to whom I'd given my number hadn't called.

I also recall being 18 and coming out of the Drama Department after Honors Drama 101 (I never read so many Greek plays before or since) with my classmate Melissa. It was October and an enormous pile of leaves had been raked up while we'd been inside. Without saying a word, we both stopped in our tracks, looked at each other mischievously, dropped our backpacks right there, clasped hands, and took a running-flying leap into the leaves. We didn't even notice the bus stop area packed full of other students--some looking at us with disapproval, some aching to join in our fun--until after we'd frolicked for a good three minutes.


One of my favorite things to do when Quinn comes to town each year is PLAY. I just wish I didn't have to wait to do it. WAIT... I don't. While I don't have any sidewalk chalk handy and there certainly are no piles of leaves in this part of town, I've decided I'm going to find a way to play today. Where did I put those Shrinky Dinks?

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May 15, 2006

Tune In!

Okay, so they didn't ask me to be a part of the radio show, but it might still rock (kidding... it will totally rock, I just know it... because I don't cast non-rocking actors). Tune in as follows!


Filmmaker and cast members of A New Tomorrow (one of the BEST feature films I cast last year) will take over the airwaves Tuesday, 16 May 2006, 9pm: The David Lawrence Show (Sirius, XM, podcasts-a-go-go).

Tune in, babies! Woo!

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My Yellow Home

So, yesterday as Keith and I were headed out for a walk-and-shop, our neighbors asked, "So, didja hear we're being tented and bombed Tuesday?"


Now, I've never done more than drive past a tented building, but I do understand that it means there are unwanted critters and they need to be poisoned. I giggled with glee over getting to be so close to such a thing (as Steve hauled firewood out of his $1.3M condo, rolling his eyes over the nuisance).

Clickee for biggee.

But then I gasped, "Oh no! What if all of the things they bomb come running over here and set up camp in *our* building?!?" To which Keith oh-so-patiently replied, "Honey, that's WHY they tent the place FIRST." "Oh. Okay," I said.


So, I woke up this morning and the whole living room, dining room, kitchen, entry area was YELLOW. Hell, even Thwok was yellow!! (Or have my eyes just started seeing all things yellow and she's normal? You tell me!) And now I'm wondering if I'll start to see "normal" tomorrow... or if the poison will kick in just in time for yellow to feel like the new clear. Wheeeeeee!

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ONE question about money and power and I'm freakin' Mr. Burns!

You Are Mr. Burns
Okay, so you're evil...

You have big plans to rule the world, and you'll destroy it in the process if necessary!

You will be remembered for: the exploitation of the masses

Life philosophy: "One dollar for eternal happiness? I'd be happier with the dollar."
The Simpsons Personality Test

I took a similar quiz like four years ago and was Krusty the Clown. Got this version from Stumbler Rattus.

Posts to come on topics such as the column and requests for participation in the "recreating photos" part of the game PLUS an explanation for the odd yellow hue that has cast itself throughout our apartment.

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May 14, 2006

Ethics in Journalism

Okay, so I have this great topic for tomorrow's column about mistakes actors make in choosing their headshots. Believe me: they make LOTS of mistakes.


But this week's column idea troubles me for a few reasons. Identifiability: Do I want to do the black bar over the eyes thing like they do in "Fashion Don'ts" in the back of Cosmo? Yes, sure... but part of what MAKES a headshot work, even if it breaks ALL of the rules, is that it captures SOMETHING (and usually that's all about the eyes).


How about a big blur or pixilated dot like they use on COPS or Cheaters when someone doesn't sign the release? Okay, that works, but then no one is going to be looking at the POINT I'm making (about obnoxious cropping, odd character poses, overall BAD composition) if they're looking at something right out of The X-files, right?


There's the scorned ex-girlfriend technique, wherein I "cut" the face out, but if I'm doing that in examples of ALL headshots (the ones that WORK and the ones that DON'T WORK), can you really tell what it is that I'm saying WORKS about one and what doens't about another? Ugh! I'm so frustrated over this!


I already know I'm going in with a big couple of paragraphs about how effin' frustrating this topic is to begin with, as I'd much rather NOT write it, do a column on something "safe," and not risk having actors pissed that their headshot--even if only THEY recognize themselves--was used for something other than the reason it was submitted to me in the first place.

I totally get that. And I also know that I write a lot about my experiences in casting and never does a producer contact me and say, "Hey, I want to hire you to cast this movie, but I don't want you to write about anything that you observe about actors or how they can better their chances of making it in Hollywood during the process of casting this film." It is a part of hiring ME to do a job: I'm going to glean information from the work *I* do and turn it into a column or book or topic at a speaking engagement and help actors with it. It's just how I roll.


Do I go "balls out" and just write the column, use the photos unretouched (except by the photographer, of course) and explain my reasoning, knowing that more people will LEARN from this than will be BURNED by this? Or do I edit the photos (which will be presented at the exact size as the samples you see, above) to protect (or at least somewhat mask) the identity of the subjects and explain my reasoning for that? Those are my two least-icky options. The ick-filled option is to write about something else altogether... and that's a way wussy move.

I guess yet another option is to write about the issues without having the visual examples. I know I can write up a storm, but can I really explain well enough what I'm talking about when saying that a headshot in which the actor's forehead is cropped down to her eyebrows AND the tip of her chin is cropped out does NOT serve the actor AT ALL? I mean, I can bitch about it... but until you see the absurdity of it, will you really GET what a bad headshot choice it is?


My job is hard today.

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May 13, 2006

Mollie Sue, I miss you.

While I'm working on this week's column, I have the VH-1 America's Next Top Model marathon on.


Y'all so got it wrong. I mean, I do love the bottom three for all of their (many) flaws, but Mollie Sue was your GIRL. For real!


Okay, back to work!

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12 of 12

While an assignment of 12 photos on ANY OTHER DAY thus far in May would've been way more interesting (read: I'd have left the effin' house), I did the deed just the same. Enjoy! And head over to Chad's blog for many, many more (he's hoping for 60 this month). Click any of the photos below for larger.

My "bonus" photo (the self-portrait) was my first of the day. It's 6am, just a few hours after I went to bed, and my hangover is pounding. Yes, I drank wine alone on the 11th. I missed my mom. So what? Got on up anyway and started my day, which included making offers to name actors on this film. I can do that looking like hell, right?

Look who was sleeping guard next to the bed. Sweet Salema. Aww.

Keith is staying at Nelson's, pet-sitting, right now, so he came by for some PB&J (notice the laundry in the background... still not folded).

Sometimes we buy the evil ones some wheatgrass. Sometimes they play IN it while eating it. Go, Archie.

Keith mopped the kitchen while he was home (after changing the litter) and now Thwok is concerned: Something is different. The waterfall thingy isn't exactly where it used to be.

Typical. Gawshk I love the Brenda years!

What has Thwok so excited on the cubbies? The shrimps, of course!

Over 3200 submissions so far (breakdown for three roles in The Masquerade went out on Wednesday afternoon) and most of them are for the one female role (natch). This is one portion of the screen on which I can monitor submissions by agency.

Lit a candle for Mom yesterday--but I like the smell of today's candle even better. It's the Caramel Creme, to which the amazing Jodi turned me on back in March. Yummy! Anyway, those are photos of Mom and Maxine (my aunt).

Guess whose CSI: Miami clip showed up on The Soup tonight! Hee!

Realizing I never showed off my new office in all its glory. So, here 'tis (boy headshots with blue dividers on the left, girl headshots on the right, postcards in shoeboxes atop those, "A-List" actors male and female in smaller stacks with yellow dividers, lots of demo reels and taped auditions [there are more on the floor right now], binders each with four completed casting projects from years past, plus one of those red bins is filled to overflowing with headshots to sort/purge and thank you notes to keep/toss while another mailbin is filled with headshots of priority actors for HILMMAKS... I so need an intern for a couple of days; sleeping cat next to the editing bay):

That was fun! Thanks, Chad!

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Google the Oracle

Since iPod the Oracle was such a hit (and I know that my attempt at 12 of 12 will likely be boring, weak, and lame), I'm posting my experiences with Google the Oracle. (I'll post the 12 of 12 later.)

Stumble Upon sent me to ShinyFire and I only slightly modified the questions for coolness, then used Google Images to get the answers. ;)

What is the coolest thing in the world?

Both cool. Hee.

What is the dumbest thing in the world?

Now, I don't know who the dude is, but PEEPS are not dumb!

What is my favorite drink?

Now, I have no idea why the Maine Coons came up on that search, but they were way cute, so I included them. I own Coke stock, so I'm all about that giant bottle. And Dr Pepper rocks, 'tis true.

Where do babies come from?

< Ali >Word.< / Ali >

What's my favorite food?

Uh, no.

What will I get for my birthday?

Um, yeah. That looks about right. And if I get a mouse, all I can say is Thwok will have it in her mouth within seconds.

What will be the last thing I see before I die?

Oh lordy... kill me now. And, on the second image, that's very likely. Mom visits me with hummingbirds, so I'm not at all surprised by that one.

If i were a goat, what would i look like?

Aw. Poor lady. I'd be pissed. And she doesn't look like a goat much at all!

How much fun is sex?

Wait. Sex is as much fun as a bunch of makeup? Trippy indeed!

How hard do I rock?

Well, that settles it. I rock pretty damn hard.


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May 12, 2006

London Calling

From Bored Athenians:

You Belong in London
You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!
What European City Do You Belong In?

Not sure where "Sidney" is, but I'm game!

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May 11, 2006

Tomorrow is the 12th

And while Chip's Day in the Life Challenge was way cool* (even though I did it on time but posted it way late), the master of the genre is Chad Darnell, whose "12 of 12" rocks hard.

Got this by way of KiKi, who says I must participate this month. We shall see. My 12th is scheduled to be pretty dang boring, but maybe someone will want to see me looking at headshots, taking pitch calls from agents on The Masquerade, folding laundry, writing this week's column, and watching BH: 90210--the Brenda years on the telly.

* Worst challenge ever. Just sayin'.

PS--New photo on the left in honor of Quinn's next visit to La-La Land. Woo! That's us at "the wedding," note me holding Keith's ring in my hand... that's what Quinn had brought to me before the hug. Aww.

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So, in honor of my mom's b'day, my hubby's mom's estate has bought us an air conditioner.


And the email came today, letting us know it had shipped. 12,000 BTUs, baby. There is hope.

PS--I totally get that it's only hot enough to even NEED an air conditioner like three days PER YEAR, but I also know that I'm totally DOWN for the count without the a/c on those days and that's enough to spend a few hundy. Just sayin'.

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May 10, 2006

Oh! That's what this is.

Wow. It's so weird. I was just toodling along, going through the submissions on the film I'm casting, when BAM! Something went wonky. My emotions started flying all over the place and I couldn't for the life of me understand what would make me so completely fly off the grid.


Ah yes. 11 May 2006 would've been my mother's 73rd birthday. There ya go.

Even though it does, somehow, get less heart-wrenching each year, I guess there are going to be days when it just slices right through my heart that I had to lose my mom when I was 30.

I know, I know! I had her for THIRTY YEARS. Some daughters get nothing close to that with their moms... or if they do, they don't have the CLOSENESS that we did. Damn, we were so so so so close. She was SUCH my best friend. And my therapist. And my mentor. And my MOM, dammit.


So, now that I GET why I'm suddenly a basketcase, I can get through it and continue on. Because that's what Charlsie's only daughter would do, right? Absofuckinglutely!

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iPod the Oracle

This quiz/meme came from Kiki and Babes... but if you click on every link therein you will end up at the end of the Internet, where this surely began (and don't call me Shirley)!

The idea is, ask your iPod (as if it were your Magic 8-Ball) to answer the following questions. Use SHUFFLE and do not skip songs to get the better/cooler answer. Believe me, the iPod KNOWS its shit! See here:
QUESTION: How does the world see Bon?
IPOD SAYS: "Party's Fall" by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Through rose-tinted glass you still remember
The gladness, not sadness, only laughter
My happiness depends on knowing this friend is never alone
On your own
A party on our own
We'll have a party all our own inside

QUESTION: Will Bon have a happy life?
IPOD SAYS: "Pretty in Pink" by The Psychedelic Furs
She doesn't have anything
You want to steal
Nothing you can touch

QUESTION: What do Bon's friends think of her?
IPOD SAYS: "Dazzle" by Siouxsie and the Banshees
The stars that shine & the stars that shrink
In the face of stagnation the water runs
Before your eyes
It's a glittering prize

QUESTION: Do people secretly lust after Bon?
IPOD SAYS: "Orange Crush" by REM
Follow me, don’t follow me
I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush
Collar me, don’t collar me
I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush
We are agents of the free
I’ve had my fun and now its time to
Serve your conscience overseas (over me, not over me)
Coming in fast, over me

QUESTION: How can Bon make herself happy?
IPOD SAYS: "Everlong" by Foo Fighters
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when

QUESTION: What should Bon do with her life?
IPOD SAYS: "Sweet Talkin' Woman" by ELO
I was searchin' on a one-way street
I was hopin' for a chance to meet
I was waitin' for the operator on the line
(She's gone so long)
What can I do
(Where could she be)
Oh no, no don't know what I'm gonna do
I gotta get back to you
You gotta slow down
Sweet talkin' woman
You got me runnin'
You got me searchin'
Hold on sweet talkin' woman
It's so sad if that's the way it's over

QUESTION: Will Bon ever have children?
IPOD SAYS: "I Wanna Destroy You" by The Soft Boys
A pox upon the media
And everything you read
They tell you your opinions
And they're very good indeed
I wanna destroy you
And when I have destroyed you
I'll come picking at your bone
And you won't have a single atom left
To call your own

QUESTION: What is some good advice for Bon?
IPOD SAYS: "What You Need" by INXS
Don't you get sad and lonely
You need a change from
What you do all day
Ain't no sense in all your crying
Just pick it up and throw it into shape

QUESTION: How will Bon be remembered?
IPOD SAYS: "In a Big Country" by Big Country
So take that look out of here, it doesn't fit you
Because it's happened doesn't mean you've been discarded
Pull up your head off the floor, come up screaming
Cry out for everything you ever might have wanted
I thought that pain and truth were things that really mattered
But you can't stay here with every single hope you had shattered

QUESTION: What's Bon's signature dance song?
IPOD SAYS: "Dig for Fire" by Pixies
there is this old man
who spent so much of his life sleeping
that he is able to keep awake for the rest of his years
he resides
on a beach
in a town
where i am going to live
and i often ask him
"are you looking for the mother lode?"
no my child, this is not my desire
and then he said
i'm digging for fire

QUESTION: What's Bon's current theme song?
IPOD SAYS: "Gigantic" by Pixies
And this I know
His teeth as white as snow
What a gas it was to see him
Walk her every day
Into a shady place
With her lips she said
She said
Hey Paul, Hey Paul, Hey Paul, let's have a ball
Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic
A big big love

QUESTION: What do others think Bon's current theme song is?
IPOD SAYS: "Turn You Inside Out" by REM
I could turn you inside-out
What I choose not to do
Given the choice
Given the heart
Given the tool
Given the word
Given the cheers

QUESTION: What will they play at Bon's funeral?
IPOD SAYS: "Pretty in Pink" by The Psychedelic Furs
She lives in the place
In the side of our lives
Where nothing is
Ever put straight
She turns herself round
And she smiles and she says
'This is it'
'That's the end of the joke'
She is gone
But the joke's the same

QUESTION: What type of men does Bon like?
IPOD SAYS: "Oh! Darling" by The Beatles
When you told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and cried
When you told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and died
Oh! Darling, if you leave me
I'll never make it alone
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm

QUESTION: How's Bon's love life?
IPOD SAYS: "There She Goes" by Sixpence None the Richer
There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

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Ever have

a ten-day period in which

  • you are hired to cast two new films
  • your husband makes his primetime network SAG co-star debut
  • your friend who was due to have surgery instead crashes with you after a day of celebrating her surgery's postponement
  • you see THE BEST MOVIE EVER twice in theatres
  • an entertainment attorney begins to package you with his producers and screenwriters
  • you attend the public screening of two films you've cast in years past
  • you're accused of "keeping your gift under wraps" when a new friend who only knows you as a casting director learns others value the fact that you write a weekly column and books
  • you do chin puppetry with your new best friend for a mutual friend's daughter (and then build a tent with her in her living room) because being a kid is way more cool than being a grownup any day
  • your iPod loses its will to live from having been played way too much in your car
  • you are told you "don't get it" on BlogHer when you're almost sure you do, but you choose NOT to FIGHT about it, since that's just way silly (even though you'd love for friends to go post comments about how effin' RIGHT you are)
  • your blog gets more hits than ever and you don't know why, since no one famous has been blogged about in weeks, here
  • you become NBF w/ a totally swoonable '80s star-turned-producer
  • you metaphorically pinch yourself over how cool it is to live your dreams and enjoy the bliss that is just being (and then you literally pinch yourself because... what the hey)
  • for the first time in over five years, you're somehow okay with having lost your mom--when usually you're a basket case for the whole first week of May in honor of her memory (and that doesn't mean you're "OKAY" with it, but that you aren't a basket case this time, despite how that reads)
  • you get that growing up is a forever endeavor, that love is a verb (not a noun), and that there is nothing wrong with your coolest best friends ever having been introduced to you through wires and a keyboard
or is it just me?

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May 9, 2006

Some people

must seriously look like this at the end of a typical "fight" on the Internet.


Man. Life's too short. Go outside, freakshow!

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May 8, 2006

New Casting Gig

The Masquerade. Very very cool SAG short film with a rockstar production team that I'm proud to be a part of.


Breakdown goes out this week. Woo!

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I don't care about...

David Blaine.


There. I said it.

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May 5, 2006

Leave Town, Book a National

Most actors know this rule: Leave town and you'll get that big phone call. And you'll have to make a big decision: Return home for this shot at something big or keep your plans in place. Yup. Keith booked out with his agents and manager earlier this week... his cell phone rings today... and he's headed to the airport right now. THAT's a professional actor, baby!

Keith's current headshot
So, let me do a little bragging about my professional actor hubby.
Keith's first headshot, 2002
There's a reason Self-Management for Actors is dedicated to him. He was the test subject for its contents. Four years ago Monday, Keith began his career as a professional actor. He had spent the six months prior to that taking classes, working as a PA (to learn set protocol), saving up some money from his day job, and getting starter headshots. He began auditioning for student films and plays, and on his second anniversary as a working actor (May 1, 2004), he celebrated on the set of his 30th indie film.
Keith's CSI: Miami trailer, 2006
One week after his fourth anniversary as a working actor (that's this coming Monday, May 8th), he'll celebrate his primetime network debut as a co-star on CSI: Miami, one of the most-watched shows on the planet. Now, it's a tiny role (as most first network co-stars are), but it's his first... and just like his first cable series gig (as a co-star in Murder Trial: The Nightstalker) led to his first STARRING role in a cable series (as Detective Steve January in Scene of the Crime) within a few months, we know this gig is a big deal because of where it could lead.
Keith's first cable series lead, 2003
Keith jokes about how he's found success in Hollywood (landing roles, joining SAG, getting a manager, getting an agent, getting another agent, being put on avail for national commercials, booking union work that will pay residuals for years to come) by doing everything I've told him to do. It's always very funny when he says that to a group of actors, but it's also true. I told him not to get caught up in all of the Actor Mind Taffy crap that actors put in their own way. I told him to see the audition as the job and the booking as the paid vacation. I told him to get in an amazing series of classes that would improve his craft and to intern in casting offices so that he could learn exactly what it is that separates the pros from the non-pros.
Keith's last non-union indie film, 2003
What he brought to it that has nothing to do with me is raw talent, the most BOOKABLE look in Hollywood (I know, you'd think that'd be the buxom blonde 20-something, but it's not... it's the middle-aged average Joe white guy), an attitude of "What can I do to make your life easier?" on set, and absolutely no attachment to any outcome from any audition whatsoever. Keith said, when he first came to LA, that he didn't know what he'd do if he ever actually EARNED MONEY as an actor. The fact that anyone was letting him even show up on a student film set and ACT was baffling to him--having been a computer guru whose life fell apart at the age of 35.
Keith's first play, 2001
The fact that he has seen every gig as some winning lottery ticket that he was lucky to find is a big part of what makes him so cool to work with--and why producers want him back. When you set out to live your dreams regardless of whether they pay, you find nourishment in the DOING... not in the paycheck. And that's something far more valuable anyway.
Keith's second headshot, 2003
Thank you, honey, for helping me live MY dreams too. We're a good team. And it's not just because you do everything that I tell you to do. (*snork* Anyone who knows us knows that's not true anyway... it's just funny. And, well... only partially true. -ish.) I'm so proud of you. And I'm excited to watch you take photos of pretty girls with wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet in the opening segment of Monday's episode of CSI: Miami. Excited and proud and thrilled. *beam*

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May 3, 2006

Wednesday Afternoon Search Party

It's been awhile, so it's time for another search party! Woo hoo!


What happened to catalogue Tweeds? *sniffle* This one makes me so sad. Regular long-term readers know all about my obsession with Tweeds and the horrific sadness I feel over its demise. Tweeds is gone. *sniffle*

Rebecca Romijn "fancy word for extras," commissary, David Spade, Showbiz Show: I got all manner of searches of this type. Seems for a while, my blog was the only source for the transcript and video capture of the beautiful, self-involved event. Greatness.

"bite my moment," "cardio vasectomy," "what's GED got to do with drunk driving from Stick It," buttahara: Got a bunch of these too. Hee! Of course, Stick It is the BEST MOVIE EVER, so I'm glad folks are looking up its brilliant quotes. Woo! If you haven't seen the movie, go. It's greatness.

Lydia Blanco blog: That's here. *waves* Hi, Lydia! Folks are lookin' for ya! (And "Bonnie Blanco" too, apparently.)

CSI gag reel: Ooh, that's fun. We saw the CSI: Miami gag reel and the best-of-season video at the wrap party. I'm so so so dang excited about Keith's episode airing Monday. Ack! Can't wait!

Randy Quaid Brokeback Mountain sue: Yes he did... and now it's over. Of course, my favorite part of the "settlement story" is this:

On Tuesday, Focus Features indicated that it was bewildered by Quaid's latest statement, saying that it had "never negotiated, offered or agreed to any settlement with Mr. Quaid or his attorneys, but we are happy to put this behind us, and do wish Mr. Quaid all the best."

porno casting: Huh? No. Uh... so, no. I did cast a movie with hookers, crack whores, and pimps (Oh my!) but I've never cast a porno... nor do I plan to do so. I like casting movies I can go see in public... without blushing (much).


from N. Barry Carver: Barry wrote a poem for me just before my mom passed away, and that's probably why the search terms "hit," but I'm going to use this as an opportunity to welcome Barry's and Fabiana's second son into this world. Yay! Congrats again!!


Levitz sucks money back going out of business: Indeed. Good luck getting your money back. Levitz does suck. And we've not heard a word from them since the whole thing went down. Ugh.

America's Next Top Model: Now you KNOW I loves me some ANTM! Best recaps EVER, though, are over here at Rich's blog. Brilliant. Always spot on. Oh, and since they got rid of my original pick to win (Mollie Sue), we all know my girl Joanie's gonna win. Right? You watch. Final two: Joanie and Danielle. Woo!


Who played Dylan's sister Erika on 90210? Which version? Erica 1.0 or Erica 2.0? Noley Thornton was the first Erica, and she's just finished film school and working as a PA on a new film. Looks like she's given up acting. Johna Stewart was the second Erica and she hasn't been in anything since 1999, but I don't know what she's doing these days.


fatass: Seriously. This is my favorite search to lead someone here. I don't know why, but it cracks me up beyond belief. Still. If I'd seen that search result on a "bad day," I'm sure I'd cry. But somehow, I simply find it hilarious that "fatass" led someone here. *snork*

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May 2, 2006

Catching Up

Actors aren't the only flakes in Hollywood. Last night, after the rockstar panel discussion I did with Marc Bass and Gary Marsh over at USC, I was approached by a grad student who is writing a paper for her pros-in-film class on casting directors. She had already interviewed Mali Finn, Monika Mikkelsen, and Nancy Nayor (whose partner I met last week on the Harvard ART/UCI panel), but she was feeling as though she didn't really have her questions nailed down when she spoke with them... Could I please, please, please do a phone interview with her (today)?

Of course I said yes (in the whole giving back vein) and gave her my home number and an appointed hour. Five minutes before the appointed hour, I put my headset on (best for long phone calls) and awaited "ringy dingy." Fifteen minutes passed and then I took off the headset. And now it's been an hour. Nada. Y'know... I guess it's good to know that it's not just actors who flake. Everyone can flake. Bah.


Okay, so I used the time I was killing, waiting for her call, to look into becoming a producer on The 1 Second Film, which I'm gonna do. Profits go to the Global Fund for Women, and I'm all over that. I'm going to split the donation in half, so that Keith gets a credit too. Oh, and speaking of lovely Keith... his CSI: Miami episode airs Monday, May 8th, on CBS. He's in the very first segment--so don't tune in late!


Sadly, my honey is leaving town for a few days. Luckily, I have a lot of stuffs going on while he's gone. Phew! This is like the busiest week ever! Fun, huh? SAG, Strasberg, cool birthday party for the lovely Anna, Nurse Bon duties for the amazing Dawn (I do hope this is the last surgery EVER for you, darlin'), plus the aforementioned USC panel and the rockstar meeting with the entertainment attorney today. Basically, I'm now his go-to gal. He has producers for whom he packages filmmaking deals... he didn't have a casting director. Now he does. Tah-dah! (So why the hell was I so damn nervous?? I know, I know... first time you do anything, you're gonna be a wee bit nervous and then you're going to be all cool about it, b/c now you've done it. Blah blah blah.)

Oh, and does anyone out there want to be my arm candy for the Bon-double-feature on Tuesday? Two short films I cast will screen at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills at 8pm on the 9th. And while you're all invited, I do need "a date," since my honey has class on Tuesday nights. Any takers? I'll buy drinks after. Really. Honest.

What else? Oh, I have about a zillion things... just no time! Ack! Lipptastic Big Brother Bill, we definitely need to speak about my demo reel now. It seems "my lawyer" needs copies. Ack! And oy! Okay, so when you're sure it's time to hire an assistant but you have no time to hire an assistant (and suddenly your hubby who can usually assist is working so much--YAY--that you don't even have your "sometimes assistant"), what do you do?

By the way, the actor showcase thingy may actually still be happening (that's what happens when creative people are certain they have to continue to create... no matter what) and it looks like a new writing project is launching soon. This time... FICTION (I know! That is soooooo not me)!


Finally, just got this email from the lovely Nelson Aspen (and no, Hollywood Happy Hour is NOT dead--we'll be doing an event SOON): If you get this in time, I just found out that my famous "Doin' the Cruise" dance spoofing TomKat will air tonight on NBC's "MOST OUTRAGEOUS MOMENTS" at 8pm Pacific Time. Tune in if you can, it's pretty funny stuff with my GMTV colleagues Ben & Kate. Definitely watch. Nelson is famous in Australia for a reason! Heeeeeeee!

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Post-Meeting Thoughts


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List-Making for Nervous Girls

I just had to perform a task that has way filled me with confidence for my meeting. I had to make a list.


Rockstar SAGIndie head Paul Bales called me and asked me to come speak to actors at a SAG LifeRaft event Thursday afternoon, since I specialize in casting SAG low budget indies. He asked me to make a list of films I've cast under the various agreements. I also listed the fate of some of those films (screen cap, above) in terms of festival screenings and wins.

Man, that feels good.

Gotta go! Heeeeeeee! Suddenly less nervous and more excited. Woo!

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May 1, 2006


So, we have to get from Point A (home) to Point B (USC) through Point ¡Sí, se puede! for an industry event this evening. Ack.

rally3.jpg rally4.jpg rally1.jpg rally2.jpg

How shall we attempt this?

usc.jpg lanightfreeway.jpg tommycam.jpg traffic.jpg

Hmm. I guess we'll leave, like... now.

Oh, and I have no time to BlogTip today, but you should do it if you do have time.

(Seriously, I'm so sorry to have had so little time to post/respond to comments/read others' blogs lately. I'm the most blissfully busy ever... quality problem, of course.)


Big BIG meeting tomorrow. Very excited!


And much less nervous now, thanks to majorly helpful advice and reminders about what exactly is expected of me (which is: "Be yourself"--and I can do that) at this power lunch. Woo! THANKS, BRILLIANT FRIENDS!

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