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June 18, 2006

Keith and Mini-Keith

Of course, Quinn is less "mini" with every visit, but I swear this kid behaves EXACTLY like his father, even though he lives 2200 miles away 49 weeks of the year. That *has* to be a pain in the ass to the ex. I mean... Keith's "quirks" are a pain in the ass to ME and I love the guy! Imagine having parted ways and still having a daily reminder of the power of genetics! Phew. Bless Quinn's daily parentals. They're doing a kick-ass job. This is a very good kid.

Click to enlarge.

Keith was at Nelson's overnight (babysitting Lois while Nelson hung out with Meryl Streep in Manhattan) and Quinn asked to stay here with me. No problemo, except the kid was up at five ayem... and I went to bed at four. *yawn* Methinks I shall sleep a bit tonight! Tomorrow is a big day.


Anyway, I spoke with each of the dad-types, and Quinn said hello to each too. Nice thing about a kid in a non-traditional family unit... he doesn't question the fact that we call two dads for me on Father's Day. When Keith returned from Nelson's, the boys played soccer for hours in the park while I finished my column and finalized casting decisions on the two shorts I'm casting. We then walked "forEVER," (says Quinn) to get to Color Me Mine to paint a dragon for Quinn and a cooking spoon holder for Dad.


We always celebrate Quinn's half-birthday during his visits, so we made that event today. It was a big celebration with way too much walking for Quinn's liking, although he did enjoy seeing the Chicken Car parked up on Lincoln. You know the one. It's like an Angelyne or a Dennis Woodruff sighting, but for the 310 exclusively. Gotta love LA.


Thankee, everyone, for the love re: Pissy Little Mood. She's gone. Gotta love the water sign gals! As soon as I get a real understanding of how a negative statement can resonate through us like a pinball locked between bumpers while a positive statement can be forgotten the instant it's said, I'll share the meaning of life with everyone. I promise.


And now that the boys have gone to bed and I have another few hours of work to finish, the eternal question: Do I open that bottle of wine?

Posted by bonnie at June 18, 2006 11:34 PM


I love Quinn's walking forEVER quote. I feel his pain. But it sounds like the walk was worth it. (It's usually worth it, when you get wherever you're going, even though getting there feels like it's taking forEVER.)

Posted by: Erik at June 19, 2006 1:04 AM

But then you gotta walk BACK.

Posted by: Ed R at June 19, 2006 3:20 PM

Start sippin'............. so what if you start yawnin'............ relaxed and deep in thought....... and after typin'........... you can be a sleepin'..............

Posted by: PameLa at June 19, 2006 6:37 PM

I LOVE that pic of the three of yinz at CMM.

I knew Lucy was just like her Dad when she was 3, and they each barked at each other and went into their separate bedrooms, slamming doors behind them in tandem. The earthy Taurean was left standing in wake of the double Cancer mood crash.


Posted by: Anna at June 20, 2006 9:15 AM