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July 30, 2006

Cliff: My Challenge

Okay, Cliff-lovers...

Here's my list of Cliff rounds for you to enjoy. Post your responses in my comments section or at least share a link to where you've posted the responses so's I can go see 'em. Have fun!

Instructions: You must sleep with one of the following people, live with one of them, and throw one of them off a cliff. What do you do?

Round One

Round Two
Jaclyn Smith
Kate Jackson
Farrah Fawcett

Round Three

Round Four

Round Five
Brandon Walsh
Brenda Walsh
Donna Martin

Round Six
Reggie Jackson
Peter Jackson
Michael Jackson

Round Seven

Round Eight

Round Nine
Bruce Lee
Brandon Lee
Jet Li

Round Ten
Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger
Donatella Versace

Round Eleven
Anderson Cooper
Jon Stewart
Stephen Colbert

Round Twelve
Rick Dees
Ryan Seacrest
Howard Stern

Round Thirteen
The Divine Miss M
M. Butterfly
M. Night Shyamalan

Round Fourteen

Round Fifteen
Mr. Coffee
Mr. Clean
Mr. Whipple (PS--happy 90th birthday Mr. W!)

Round Sixteen

Round Seventeen
Tyra Banks
Janice Dickinson
Nigel Barker

Round Eighteen

Round Nineteen
Rebecca Romijn
Randy Quaid
Mel Gibson

Round Twenty
Laura Palmer
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Emerson Lake and Palmer

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July 29, 2006



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Ah... well...

Sometimes, your job (your = my)


is telling someone with money... that there is a wee bit bad news.


Nothing personal. Just sayin'...


Sometimes there is just WAY. BAD. NEWS.


And you still clock in and do your best. And sometimes you're told you're BRILLIANT b/c you created an option where one did not exist moments ago.

And sometimes bad news is good news. Just sayin'.

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July 28, 2006

Cliff (Day Two)

KiKi posted the first day of CLIFF (my responses are here) and now Babes has posted the second day of CLIFF (and my responses are below).

Instructions: You must sleep with one of the following people, live with one of them, and throw one of them off a cliff. What do you do?

Round 1:
Burt Reynolds (Throw off a cliff.)
Burt Bacharach (Sleep with. I do adore those new Geico commercials.)
Tim Burton (Live with. What fun toys he must have!)

Round 2:
Molly Ringwald (Live with. We have similar tastes in music and '80s trivia, I'm sure.)
Molly Sims (Sleep with.)
The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Throw off a cliff. I mean, she's unsinkable, but can she keep from going SPLAT?)

Round 3:
Batman (Live with. We could fight crimes together!)
Snoop Dog (Throw off a cliff. Again, I'm not big with the bong owners.)
James Dean (Sleep with.)

Round 4:
Annie Lennox (Sleep with. I do love musicians.)
Anne of Green Gables (Live with. We could talk and talk and talk and talk.)
Li'l Orphan Annie (Throw off a cliff. I've always been jealous of her Daddy Warbucks.)

Round 5:
Jimmy Dean (Live with. Yummmmm. Sausage.)
Paul Newman (Sleep with. More yum.)
Betty Crocker (Throw off a cliff. Gluten.)

Round 6:
Ashley Merrick (Throw off a cliff, simply b/c I have no idea who this is and I'm not feeling up to a big risk right now.)
Ashley Judd (Sleep with. She's pretty.)
Ashley Simpson (Live with. She can pay all of the bills.)

Round 7:
John Lithgow (Live with. We'd have fun. I'm sure.)
Steve Martin (Sleep with. Not sure why.)
Leslie Nielson (Throw off a cliff. And don't call me Shirley.)

Round 8:
The Jolly Green Giant (Sleep with. Ho Ho Ho!)
Andre the Giant (Throw off a cliff. But I'd need help.)
They Might Be Giants (Live with. Loves me some TMBG music!)

Round 9:
Henry VIII (Sleep with.)
Richard III (Throw off a cliff.)
Mary Queen of Scots (Live with.)

Round 10:
Jesus (Live with.)
Moses (Throw off a cliff.)
King David (Sleep with.)

Round 11:
Oatmeal Creme Pies (Live with.)
Nutter Butters (Sleep with.)
Lady Fingers (Throw off a cliff.)

Round 12:
Brad Pitt (Throw off a cliff.)
Jennifer Aniston (Live with.)
Vince Vaughn (Sleep with.)

Round 13:
Bon (I think I'd have to throw myself off a cliff to avoid having to choose which of my bestest blog friends I'd have to sleep with and/or live with. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!)

OH... and two more from KiKi (sent to me via email):

Round 14:
E.T. (Live with.)
Gizmo (Throw off a cliff.)
all of the aliens at the end of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (Sleep with. Yeah, baby.)

Round 15:
Tanya (Throw off a cliff... and all her antibiotics too!)
Coral (Sleep with. Something about that nosering.)
Tina (Live with. She's funny!)

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July 27, 2006


Okay, I think KiKi may have officially come up with a way to cheer my ass up. At least for tonight. (Note: I have not read ANY of the answers at KiKi's blog. I just copied the questions and here are my answers.)

Instructions: You must sleep with one of the following people, live with one of them, and throw one of them off a cliff. What do you do? (feel free to explain your answers)

Round One:
Jake Gyllenhaal (Live with. He seems clean and orderly. And he's cute to look at.)
George Clooney (Sleep with. I'd live with him except for all of the pranks. I'd seriously get tired of every day being April Fool's Day, despite the fact that he's hot.)
Matthew McConaughey (Throw off a cliff. I do not love bong owners.)

Round Two:
Jessica Alba (Sleep with. Hello! HOT!)
Jessica Simpson (Throw off a cliff. Too much drama and product.)
Jessica Fletcher (Live with. She'd make me breakfast and make the bed. Good roommates, those British.)

Round Three:
Lance Armstrong (Sleep with. No chance of getting knocked up. Oops... too soon?)
Lance Bass (Live with. Everyone needs a gay best friend!)
a bass (Throw off a cliff. Will start to smell otherwise.)

Round Four:
Betty White (Live with. She'll take care of the pets.)
Rue McClanahan (Sleep with. I mean, c'mon... she's just an old-timey Samantha.)
Bea Arthur (Throw off a cliff. And, BTW, *shudder* on this whole round.)

Round Five:
John Kennedy (Sleep with.)
Robert Kennedy (Live with.)
Ted Kennedy (Throw off a cliff.)

Round Six:
Mother Teresa (Live with.)
The Pope (Throw off a cliff. I mean, bless a luxury car and piss me off.)
Ghandi (Sleep with. And, again, *ewww*.)

Round Seven:
Bert (Throw off a cliff. Total control freak.)
Ernie (Live with. He's fun.)
Oscar the Grouch (Sleep with. A gal's gotta slum it every now and then.)

Round Eight:
Paper (Live with. I LOVES me some office supplies.)
Rock (Sleep with. Think about it.)
Scissors (Throw off a cliff. And again, KiKi, I think you're twisted.)

Round Nine:
Mary Kate Olsen (Sleep with. She won't remember it.)
Ashley Olsen (Live with. She's used to cleaning up after her sister.)
Pontius Pilate (Throw off a cliff. Only b/c I worry I'll be called something really evil by people who know who this guy is, if I say anything else.)

Round Ten:
Marcia (Live with. So much fun to share clothes with!)
Jan (Throw off a cliff. I mean, enough with the whining!)
Cindy (Sleep with. That lisp has to be good for something!)

Round Eleven:
Freud (Sleep with. Irony is fun!)
Jung (Live with. Holy crap, would we have some good talks.)
Sartre (Throw off a cliff. Just 'cause.)

Round Twelve:
an apple (Live with. Love apples. Diverse.)
an orange (Throw off a cliff. Hate oranges.)
a banana (Sleep with. Duh.)

Round Thirteen:
Lenny (Live with. He's the most easy-going.)
Squiggy (Throw off a cliff. That voice!)
Urkel (Sleep with. Once you go Urkel...)

Round Fourteen:
Tom Cruise (Throw off a cliff.)
Kate Holmes (Sleep with.)
Suri Cruise-Holmes (Live with. Since it's a fictional baby and there will be no crying.)

Round Fifteen:
George Bush Sr. (Throw off a cliff. Since he created Satan.)
Ronald Reagan (Sleep with. Just for kicks.)
George W. Bush (Live with. Because I could just rearrange the furniture and confuse the hell out of him. Hours of fun!)

Thanks, KiKi. You're one sick puppy!!!

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July 26, 2006


Someone cheer me up.

Share some good news.


Tell me a silly story.


Make me laugh.


I'm too hot, too overworked, and too flat-out OVER IT about too many things right now.


So I need a good cheering up. You're my only hope, guys. Kitties and Keiths have gone to bed. Bleh.

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Best Campaign Slogan Ever

Just saw an ad for Phil Angelides, who is challenging The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor.


Phil Angelides: A leader, not an actor.


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July 25, 2006

Too Hot To Blog

I'm sure you understand.

PS--Leslie Jordan is my NBF.

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July 23, 2006


Hey, anyone who's not too hot and who would really really really love to take a stab at redesigning the corporate logo for Cricket Feet, I'd love to hear from ya.

Heck, I'll even treat the person who comes up with the kick-assiest logo to a Dan Tana's dinner (or, if you're not local, something pretty that I can send in the mail... or somesuch).


We use this one on our letterhead and the spines of the books we publish. It's fine. It's from our first stab at something, summer 2002.

I think it's time to get a little more serious about the corporate brand, visually. And I'd much rather have a logo that some amazing friend came up with (and seriously reward THAT person) than go hire a designer who may not even GET us. Anyone just bursting with creative energy to spare (and share)?

Thankee muchee in advancee. (And have FUN, o brilliant ones!)

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too hot to think
no work is getting done
can't don't need to don't want to sleep
and tv is silly
brain too fried to even do sudoku
sprinkle catnip on the floor and
watch the animals play
resoak everything in ice-cold water
go online


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too. damn. hot. to. breathe.

(It's still 79 degrees in my living room.)

soooooooo over this and ready to lie naked in the street until cooler weather comes

and of course it's cliché to complain about the weather. I DON'T CARE. IT'S TOO HOT FOR ME TO GET ANYTHING DONE AND < snakes on a plane mode > THERE'S NOT A GAWTDAMN THING I CAN DO ABOUT IT! < / snakes >

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July 22, 2006

Long, Rambling Post

I got flowers today. (Of course, I mean Friday, but y'know how my timelines work.)


The amazing Mister Trevor Murphy sent me flowers (and I'm not entirely sure why), and the funny thing about getting flowers from cute boys is that Keith, who is rarely jealous, gets his fur up a bit over this kind of thing. (Boys are so adorable like that.) Maybe it's just for show. Still funny.

Thank you, Trevs. You're precious.


Ready for some great news (and something encouraging for every friend who's ever shot a pilot that didn't get picked up)?


Nobody's Watching, the pilot Bob Clendenin did last year, has found a new life on YouTube (seriously... watch the whole three-part episode. It rocks) and now (according to tomorrow's article in The Hollywood Reporter) is going back into production.


No idea what this means for Bob and the show he's in that DID get picked up this season, but MAN what a great problem to have!

My tooth hurts.

My fingernails are longer than they've been in like... ever. Being healthy is fun.


There's a WAY pimped out orange Corvette that's been parked on our street for a few weeks. I finally saw the guy who owns it and said to Keith (who was in the other room), "Describe the guy who owns the orange Corvette." "I've never seen the guy who owns the orange Corvette." "I know. Describe him anyway." "Um... white, 55, pot-bellied, bald?" "Yup. Cute little ring of silver hair. No comb-over, though."

Don't you just love stuff that's a wee bit predictable?

Oh, and am I the only one who almost always confuses the words etymology and entomology? I guess it's because of the whole Spelling BEE thing. *snork*

Okay... back to work.

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July 21, 2006

Um. Wow.

I had a rough day of prereads. Rough. More no-shows than I've ever seen in my casting career. A room that was way too hot for me by the end of the day. Communication glitches that were just annoying. It was a long day. But I love casting, I ADORE actors, and getting to see all of the possibilities is always a thrilling thing. So, I came home exhausted (and a little ready to retire from casting... which I think is a good sign of a hard day's work) and went to bed by 8pm.


Awake by midnight, I checked my email and had a "Spam Summary" from an account I no longer use. One of the items looked to be from a former coworker from my days as a columnist for Back Stage West. So, I clicked to view more. And I am so fucking shocked I don't even know what to say.

From this week's Best of Los Angeles issue:

Welcome to Back Stage West's first attempt at a "best of" issue, featuring a compilation of our readers' favorites and staff picks.
Um. Holy crap, right? Wait.
Best Film/TV Casting Director: Mali Finn. Runners-up were Deborah Aquila, Billy DaMota, Richard DeLancy, Bonnie Gillespie, and April Webster.

Wow wow wow wow wow.

I--with under FOUR YEARS of experience as a casting director--am named among CDs who have credits like, oh, I don't know... The Matrix; Titanic; LA Confidential; The Shawshank Redemption; Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Alias; Lost; and Knight Rider for cryin' out loud.

Seriously... 95 years of casting experience in that group. I am responsible for fewer than four of those years. I am humbled and amazed and floored and honored to be included in that group of CDs. And I guess, even on the toughest days, maybe I'm not so bad at this job.


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July 20, 2006

Nine Rooms in the News

I blogged about Nine Rooms before (but didn't say why... heh heh).


Now we're in the news. Woo! Yup. I said we. Yippee!

Well done, "roomers"!

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Big Day

So, in a few hours we'll start seeing a BUNCH of actors for a BUNCH of roles in what has quickly become a pretty major production.


It's so weird how the industry treats projects once "name actors" express interest in being attached. Suddenly you're being pitched actors by agents who previously would've scoffed at the idea of their clients doing a short film.

And the phone calls from actors with auditions they can't make get really frantic. It's no longer, "Hey, I can't make it to the preread. Any chance you can see me at callbacks?" but instead it's, "I did everything I could to try and be at prereads but I just can't get my schedule to work out. Can I put myself on tape doing the material and bring it to you before the end of the preread day? I really want you to have me in the mix, as you're making your callback decisions."

A subtle difference, maybe. But definitely a difference.


Sessions are pretty much my favorite part of the casting process. Faxing offers to "name actors" and setting up meetings to "discuss the project" are certainly a part of casting... but it's the sessions I love the most. It's when there are infinite possibilities for how the film is going to turn out. And it's when every actor has a shot. I love that. (Of course, I'll be freakin' exhausted in about 16 hours, but for the next six of those, I'm really excited about what's to come.)

Break a leg, you amazing actor people! Thanks in advance for showing us your magic.

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July 18, 2006

Sleep = Happy

It's funny. When I was writing the first item in my FAQ last month, I was thinking about how easy-going I've become over my odd sleeping habits. I used to really resist the sleep cycles and try to force some sort of "normal" sleeping, which only made me more frustrated and cranky.


But even though I'm cool with sleeping three hours for every 30 awake (on average), there are times when I suffer from insomnia, and when it gets bad, I become someone else. Seriously. I am NOT me, when I really really really don't sleep.

Like the past five days or so.

Thursday was fine. Friday, I started getting overly emotional. Saturday, I was really annoyed with life. Sunday, I could no longer formulate complete thoughts without a supreme amount of concentration. And Monday morning, I worried I would step in front of a bus, as I was teetering as I walked across the street (seeing double).


The few moments I did sleep between Wednesday night and Monday morning (calculated at about 45 minutes, total), I was grinding my teeth or waking myself up with my breathing, in a panic. Believe me, it was easy to get way pissed off after a few days of this.

So, Monday morning, when I visited my doctor, I couldn't really articulate what was happening to me. Luckily, he is brilliant and he put ice packs all over me and suggested that I needed some quality sleep.

Yes. Sleep. Please.

As my body temp dropped (and he's right: ice packs on pulse points do a much more efficient job of cooling a body down than 12,000 BTUs of Happy ever could), I began making a bit more sense (still not much, though), and agreed when he offered to put me on a concentrated valerian root, passiflora, magnesium carbonate blend so that I would actually sleep for more than a couple of minutes at a time.


This was at 10am Monday.

Cut to 2pm Monday, when I awake for the first time in days, feeling as though I have, in fact, slept. And suddenly, I am me again. Praises be!

From 2pm 'til 8pm, I was able to wheel and deal with agents and managers, confirm appointments for actors' auditions, detail the finer points of nudity riders and SAG contracts with two different producers, make a formal casting offer, and--most importantly--make sense like a Bonnie should!

And then, from 10pm 'til 3am, I slept some more.

Holy crap, do I feel GREAT! I'm my-freakin'-self again!

I finally GET why it is that people react the way they do, to hearing that I sleep so very little. It is eventually impossible to function without sleep. Wow! I totally get it now.

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July 16, 2006

Fun With I-Rons

I was just about to change the "headline" on my MySpace profile to say: Potato-free since June 26th when I realized that's not entirely true.


Yes, I decided to go off potatoes while we were at our spa vacation, and I've been very very good. But the combination of the facts that I cannot have alcohol made from grain, my favorite cocktail is the vodka gimlet, and Tana's Michael loves me led to delicious potato vodka beverages for my birthday.

But I'm still officially off potatoes. I'm calling that "good," dammit. Irony is fun like that.

PS--New favorite summer show: World Series of Pop Culture. Good stuff!

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July 15, 2006

I love you...

...you 12,000 BTUs of happy.

I really really do.

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July 14, 2006

I'm an A-Hole

Generally, I'm a big fan of me. (Of course, I have my low-self-esteem moments.) But especially lately, I've been a real Bon-lover. (It's just been a really good life these days.)


But I think I may be a pretty big A-HOLE. (I'll let y'all tell me.) Now, I don't know if being an a-hole makes me like myself less or just causes me to be a little more aware that casting will, eventually, take its toll on a perfectly nice human being, causing her to be almost completely intolerant of clueless actors. (And then I realize that I have never really been "perfectly nice" in my life. Even at my most charming, I'm still a pretty sarcastic brat.)


Anyway, it seems as if I'm on a roll. Last week, I wrote about actors who can't read. Today, I put out audition appointments for three of the short films I'm casting and, without any sugar-coating, made it VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY clear that actors who cannot meet requirements as listed need to DECLINE THE AUDITION.

Christensen family photo.

This isn't because I don't love actors. This isn't because I'm not thrilled to see actors bring this amazing material to life. This is because I am serving the needs of a producer and THREE directors in one day of prereads, and with thousands of submissions, if actors can't make it through the list of required elements, GOOD. That helps me filter out more people.

But I feel like a total asshole because, for the first time, when an actor comes back to me with an, "I can't make it at the assigned preread appointment time. Could you perhaps see me another day?" I'm replying with a, "Nope. Sorry. We'll get you in on the next one." (I usually would bend over backwards to try and make it work out, regardless of the increase in my own stress level to do so.)


I'm predicting that it's only going to get more difficult to see every actor I want to see for every role, the farther along I get in my casting career. I guess I'd better get over this feeling now, huh?

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Dessert Master

Babes McPhee has something called a Dessert Master.

It does things like this.

I'll get the photos properly linked and captioned eventually. 'til then, a very boring interface is here.

Man, that was a freakin' great party! Love y'all!

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July 12, 2006

12 of 12 for July 2006

Hope everyone had a happy 12 of 12. Mine was spent mostly in recovery from an amazing birthday gathering (details to come... with many, many fun photos). But, once Chad inspires you to do the 12 of 12, you must remain so inspired.

Click any photo for a larger version. Enjoy!

First shot of the new day... still at Dan Tana's. "Hey, Mike, what time is it?!?" And yeah, that IS where he keeps his pocket watch. (We stayed for another two hours, natch.)

Finally home, just past 3am. Keith says he's proud of me for having managed to drink gimlets for nine hours straight without getting outrageously tanked. Good girl!

Something like 4am and I'm approving comments left on my blog and checking out the new friend requests at MySpace. Yippee!

Good morning! It's 8am. Salema is happily stretched out beneath our bedroom's best work of art. Hee!

Now, this is this month's bonus pic which is based on the word LIKED, as dictated by the Random Word Generator. Why this pic? Well... I obviously LIKED running my fingernail through this red-frosted mini-gluten-free cake made by the amazing Babes McPhee for many hours yesterday.

See that? Stained! I am STAINED under the fingernail! Love it!

2:30pm. Keith and I leave grease-pencil love notes on the mirror to the bathroom door sometimes. While Quinn was here, we included him in the tradition. (Top to bottom: my note, Quinn's note, Keith's note.)

3pm. The haul. Seriously. This birthday booty was insane!!!!! Man! I have the COOLEST friends.

3:03pm. Now, I can't recall who gave me this cute bag filled with candy. Shoebox? Peow? Who brought this cuteness? Does anyone remember? I thought I was doing a really good job keeping up... and I did, if this is the only thing I missed.

How I spent most of the day. *teehee* I propped my feet up and relaxed. Finally. See, y'all! I *do* know how to take downtime. I swear! (Note to AnnaVO: La Costa Pedicure still rockin'.)

7:20pm. Okay, with that much play, it's time for the workout! To the beach we go. Sportsbra, socks, and shoes from Mitchell (present from birthday two years ago) at the ready. Yeah!

As we head out, I see that Cray Cray has put her Bay Bay back out (it was down the day after I blogged about it... making me certain neighborlady is a BonBlogs reader). "Is it Cray Cray Bay Bay or Cray Cray's Bay Bay?" I asked Keith. "Cray Cray, Bay Bay, all the Say Say," he replied. *snork* He's funny.

9:11pm. Back from the walk, there's two deliveries! One from my kickass intern Julie (A basket of gluten-free cookies, y'all!) and one from William Morris. Man, my birthday rocked this year. And I love that I can walk to the beach at sunset with my honey, return to work and treats, then share it all with you thanks to the 12 of 12.


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July 11, 2006

The Sum of All Years: 35

Made one minor change every ten days to become the healthiest I've been. Stayed married to my best friend. Moved up a tier or two in casting. Published fourth book. Embraced inefficiency. Didn't grow up.

The Sum Of All Years is an autobiography where the word count for each post is limited to the corresponding age for that entry.

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July 9, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Woo! I just made my first effort at creating a MySpace Event. Hope I did it right.


Anyway, my birfday is Tuesday and there will be a Dan Tana's outing. Come by. Play. Say howdy. Point and laugh. Whatevs. Woo!

PS--12 of 12 is Wednesday. Get your camera ready! I'll be doing it, hungover or NOT! My bonus pic is based on the word liked. Hmmmmmmm.

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July 8, 2006

I am...

...too stupid to edit audio.

The amazing David Lawrence sent me the audio file of our radio show and told me I could feel free to edit out commercials and put clips up on my site with a link back to his.

And here I am with thousands of dollars of editing software and I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit audio.

My FCC license should be revoked, I tell ya.

All this to prove that I am, in fact, about to turn thirty-silly and that's code for I'M OLD.

*grumble grumble*

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July 7, 2006

This Week's Column

Okay, let's vote. Will this week's column be "Actors Can't Read," "It's Just a Job," or "How To Get Off the Blacklist"?


PS--All of these will be column topics, eventually. Which one is Monday's?

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July 6, 2006

On Air

Woo hoo! I'm going to be in the studio with David Lawrence tomorrow night.


Go to his show's website to get all of the info on how you can listen, but basically it's like this:

XM Open Road 171
Sirius Stars 102
or by podcast subscription through his website.
Woo! I predict much fun and silliness. Tune in at 8pm Pacific, yo!

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'tis the Season!

This is classic. Pretty much the definition of cray-cray. I can only hope that the photos do it justice.

Okay, so we leave tonight for our walk and I notice that our neighbor has put some weird little doll thing up against her window. It's either crying or playing hide-and-seek or simply creeping me out in some way.

Click for full effect.

I'm in shock, as I don't really understand why this thing is here... but neighborlady has lots of crap on the patio, so I guess it could just be one of those things. (I seem to have a karmic path that puts me near neighbors who have the need to store broken wicker furniture and dead plants in abundance on our shared patio area.)

Okay, so I ask Keith as we leave the garden area, "What is that doll ABOUT?!? What is she doing with that?!?" Keith says, "Maybe she's preparing for Halloween." I say, "It's too early for Halloween!" To which Keith replies, "Well, it's never too early for cray-zee."

Excellent point from my beloved.

PS--Breakdown for three short films went out today. Breakdown for a play goes out Friday. Holy bejeebus, I'm a busy bee. Woo! I am technically about six hours behind on all obligations thus far, but I think that's still considered acceptable, considering the pace at which I usually deliver and the expectations "normal" people seem to have.

PPS--Is the rule at MySpace that you should change your photo like every other day or something? Are we supposed to ignore all bulletins? I'm really having trouble keeping up with the rules over there.


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July 4, 2006

Snakes? on a Plane

I had a dream last night that I went to see Snakes on a Plane and there were no snakes. NONE. Not one snake in the entire movie.

What is THAT about?

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July 2, 2006


It's my least favorite time of the year. No doubt.


I love love love that Quinn has the BEST parental structure on the planet, back home. But still, I miss him EVERY DAY for forty-something weeks.


And I try to comfort the guy who aches at his core every day, just because he doesn't get to live with his son.




Suck. Ole. Ah. And love love love love and more love. I guess that's all there is, really.

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July 1, 2006

Best Anniversary Present EVER

Now, the trip to La Costa Resort and Spa was pretty dang amazing, as anniversary presents go. But, c'mon... can you BEAT THIS?!?

Clickee for biggee.

No. You cannot.

Monkeyboy David presented me (okay, okay... "us") with this wonderful gift from his family.

Are you kidding me? The COOLEST interpretation of the PAPER anniversary EVER. Rockstar.

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