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June 30, 2006

Yay, Camille!

How much do I love this piece that Camille Mana wrote for Back Stage West? SO MUCH!


(And it's not just b/c she mentions me in it, bringing the grand total "my name in print" instances to THREE in as many weeks at BSW, although that's just giddy-making fun.)

This is a wonderful article by an articulate and brilliantly talented young lady who is going to OWN this town before she's 25. Count on it.

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June 29, 2006

It's a New Day, FURSHUR

Well, lookee here!


Seeking Stardom, Actors Flock to YouTube, MySpace
June 29, 2006
By Lauren Horwitch

Casting directors, producers, and even network execs are also waking up to the talent on the sites. CD Bonnie Gillespie of Cricket Feet Inc. said a New York actor who regularly posts his audition videos on YouTube told her about the site last year. "He can't fly in for auditions but always wants me to see him for films I'm casting," she wrote via email. "I think it's a great use of a free resource. Most online audition footage services are very expensive for actors. For example, one upload of an actor's two best takes of an audition can cost $50.

"As fun as video-surfing is on YouTube," Gillespie added, "I think we've yet to unlock its full potential for actors and electronic auditioning."

Rock on!

In other news... I have a phoner later today for another potential casting gig, plus gotta set up some meetings between directors and name actors to take place over the next little bit. It's funny, I remember this time last year being my busiest as well, yet somehow I hear everyone talking about how "dead" it is. Yeah... okay... if you say so!

Gotta get my names list together for the new Wild Card Productions project (so so so freakin' cool, this one), since the breakdown will go out on Wednesday and we have our phoner tomorrow.


Meanwhile, gotta attend FOUR FIVE kiddo parties in THREE FOUR days, while Keith bounces around town with STILL MORE auditions. Wow! Summer break, indeed!

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June 28, 2006

Change of Plans

We are coming home early.
Keith is going to producers on The Shield today. Again.

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June 27, 2006

A Big Day

Today, Tuesday, the 27th of June in the year of our lord 2006, I, Bonnie Gillespie did something very brave.

I entered the CLOTHING OPTIONAL part of the spa and exercised my option to NOT WEAR ANY.

I must be entering the "when I am an old woman, I shall wear purple" stage of life.


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June 26, 2006


We're out. (I'll miss you, MySpace.)

Little bit of this and a little bit of that.

If you drive by our place and see something like this, that's okay.

That's part of why we changed the timing of our trip. Woo!

When we return, casting begins on three new short films for the folks who brought you the award-winning Queen of Cactus Cove and 2 Dogs Inside. Breakdown goes out on "The Project" July 5th, followed shortly by the long-awaited breakdown for the brilliant feature film How I Lost My Mind and Killed Someone on July 10th. Yippee! It's on, y'all!

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Lightning storm in Santa Monica! Coooooooool.

12 minutes later: And there's the rain. Cooooooool.

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June 25, 2006


My husband gives his sister his key to our apartment, in case she gets back to our apartment before he does. He takes my keys. I am in bed (this is at like 8am today).


Liz leaves for NoCal with Keith's key. Wouldn't typically be a problem except for the fact that we're leaving for Legoland in a few hours and WE HAVE TO LEAVE A SET OF KEYS FOR THE TERMITE GUY. And we now only have one. ONE.

So, do we give our one and only key to the termite guy and leave our home with no definite way to get back into it when we return in a few days? No. Instead, Keith gets to stop the prep for termite guy (bagging up food and medicine, packing up the kitties and plants for their stay at Aunt Dawn's, packing the three of us for three days out of town) and drive alllll the way across town to the one and only place in Los Angeles County that can duplicate a key for us on a Sunday afternoon.


If my family weren't so wonky, I'd have a lot to say about the family I married into. ;) But, y'know... glass stones and all.

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June 24, 2006

Quinnfest 2006 (part one)

We're just past the midway point in Quinn's annual Hollywood visit, and here's some of the photographic evidence of the fun we've been having (click on any photo to enlarge).

Traditional photo at the Hollywood sign.

Quinn posed Lugio on his dad.


Snacktime in THE FORT!

Dad in THE FORT!

Grandpa Dickie and Quinn.

Keith, Quinn, and Uncle Brandt at Gladstones.

Quinn meets The Pacific again.

Quinn neck deep in the drink.

Liz takes gorgeous photos!

Quinn's first Dodgers game.

Quinn's first Dodger Dog.

Quinn and Bon at the game.

Dodger BLUE cotton candy!

Group shot! Woo hoo!
Thanks, Chairman, for setting this whole thing up!

More photos when we're back from LegoLand. Woo!

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June 23, 2006

I have SO much to blog about!

And like NO time.

So, here's this, which the lovely and talented Kathryn Lyn posted in my comments area at the MySpace place.



You know how I loves me some Snakes on a MoFo Plane.

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June 21, 2006

Okay, FINE!

Because there is only so much peer pressure a gal can take, I finally joined the effin' MySpace place.



I'm at Bonnie Gillespie as me and at Self-Management for Actors as my product. Add me, friend me, kudos me, have your way with me. Whatever it is that y'all do at that place that's too cool for me.

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"My Dad" by Quinn

Moments ago, Quinn pulled a Father's Day card from his suitcase. It had a series of blanks, which he had filled in.

I love my Dad because...
My Dad is sily (silly),
My Dad is fun,
My Dad is funny,
but most of all...
I love my Dad because he loves me.
My Dad is the most wonderful daddy in the world!
He is as handsome as a baby trdle (turtle).
He is as strong as a rino (rhino).
He can lift 179 pounds and is 6 feet tall.
His favorite food is ceril (cereal).
His favorite activity is wachingtv (watching TV).
In the good ole days, when daddy was little, he used to play arond (around).
I think my daddy looks funny when he acts werd (weird).
I wish my daddy would play with me everyday!
I would not trade my addy for anything!

File this under "How to melt a Marine." Awww.

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Busy busy busy bee. I'm all kinds of exhausted.

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
You're Lili St. Cyr!
Take this quiz!

That was nabbed from lovely Ali, who is Bettie Page.

I think I shall sleep now. Yeah... that feels about right. Happy SUMMER, y'all.

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June 20, 2006

Nine Rooms

Press release from UK Cliff: Nine Rooms: A BlogCom

Nine Rooms is a dramatic comedy based around the weblog of five main characters. It's a weekly blogcom, experienced through the postings of people who share a house that has (figures) nine rooms.

It launches on June 20 and is created by me, Cliff Jones, and includes some of the best writers I know (online writers from the blogosphere, virtually, and around the world, literally).

How does Nine Rooms work?

You read Nine Rooms by visiting the blogs of the characters, which are updated every week with their own perspective on events within the house and their own interconnected lives.
The characters (dramatics per sony)
  • Alan Cross: 27 year old insurance clerk and games console addict.
  • Joey Standton: An enigmatic figure of no fixed vocation. He is 25, well travelled, with a combination of sharp observational skills and poor timing.
  • Claire Goodwin: 28, edits a TV listings magazine. Former employee of Gina's mother.
  • Gina Nelson: Californian, 25, in London on a break and a mission to find her natural parents. Her wealthy philanthropist mother died recently and Gina received with her inheritance the news that she was adopted and taken to the USA as an infant.
  • Nick Stampfer: 37, former owner of a restaurant which was sold, his mother owns the house but has been squandering his inheritance around the world since her recent divorce.
For the purpose of the plotline, no one character knows that any other character is writing a blog and (between you and me) they will interact with members of the public who post to their sites, and seem like real individuals who hold normal lives, reply to blog comments, post pictures online and do all the things that bloggers do.

The sites are live, the emails are set up and the storyline has been written for the next couple of months, but the scripts themselves come largely from the writers. There are a few other characters due to join the cast, I guarantee there will be twists and turns along the way, so check Nine Rooms every Tuesday and follow the story.

June 20: Nine Rooms is coming. Nine Rooms ARE coming?

Cool, eh? More info via email to Cliff. Start reading at NineRooms.com.

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June 19, 2006


Congratulations to the actors cast in leading roles in the... get this... 35mm SAG short (yes, Kodak loved the script so much they provided matching funds if we would bump from 16mm to 35mm) Salvation, Texas!

Click to enlarge.

Woo! Busy casting day. Oh, how I love this job!

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June 18, 2006

Keith and Mini-Keith

Of course, Quinn is less "mini" with every visit, but I swear this kid behaves EXACTLY like his father, even though he lives 2200 miles away 49 weeks of the year. That *has* to be a pain in the ass to the ex. I mean... Keith's "quirks" are a pain in the ass to ME and I love the guy! Imagine having parted ways and still having a daily reminder of the power of genetics! Phew. Bless Quinn's daily parentals. They're doing a kick-ass job. This is a very good kid.

Click to enlarge.

Keith was at Nelson's overnight (babysitting Lois while Nelson hung out with Meryl Streep in Manhattan) and Quinn asked to stay here with me. No problemo, except the kid was up at five ayem... and I went to bed at four. *yawn* Methinks I shall sleep a bit tonight! Tomorrow is a big day.


Anyway, I spoke with each of the dad-types, and Quinn said hello to each too. Nice thing about a kid in a non-traditional family unit... he doesn't question the fact that we call two dads for me on Father's Day. When Keith returned from Nelson's, the boys played soccer for hours in the park while I finished my column and finalized casting decisions on the two shorts I'm casting. We then walked "forEVER," (says Quinn) to get to Color Me Mine to paint a dragon for Quinn and a cooking spoon holder for Dad.


We always celebrate Quinn's half-birthday during his visits, so we made that event today. It was a big celebration with way too much walking for Quinn's liking, although he did enjoy seeing the Chicken Car parked up on Lincoln. You know the one. It's like an Angelyne or a Dennis Woodruff sighting, but for the 310 exclusively. Gotta love LA.


Thankee, everyone, for the love re: Pissy Little Mood. She's gone. Gotta love the water sign gals! As soon as I get a real understanding of how a negative statement can resonate through us like a pinball locked between bumpers while a positive statement can be forgotten the instant it's said, I'll share the meaning of life with everyone. I promise.


And now that the boys have gone to bed and I have another few hours of work to finish, the eternal question: Do I open that bottle of wine?

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Pissy Little Mood

I've had an ego-bruising day (seems I have those every now and then, especially after a few weeks of "highs"), so I tried to distract myself by creating my FAQ page.

Whatevs. Still pissy. Bleh.

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June 17, 2006


Okay, so it's time to officially say that I did not complete the task of finishing my screenplay during the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge.

Here are my thoughts on that: What I learned during these 14 days is that I like to do things I'm very good at doing. No... I like to do things I'm sincerely excellent at doing. This is why I don't cook. I'd far prefer to pay someone who is much better at cooking to do so for me. And, while I love love love writing and I adore reading a good screenplay and I am passionate about casting a great screenplay, I think I will always prefer to enjoy the talents of existing brilliant screenwriters.

During the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge, I cast a short film, made offers to actors on two other films, moderated a panel at the HBFF, wrote two columns (plus "Your Turn" pieces), had about a half-dozen power meetings and/or industry relationship-building dinners, and welcomed Quinn for his annual visit. AND I created an outline for a screenplay and put just over 18 really decent pages into Final Draft.

It is what it is. And I am not a screenwriter. Not now at least.

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues who completed their screenplays (or who will in the coming days)! I am inspired by your creative output and will look forward to reading your work (and maybe even casting it) someday soon.


Just got back from seeing Cars with the kiddo (and his son). *giggle* It's cute. Too long, but cute. I have a rant coming about parents with unruly or crying children... but it'll have to wait. Seriously, I want to rage, but I worry I'll get the whole, "You don't know how it IS," thing, from parents. Let me just say that I think a pretty basic rule of courtesy should be: If your child is wailing, screaming, or otherwise howling, YOU NEED TO TAKE SAID CHILD OUT OF THE SCREENING AREA. Why do parents think that standing in the BACK of the space (y'know, so said parents miss none of the on-screen action) is "good enough"? Consider acoustics. Please.

Oh, if you go see Cars, be sure to stay for the closing credits. Very clever stuff. Typical Pixar fun.

Babes and I had a rockstar time on our gal-pal date last night. Most of the bloggers were outstandingly good at doing spoken word stuffs, dinner with "Buk" and his awesome producer was fantastic, and Bukowsical! is possibly one of the best plays I've seen in Los Angeles in years. Seriously. It was phenomenal. Babes and I laughed about a zillion laughs, resolved at least a dozen tangents, and said, "KiKi would love this," about five times.

All in all, an exceptionally fine first wedding anniversary!

Oh, and what's up with the 30 or so recent Google searches for "teach my ass" leading to the BonBlogs? Huh?!?

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June 16, 2006

Ow-oooooooot Tonight!

Singing like Mimi:
I've had a knack from way back / Breaking the rules once I learned the games / Get up / life's too quick / I know someplace sick / Where this chick'll dance in the flames / We don't need any money / I always get in for free / You can get in too if you get in with me / Let's go out tonight / I have to go out tonight / You wanna play? Let's run away / We won't be back / Before it's New Year's Day / Take me out tonight! Meow! / So let's find a bar / So dark we forget who we are / Where all the scars from the / Nevers and maybes die
Hee! *happy dance* Very soon, I'll hit the town with the lovely Miss Babes McPhee for some theatre and booze and more theatre.


We'll start off at Subject Line Here (and our ticket price goes to a good cause, so that's a great first event of the night--get all warm and fuzzy feeling, plus see the lovely CoCo doin' her thang).


Then, after drinks and snacks nearby, we'll head to Sacred Fools' critically-acclaimed late night show, Bukowsical! (starring several Friends of Bon; including two actors I've cast before--Kathi Copeland and David Lawrence). Very excited!

Do say hello, if you happen to spot us two silly girls catting about the 'wood on my first anniversary. *hee*

Re: Earthlink's shenanigans, I guess they either finished early or scrapped the plan only to screw us another day. After 10 hours offline, we're back. I hope for good. Man, wireless DSL can spoil a girl.

For those who were eagerly awaiting a review of the 12,000 BTU portable A/C, the review is in: IT'S A RAVE. Holy jeebus, my living room is an icebox! Yippee!

*basking while making casting phone calls*

Life remains the good.

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June 15, 2006

Radio Silence


Looks like Earthlink decided to reroute our DSL from Covad's trunk through Verizon's.

Looks like we'll be offline while they make this change.

Looks like we found this out when, at 9pm today, the wireless went down... and I couldn't piggyback on our neighbor's wireless... or our other neighbor's wireless. And then Keith called Earthlink and was told the above.

"When did you notify us of this?"
"Well, we learned about it May 10th."
"And you were going to tell us when?"
"Um... let me patch you through to customer service."
(recorded voice, listing customer service business hours... which are not now)

And that's that.

We'll be down for "a minimum of three days" while this change is made.

Three days. No Internet. No notice.


I'm taking this as a sign that I'm only allowed to do as much Internetting as my handheld will let me do. So, there ya go.

In GOOD news of the day, the HBFF panel was rockstar (and how much did I love getting to meet and chat with Ernie Hudson and Steve Harris... yummy) AND it's the beginning of a new era (or the end of a block that was placed on an existing era's pattern). Y'see... after over three years of having my name in a certain trade paper every week, my name was FORBIDDEN in its pages (in fact, I was removed from stories on which I was a source, during "the dark period"). Well, my beloved Jackie slipped me through in this week's column. And tomorrow, I'm being interviewed as a source (officially) on a story by another reporter there. I just love how it all comes around... eventually.


And The Mighty Quinn is here. We've already played Hello Kitty Uno about a dozen times, watched a hundred cartoons, and made fun of "Dad's hairy chest." Life is good.

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June 14, 2006


So, if The Apprentice is moving to Los Angeles next season, it's clear that Trump isn't "all about New York" and is willing to look into other locations for his hit show in which applicants perform a series of tasks in a competition to be hired at the end of the season.


Next stop: New Orleans. I think it's brilliant.


It needs rebuilding and The Apprentice could channel the energy used to create ad campaigns, sales plans for burgers and cars, and even bogus audition meetings in "mobile casting facilities" to rebuild New Orleans.

Do you agree? Sign this petition, sponsored by the brilliant Jen, who blogged here about how she developed this idea.


Awesome. Happy 60th birthday, Trump. Now, do something GOOD with reality TV.

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I came very very close to calling it quits on the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge today.


Instead, I decided to stick it out, prep for Salvation, Texas callbacks, update the Cricket Feet Casting website a wee bit, pay some bills, mail out some books, watch four episodes of Family Guy, go for a walk, and hold off on surrendering to the "I can't do it" monster until after Thursday.

I figure, if I pull an all-nighter of writing while Keith is picking up Quinn tomorrow, take a break to nap and do the HBFF panel, then continue writing 'til my date with Babes McPhee Friday night, I *may* actually finish a screenplay of some kind.

So... no calling "failure" on this experiment just yet. (And even if I "fail," I'd like to say that I didn't FAIL, just for the fact that I sat at my computer with Final Draft open every day for the period of the challenge and at least took a stab at something terrifying.)

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June 12, 2006

Happy 12 of 12!

This month's 12 of 12 was much more exciting than last month's 12 of 12 for me. (Visit Chad for all of this month's participants. He was shooting for 75.) PARDON THE NAME-DROPPING LINKAGE AND RANDOM STORY-TELLING. I figured it was a good time to get everyone up to speed a bit.

Oh, and click any of these photos to see the larger version.

Started the day with the assigned "bonus photo" (one taken at 7am PDT). Keith heard my alarm going off, grabbed a cat, and came in to show me his phone reading "7am," which I made my first photo. (Back to sleep, since I went to bed at 5am. Keith, however, was on his way to the Funk Bros. with his ailing auto.)
A couple of hours later, I was up and scheduling callbacks for Salvation, Texas. Happily, I also got to CAST two actors today. Yippee! Congrats to Mark and Alison! Y'all rock! (I'll start building the cast webpage soon.) Also, I got a call from Dee (with whom the HILMMAKS producers met last week--while I was meeting with Chris--both of whom it seems will be offered roles in that film; plus Chris looks like he's in for The Masquerade) asking me to sub her acting class one day later this month. Of course, I said yes! I love her students. They're awesome!
Then, Keith and I headed off in the TicTac for Los Feliz. By way of Koreatown. Cool sign, eh?
Keith did the photographic goodness, here. I was the art director. Hee! Love the Wiltern. It's such a cool color.
After our lunch, I snapped this photo of the TicTac with the House of Pies sign. First time I'd been to the House of Pies since October, 2001 (after a brilliant play at the Company of Angels).
Our date, my buddy Richard, to whom I was able to offer a role in How I Lost My Mind and Killed Someone last week. He accepted. I'm so freakin' excited about how this film is taking shape! Since he bought lunch today, Keith and I will take him to Tana's as a thank you after Quinn leaves town.
I never thought I would spend $30 filling up my gas tank. It only holds 11 gallons, for cryin' out loud! But, I do have to say that the ARCO on Franklin at Gower has always been the cheapest gas I've ever seen... even when I lived at the Hollywood Tower in '93 and Melissa and Chick found a kitten (which they named Arco) there.
I wasn't going to use this photo (I have many others from the day's events), but I really like the distorted image. The accordian bus is one of my favorite funny-looking things in LA traffic. And how gorgeous are the jacaranda this time of year! Wow!
Apparently they've slipped a condom over the 360 Building. Somehow I missed the news that it was on fire a year ago. I blame TiVo.
Tip from the former Improv Comedy Traffic School instructor: if the meter is blinking "FAIL," you don't have to put money into it. You do, however, have to put a note on it, if you plan to do more than run in and out of the Hollywood Post Office like I did (after dropping Keith off to get his car from the shop).
Cricket Feet World Headquarters. Did you know our official offices were so small? We have pixies working for us in there. They are very happy.
It was such a lovely day that instead of coming right home, I drove the extra seven blocks and did a lap by the spot where Keith and I got married 361 days ago. Wouldn't you get married there too? It's just so gorgeous here!
Back home, back to work. Answering machine is all but full of messages from agents confirming actors' callbacks for Wednesday, casting directors with questions about our panel at the Hollywood Black Film Festival on Thursday, and news that Dennehy officially has our script now. Had to make some changes to our vacation schedule due to OUR building being tented (sheesh!), but it looks like that all worked out just great too. Hee!

Y'know... I think I might just have the most kick-ass life available for a dollar. So glad I bought it. Totally worth it. Hope your 12 of 12 was as much fun. Yippee!

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June 11, 2006


This is funny. Click on the image to get the full experience (with pop-ups that explain why each actor landed where on the Full House Career Pyramid. Hee!


Reminder: tomorrow is Chad's 12 of 12 photo day. Finally, I have some exciting stuff going on during the appointed day. Hee! Fun stuff! Bonus photo this month is one taken at the same exact moment, all around the world (7am PDT). Ooooh! Between this and the collective creative energy of the 14 Day Screenplay Challenge, you'd think the planets were surely trying to align. Still on page 18 over here, but today is column and screenplay day... then I schedule callbacks for Salvation, Texas. Yippee!

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June 10, 2006

Q-Minus Five Days

Quinn will be here in five days. I am so seriously giddy.


One of our big events this year is Legoland (again).


Why return, three years after our first Legoland excursion? Ah... well...


There are new rides! And Quinn is now big enough to ride 'em!


Oh, we are going to have so so so much fun!


We've actually decided to stay for a few days.


Wait... these images aren't of things that happen at Legoland! What's up?


Ah yes... our anniversary gift to ME is a spa day.


Yes. An ENTIRE spa day.



Well-deserved rewards for all of our hard work lately (sorry for the light posting... way way way beyond belief busy). And congratulations for having been married a whole year (well... I think we'll make it to Friday). Hee!

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June 8, 2006

Casting My Ass Off

Well, lookee here! They've added my name to the poster for Salvation, Texas. *giggle* So cool!

Click to enlarge.

We're in prereads all day tomorrow, which should be loads of fun. I can tell the director is a wee bit nervous, having never worked with a casting director before. He's used to putting out a breakdown in Back Stage West and having loads of no-shows. I assured him that actors don't no-show on me (believe me, if they want to get in on the bigger-budget stuff, they kind of just CAN'T stiff me on the little things) and, from the looks of the day's schedule, he's going to be WAY impressed with these amazing, professional, performance-ready actors I'm bringing to him. Oh, I love sessions! It's when the possibilities are endless. These rich characters will only begin to take shape tomorrow, in the 3-D. I love it!


On Friday, the director of The Masquerade and I have a coffee date with the "name actor" we hope will be the star of her film. She is so so so nervous (she's never done a name actor meeting before), so I sent her to read "Taking the Meeting" and told her to relax, she'd be fine, charming, and wonderful. And he'll accept the offer and so will the other "name actor" we went out to today. And life on the festival circuit will be grand.


The meeting for How I Lost My Mind and Killed Someone yesterday was beyond rockstar. Looks like the guy I scouted last month for the lead role may be the actor we go after, now. He's not a name (yet), but he's perfect for this and I know he would rock it beyond our wildest dreams. Of course, I cracked myself up realizing that I didn't think of one of my actor-friends (who is a "name") for one of the roles, because, y'know, she's my friend. So, when her manager sent over her tape, I came off as brilliant and now we're going to set up a coffee with her and the director. AND, I got to make an offer to one of my favorite big time character actors today for a minor role. He and Keith and I are going out for pie next week. Yippee!

I'm just so glad we're moving forward on HILMMAKS. Breakdown will be released July 10th and cast will be locked by Labor Day. I love that. A timeline! And I adore Joel and Trevor. They're such fucking rockstars. It's awesome to spend time with them. Loads of energy, creative passion, and vision. Man, people like that are a blast to share the planet with.

In other casting news, I now have FOUR offers pending for new gigs. It is time to start saying my least favorite word: "NO." When projects are amazing and people are wonderful and you LOVE a challenge... how do you say no? I know... you just do. I will. I must.

But first, I must visit Moshi's world, move that progress bar up a bit, take a nap, and preread actors for an amazing little film. Woo!

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June 5, 2006

Fiction vs. Non

Observation: Writing a screenplay is HARD.

Day three of the 14-Day Screenplay... I'm at the top of an empty page nine.


I can write non-fiction all day long. I churn out two columns a week, every week. In just over three years, I've written and published three books (or four, if you count each SMFA as its own title).

But ask me to create a world, get the visions that exist only in my head onto paper, and you will see me STUCK.

Doesn't mean I won't do it, I'll just struggle in a way I'm not used to struggling, while writing. I guess it's good to stretch an unused muscle every now and then, eh?

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June 4, 2006

Other 14-Day Screenplayers

In my seemingly unending quest to procrastinate, I've decided to link to the blogs of other good folks out there who are taking the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge. (Notice their progress bars are actually MOVING.)

Go check on, encourage, poke, or otherwise worship AM, Chalkie, Dave, Delora, James, Lee Thomson, Matt Courtney (our enabler sponsor), oneslackmartian, Optimistic Reader, Pei, Robert Hogan, Robin Kelly, Twixter Scripter, and the brilliant Babes McPhee. Also worship Anna, who is using the 14-Day Challenge to do something so so so so so freakin' cool and brilliant (GO, girl)!

Now I'm going back into Moshi's world (yes, Jodi, I *did* name her Moshi) and not come out 'til I've hit page 20. Oh, crud. No. Not just yet. I have to do some casting stuff first. In case anyone tells you it's EASY to cut the list from 2800 actor submissions to about 75 actors you'll actually bring IN for auditions, they are dirty rotten liars and not to be trusted.

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Pretend You Teach Art

And if you teach Art, your goal in life is to put this image in front of as many kiddos as possible.

No, it's not me being all 6.6.06 or anything. It's all about Snakes on a mofo plane. Word.

Still only one page into my screenplay BUT way far ahead in my (so unexpected) network deals, so that's a better balance. ;) Yo.

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June 3, 2006

14-Day Screenplay (Hour 11)

Eleven hours into the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge and I have written ONE page.


Babes McPhee stayed up later than I did and got 18 pages 14 pages done. I went to sleep after getting a GREAT first page done. Seriously.

So, in addition to writing another 19 pages before midnight tomorrow (my goal is 10 pages a day for nine days and then lots of cleanup), I shall create audition sides for Thursday's Salvation, Texas prereads, write this week's column, send panel topics to my Hollywood Black Film Festival panelists, pare down producers' lists for all three films I'm casting since we have meetings on all three this week, and have a dinner-slash-casting meeting (tonight) with a NBF couple I met at lovely Anna's last month (THANKS, ANNA--maybe I *can* cast a TV series)!

Blog break is over. Gotta get that progress bar (bottom left) moving up. How's your first 11 hours of the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge going? Sound off, folks!

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June 1, 2006


When the TiVo makes a sound...


like it's wheezing


...and you can hear it over the show you're watching, that's not good, right?

Fun surprizes in the mail this week: Sahale Snacks from Kirstin (you are TOO cute!!) and lovely books from Pamela's sister plus a DVD we'll watch before long. Yay! Mail is fun! Even if it is slow. Thanks, lovely ladies! Y'all rock!

Note: I'll be MIA for a few weeks now (will try to post here and there) as I begin the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge (I put a little progress bar on the bottom left of this page--I'll try to keep it updated) and complete casting on two SAG short films. And... Quinn is on the way SOON. Yay! Y'all be good. Post comments. XXOO

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Could you use that in a sentence please?

As I upload demo reels to the Cricket Feet Casting server for the director of Salvation, Texas to watch (sort of pre-prereads), I have the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN.


I am mesmerized. (Did I spell that right?)

PS--What do the casting associate for the number one most-watched TV show on the planet and an up-and-coming indie film casting director talk about over dinner? Milk-enduced projectile vomit, Snakes on a Plane, the Pinehaven Mental Institution fire on DOOL, and Stick It (the best movie EVER), of course. Thanks, Keith. I like your new girlfriend. She's way cool.

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