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June 17, 2006


Okay, so it's time to officially say that I did not complete the task of finishing my screenplay during the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge.

Here are my thoughts on that: What I learned during these 14 days is that I like to do things I'm very good at doing. No... I like to do things I'm sincerely excellent at doing. This is why I don't cook. I'd far prefer to pay someone who is much better at cooking to do so for me. And, while I love love love writing and I adore reading a good screenplay and I am passionate about casting a great screenplay, I think I will always prefer to enjoy the talents of existing brilliant screenwriters.

During the 14-Day Screenplay Challenge, I cast a short film, made offers to actors on two other films, moderated a panel at the HBFF, wrote two columns (plus "Your Turn" pieces), had about a half-dozen power meetings and/or industry relationship-building dinners, and welcomed Quinn for his annual visit. AND I created an outline for a screenplay and put just over 18 really decent pages into Final Draft.

It is what it is. And I am not a screenwriter. Not now at least.

Congratulations to my friends and colleagues who completed their screenplays (or who will in the coming days)! I am inspired by your creative output and will look forward to reading your work (and maybe even casting it) someday soon.


Just got back from seeing Cars with the kiddo (and his son). *giggle* It's cute. Too long, but cute. I have a rant coming about parents with unruly or crying children... but it'll have to wait. Seriously, I want to rage, but I worry I'll get the whole, "You don't know how it IS," thing, from parents. Let me just say that I think a pretty basic rule of courtesy should be: If your child is wailing, screaming, or otherwise howling, YOU NEED TO TAKE SAID CHILD OUT OF THE SCREENING AREA. Why do parents think that standing in the BACK of the space (y'know, so said parents miss none of the on-screen action) is "good enough"? Consider acoustics. Please.

Oh, if you go see Cars, be sure to stay for the closing credits. Very clever stuff. Typical Pixar fun.

Babes and I had a rockstar time on our gal-pal date last night. Most of the bloggers were outstandingly good at doing spoken word stuffs, dinner with "Buk" and his awesome producer was fantastic, and Bukowsical! is possibly one of the best plays I've seen in Los Angeles in years. Seriously. It was phenomenal. Babes and I laughed about a zillion laughs, resolved at least a dozen tangents, and said, "KiKi would love this," about five times.

All in all, an exceptionally fine first wedding anniversary!

Oh, and what's up with the 30 or so recent Google searches for "teach my ass" leading to the BonBlogs? Huh?!?

Posted by bonnie at June 17, 2006 6:11 PM


Glad you gave it a shot. If you ever decide you may want to be a writer com join in another time, but until then best of luck in all you're doing, and if I ever get a say I'll nominate you for casting director in one of my films.


Posted by: Cappie at June 17, 2006 7:31 PM

OMG, *I* was reading *your* review of last night at the exact same time *you* were reading *my* review!!

woohoo-o, woohoo-o


(these are the noises i apparently make when i am trying to hide the fact i have tremendous writer's block. i can't write anything! and i'm hunnnnngry! and there is a really, really good italian restaurant and decent indian restaurant and a pastry case all within like, four feet of me! trying. to. be. strong.)

Posted by: babes at June 17, 2006 8:37 PM

I liked Cars.

Posted by: Ed R at June 17, 2006 11:09 PM

Congratulations on your anniversary! And congratulations for trying to write a screenplay. Your adventurous spirit is inspiring.

Posted by: courtney Author Profile Page at June 18, 2006 6:58 PM

Teach my ass how to play the saxophone.

I nearly showed up to Bukowsical but the couch glue was to strong. Will have to hit it next 2 week. Caught Alice's play at TTD today though, good stuff.

Posted by: Bill at June 18, 2006 7:05 PM

Bukowsical was hysterically funny. Kudos to Dean, Kathi, Steven Memel(as himself) and the whole cast & crew. It's also one of the few times that the printed program was as funny as the show.

Posted by: Chairman at June 19, 2006 12:01 AM