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January 30, 2007

Kitchen Victories

Brace yourself. This is going to be a shocking blog entry for those of you who know my level of kitchen aptitude. But one of the things I wanted to start doing a couple of months ago was BRAVE THE KITCHEN in a bold way.


I already have the challenge of living a gluten-free life (which is really not a challenge AT ALL when you consider the alternative. There simply will be NO gluten ingested. Illness I can opt out of, I'm gonna. Piece of cake, as decisions go) and on top of that I am kitchenphobic.


I'm also trying to eat low-carb again, as that was some of the healthiest living I did a few years back (and I was smokin' hot) and low-carb and gluten-free intersect at quite a few places. Win-win!


Okay, so I found this really fantastic website for low-carb recipes (many, many of which are also gluten-free). Now, I can't have Splenda (migraines), so that cuts out a few things, but I have to say that EVERYTHING I have made from Linda's site is OUTSTANDINGLY YUMMY and SUPER EASY!! This is hugely important for me!


The photos for this entry are from Linda's site (thank you) and I've listed what they are (and linked to the recipes for each) below. These are listed pretty much in the order I tried 'em out.


I didn't want to post about my (perhaps overly-ambitious) Bon-kitchen-challenge too early, because I usually get excited and then burn something (most often, myself) and call off the whole kitchen experience again for another year or so.


But now it's safe to post about this. I've definitely had some kitchen successes and that is AWESOME to me! (And FOR me, dangit!)


So, this is me being really proud and happy--and wholeheartedly recommending Linda's recipes to all members of the BonBlogs readership.


Woo hoo!

1. Bacon Swiss Quiche. This is one of the first things I made. Perhaps THE first. So easy and so yummy. Also keeps really well for little squares of breakfast every day. (Keith fried the bacon. No way in heck I'm attempting THAT!)

2. Chicken Caesar Salad. I know it seems really BASIC, but I'm still really proud of how this turned out (Keith had to grill the chicken for me--I'm still not gonna do that... probably ever).

3. Helen's "Potato" Salad. This was when I KNEW I'd found a great website filled with things I could make AND love to eat. Holy cow, this was JUST like my aunt's potato salad at a family reunion. I swear!

4. White Castle Hamburger Pie. I guess White Castle is the Krystal equivalent (for this ATL girl) and OMG, it tasted JUST like a cute little Krystal burger. Amazing! Another one that keeps well in little squares to pop in the microwave to reheat. (Keith had to brown the beef for me.)

5. CABLT Salad. Holy bejeebus, this one is so yummy. Again, you'd think I could just TOSS a salad together, but NO. I need a recipe. And this is another awesome one. (Keith had to fry up the bacon, natch.)

6. Green Bean Hamburger Casserole. I know this one doesn't look as pretty as the others (and I made it without mushrooms because mushrooms are icky), but it's actually quite tasty. Very much like a green bean casserole, but with some beef. Gotta love beef (that Keith browned, of course)!

7. Egg and Chicken Salad. This one is listed as TUNA on Linda's site, but I substituted canned chicken breast, as I get a weird mercury reaction from canned tuna. Totally and completely AWESOME. (Also, I used non-Splenda pickle chips, which certainly increased the carb count, but not by nearly enough per serving for me to whine about it. NOTE: This is when Keith says kitchen confidence emerges--when you modify recipes with reckless abandon. Yay, me!)

8. Green Enchilada Chicken Casserole. This is the one that inspired me to do this blog entry. Keith and I went for our walk, hit the market, bought some supplies, then we came home and he cooked up the chicken for me and went to bed. HOURS later, I'm hungry enough (and brave enough) to go try this recipe, which HOLY FUCK turned out OUTSTANDING! I went back for seconds! Soooooooooo good!

And now I shall celebrate with a Ciroc Gimlet, thankyouverymuch. CHEERS!!

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January 28, 2007

CHAD: You're the One That I Want!

Okay, I wasn't going to get sucked into NBC's "GREASE: You're the One That I Want!" but then I saw Chad (the Long Beach "soccer coach") in the mix. (For those who don't know, I cast Chad in a feature film two years ago and have been eager to find the next opportunity to cast him. He rocks. Serious future superstar.)

Well, tonight's performance on "GREASE: You're the One That I Want!" sealed it for Chad. He is THE DANNY TO BEAT!

And all he needs is your vote: Call 1-888-I-VOTE-12 or visit NBC.com and choose CHAD as your favorite Danny! He'll be Broadway bound!

For more info on Chad, visit his MySpace page, his MySpace music page, his IMDB page, his NBC bio page, and his official site.


Go, Chad!

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Media Training Is Worth Every Penny

Watch the red carpet arrivals for the SAG Awards on E! Watch the interviews with cast members from Grey's Anatomy. The answer to EVERY question is a perfectly-crafted (and rehearsed) response provided by a high-paid expert in "doing publicity."

ABC invested VERY wisely.

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January 26, 2007

Y'know what?

I love my life.

Yeah, I'm in hour six of this "organizing receipts" thing and maybe I'm slap-happy, but I'm just astonished by all of the beautiful, wonderful things in my life.

As I see receipts from celebration-filled dinner parties, I am thrilled that I had so much to celebrate in 2006, perfect places to celebrate, and amazing friends with whom to rejoice.

Yeah, I drive the same car I bought in 1989, but y'know what? It was in the shop all of twice last year (each time for less than $200) and that beats a car payment ANY day. (And besides, the TicTac is a WAY cute car, even still.)

So, I embrace the bills. Because it meant we had a home in which we could run utilities! And while I enjoy seeing all of the pay stubs from Keith's acting work, my casting and writing work, book sales, speaking engagements, and our random computer gigs that help fill in the rest, I am giddy knowing that there will be still more of these when I'm doing this tedious task again a year from now.

I've learned that staying in a state of gratitude is better than a glass of wine, for this task.

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January 25, 2007

First Shot at Money Stuff

Okay, we've had a movie date (and while I loved Casino Royale, I think that five hours is far too long for a movie).


What? It wasn't five hours? Are you sure?

Anyway, the trip to the MAC store helped soothe my patience (and I love my new lipgloss). And now I'm going to work on our corporate taxes for 2006. I assume this will take several weeks, so if I don't come up for any kind of air anytime soon, please send for help.

I cannot believe I'm even attempting this first "stacking of receipts into categories" stage without booze.

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Words That Are Designed To Hurt

There's a lot of theorizing going on lately, what with Michael Richards calling black men "niggers" and Isaiah Washington calling a gay man "faggot," but I have to say that I don't think of these recent outbursts as acts of racism or homophobia.

Remember when you were a child and you would yell at your parents, "I hate you! I wish you were dead!" before slamming the door to your room in a clever adolescent temper tantrum? You didn't say these words because you hated your parents or wished they were dead. You said these words to inflict pain.

The only difference here is that these folks are adults, not clever adolescents in the clutches of a major temper tantrum. Does that mean the rules are different for them? Yes and no.

We all have moments in which we feel completely backed against a wall. We, at those most primal moments, can choose to be filled with grace OR to lash out in whatever way will get us OUT of those situations, based on animal instinct. And in these cases, I'd say we witnessed public displays of the NON-grace-filled choice.

Hell, isn't war a public display of the non-grace-filled choice?

So, I don't see any point to getting riled up about "hate speech" as if it's the WORDS that were used that are the problem. Words have no power beyond what power we give them. And when the words are used only to inflict pain on another (when the grace-filled choice doesn't get made), the focus needs to be on how we can all make better choices.

It's always fine to open dialogue about racism and homophobia and closed-mindedness of all kinds, but far more important (I believe) is a conversation about choosing grace, even when all you can think about doing is hurling the heaviest weight you can lift at someone--for whatever reason.

But, as for "what the words mean," I think it's simple. Just like rape isn't about sex (it's about violence), these words aren't about race or sexual orientation. They're about inflicting pain.

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January 24, 2007

A NEW TOMORROW Premiere, 2/3/07 9am!

I know, I know. Saturday 9am is way early, but believe me, this is gonna be worth it.

A New Tomorrow (a SAG indie feature film I cast in 2005) is screening in Irvine at 9am on Saturday, 3rd February.

Hell, I'm thinking mimosas and Krispy Kreme donuts are in order!

Details about this awesome mocumentary are at MySpace.com/ANewTomorrowMovie and ANewTomorrowMovie.com. C'mon, everyone loves a good mocumentary in the morning!

RSVP early to rsvp@anewtomorrowmovie.com and we'll see y'all there! Woo hoo!


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January 23, 2007

Too much? Too little? Just right?

I lunched today with two actors who read my blog.

One thinks I don't update my blog enough.
One thinks I update my blog too frequently to keep up with as it is.

Who is right? Do you need more BonBlogging? Less?

Operators are standing by.

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January 22, 2007

Vote for Julie-O!

The lovely Julie-O (longtime member of the Cricket Feet Publishing Proofer Patrol) is a finalist in the Gadget Candy poll. Look for "Miss O'Gadget" and cast your vote. Why?


Look at the contents of her purse!

I think I need a bigger bag... or a new Apple iPhone so I can consolidate my electronics!

1) Canon PowerShot A430 Digital Camera in red case (case only shown - camera took this photo)
2) Curel Hand cream
3) Eyeglasses in brown case
4) Blackberry 8700c (work cell phone) with belt clip
5) Sweater defuzz machine
6) Car charger plug w/USB port (works with Palm, both iPods, Blackberry, and Jabra headset)
7) iPod 3G 10GB (for work mix to plug into speakers)
8) iPod Shuffle 2G (for gym)
9) Sony-Ericsson T68i (personal cell phone) in black leather phone thong
10) Palm Tungsten E (with black leather case, not shown)
11) iPod earphones in round zipper case
12) iPod Auxiliary cable to plug into car stereo
13) iPod Shuffle DLO PowerBug with USB cable
14) Jabra headset USB power cable (works with USB port on computer or with car charger)
15) Jabra BT500 Bluetooth Headset (works with both Blackberry and T68i phones)
16) Olympus WS-300M Digital Voice recorder (with grey felt bag)
17) Business Card case (contains two different type of business cards)
18) Antique Silver Cigarette Case (contains ciggies and lighter)
19) Wallet (red - contains cash, credit cards, ID, insurance cards, auto registration documents)
20) Comb
21) Keys (included on keyring are various store club card dongles and Public Library card)
22) Nail file
23) Purple mesh Makeup bag w/powder, lipstick, Visene eye drops, Aleve pain meds
24) Gum
25) Stuffed Lobster toy that squeaks (for keeping me occupied whilst I'm in traffic)

(Not shown -- black hairband, tin of Smith's Rosebud Salve, 2 ball point pens, Blistex lip balm, and a small LED flashlight)

C'mon, that girl DESERVES this prize!!!!

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January 21, 2007

Keith's MOW

Aw, cool. Keith's movie of the week, Love Is a Four-Letter Word is now on the Hallmark Channel's website.


Looks like you can tune in twice on Feb. 3rd, and then again on the 8th and 17th (and yes, he gets paid each time. We love you, SAG*).

Yippee! Watch for Keith as "blond man" (I kid you not, that's how the breakdown went out) and enjoy his treadmill scene. Yay!

*Speaking of SAG, anyone I know showing up to the SAG CAP Orientation I'm doing Tuesday?

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January 19, 2007

Music Video from THE MASQUERADE

Looks great, doesn't it?

Hee! *beaming happy casting director*

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January 16, 2007

Learning Curve

So, I have this new toy. (And it would seem I now have something in common with LL Cool J.)

After EIGHT YEARS on Palm OS (most of that time on something made by Handspring, may it rest in peace), I decided it was time to join the BlackBerry revolution and retire the SixHundy (which was the object of ridicule three years ago: "Dude! That is such a huge phone!" -- to which I would reply: "Dude! But it is such a small computer"), mainly because I've been losing contacts through the sync process between the Treo and Entourage on my Mac.

So, I'm not entirely convinced that I'm a total convert (this may turn out to be like those hazy years in the late '90s when I bought a Compaq after ten years on a Mac -- and after which I would run back into the Apple's warm embrace), but I have been enjoying the delight of my near-8000 contacts being *almost* totally and completely synced up between TEN email accounts on both my laptop and handheld. THIS is good.

And LOOK at this CUTE case I just ordered!!! It's PINK! Hee!

Anyway... *ahem*

Despite the cricked neck (oh, and thanks for the vibes on that, y'all. I've decided tomorrow noon is THE END of this mess. I will it so), I've been trying to focus on how to use my new toy. I had forgotten about the learning curve involved with such things. And where the heck are all of the online forums for BlackBerry users? I used to be able to Google a phrase about my Palm Pilot and find a hundred useful discussion threads going on.

Is learning how to set up a mail filter in my BlackBerry inbox classified information?

Ah well, I'll continue to Google 'til my last Vicodin kicks in. I am inspired to learn that I might be able to manage my many Casting Wikis using my handheld. That's pretty dang exciting.

7:35pm update: Ooh, joy! Oh, rapture! I have found three really great online sources for info. A fantastic discussion forum, a BlackBerry Wiki (y'know THAT turns me on), and this is where I can edit my email filters and signature file. Yippee! Loves me some Google!

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January 15, 2007

Wrenched Neck


Woke up yesterday with a pinched nerve/wrenched neck thingy. So much pain that I went into shock, apparently. Chills and tremors you don't remember aren't cool. Dry heaves you do remember are not much fun either.


Luckily, my friends have leftover "good drugs" (and my husband is awesome enough to go get them) and my wonderful chiropractor was in the office today. His line: "I honor Dr. King by doing good work today. Now, if I were a bomb-maker, I would take the day off to honor him." *snork*

Anyway, if today's column is "off," blame the pain. It took a LOT of effort to get it done yesterday. (I'm receiving emailed feedback that it's a good one, though, so I guess I got it done just fine.) Oh, and I know The Actors Voice: POV is late. It will continue to be delayed until I can see straight. And you can forget about the amazing Golden Globes party we were going to attend.

*grumble* *kicks rocks and pouts* *grumble*

PS--Big thanks to everyone who weighed in on the Cricket Feet "vision" and who commented on 12 of 12 of course! Love it all!

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January 14, 2007

Hmm. Okay.

So, I have a meeting next week for which I need to have a vision of the Cricket Feet "corporate identity." I know. *shudder*


But the truth is, we're coming up on the fifth anniversary of Cricket Feet, Inc., and I haven't got a damn clue what we're about, in terms of branding.

We cast. We publish. We do really geeky computer junk. We support my addiction to writing for and speaking to actors.


But what are we about? What's our business plan? What's our identity?

Use the comments section to give me a word or two, if you have a thought. If you want to read my casting philosophy, FAQ, or way-too-damn-long bio, have at it. Every producer and actor says working with me is exactly like they thought it would be, after having read my casting philosophy. But casting is soooooooo only a sliver of what Cricket Feet, Inc., is about, right?

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January 13, 2007

12 of 12 for January 2007

It's 12 of 12 time again! Did you have fun? I did!

Here's my 12 of 12 for January (click any photo to enlarge). Enjoy!

10:18am: After a lovely Gimlet Night, Dawn and I hang out with Archie in bed while Keith barges in and announces it is time for 12 of 12 to begin!

11:17am: This is as far I got on January 11th's evil Samurai Sudoku. Evil. Yes.

12:10pm: Snuggling up with my honey after Dawn has left for yoga, before the interns arrive, and before Keith leaves for his casting internship.

1:17pm: My new boyfriend, Roomba. He's very cute.

1:32pm: There's not a bunch of time for sun this time of year, but pretty much every moment Archie *can* sun, he will do so!

1:41pm: BONUS PIC! This month's bonus pic is "something new." And yesterday, we retired the SixHundy and, after SEVEN YEARS with a Palm OS, I joined the BlackBerry revolution. I'll report back later on my thoughts. So far, so good, though.

2:44pm: Intern Julie in a sea of headshots. I think this photo is titled, "Over it." Hee! But I do believe we cheered Julie up by watching Stick It again.

2:45pm: Hey, it's Lindsay! She's working on the name actor Wiki. Yay!

2:51pm: I stand up for one freakin' minute and when I turn around, that damn cat has stolen my pillowy stack and sealed up for a nap!

8:01pm: THIS is the reason I moved so slowly on the 12th. Too many overflowing martinis on the 11th. *sigh*

8:11pm: Oh! I love this! It's a little "travel towel" (which of course means "washcloth") from Hawaii. Intern Julie brought it back for me last week. Hee! Love Hello Kitty cuties!

8:34pm: Thwok is really happy that we've put new "toys" on top of the cubbies. She especially likes getting up on the big box (a present for my sister in law, waiting here for pickup), chasing shadows on the wall and ceiling, and (obviously) leaping from the cubbies to the floor. She is very brave. (Broken Windows cast photos featured on the cubbies. More announcements to come.)

10:26pm: Doing a little PARF Chat. Always so much fun!

Hope you enjoyed my 12 of 12! I look forward to seeing yours too! See y'all next month.

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January 11, 2007

12 of 12 Is Tomorrow!

C'mon everyone, fire up those digital cameras and get yourself in gear for 12 of 12 version 2.0!

(Never done 12 of 12? Need a refresher on the rules? Visit Chad's site for the scoop.)

It's ever so much fun (and I really felt out of it, having missed December's 12 of 12).

Bonus pic: something new! (I know what mine will be. We just got back from shopping for my half-birthday. Woo!)

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January 9, 2007

I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry. I can't help it. I am so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr over stupid scammers who really want to exploit aspiring actors by selling them bullshit that the scammees could totally avoid if they just GOOGLED for a minute!

Yes, this was this weeks' column, but I'm mad about it for a much bigger reason. Why why WHY is it that people will plunk down ca-thousands of dollars on stuff that they could avoid spending if they would just effin' GOOGLE the company name "+ scam."

Augh! I just want everyone to be so much smarter!

Grrrr. But maybe no one would read my columns or buy my books if they all started out at a higher baseline.

Still. Scammers suck.

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Cousin Faith's Show Goes National

From Business Wire:

"Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie" Premieres Nationally This Week

Satirical News and Entertainment Show Available on Air, Online Weekday Evenings

MINNEAPOLIS & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Public Radio International (PRI) announces the premiere of "Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie." The program has been piloting in select cities since November and is now available to PRI's 780+ affiliate stations nationwide for broadcast and online streaming.

Hosted by comedian and Rhodes scholar Faith Salie, "Fair Game" takes the day's news and entertainment stories, blows them up and puts them back together again--all in one glorious hour. Each evening Salie and her guests tackle issues like international espionage, the inner life of Robert Downey Jr. and why you sometimes need to punch a hawk to save a puppy. All that plus live music!

Recent guests include Grammy nominated hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, former "Daily Show" correspondent and star of NBC's "The Office" Ed Helms, Senator Russ Feingold and former CIA head Tyler Drumheller.

"We like to say that 'every topic is our play thing,'" says "Fair Game" creator and Executive Producer Kerrie Hillman. "Whether we're covering politics or pop culture, we use humor as way to get a little closer to the truth."

Host, writer, producer Faith Salie enthuses over her role, "It's a gratifying experience to be able to combine substantive news with comedy, particularly in a medium like radio, where I will always sound younger than I am."

Here's what some listeners have to say:

  • I'm a 25-year-old grad student.... I absolutely adore "Fair Game." (Dallas)

  • Fun, fast, funny and fresh! Congratulations on waking up both ears. (Seattle)

  • Faith Salie carries the show in a way that is cool, sexy and smart.... She has "it." (Chicago)

  • Humorous political commentary with the sophistication of public radio. Keep it coming! (Washington, D.C.)

Melinda Ward, senior vice president of PRI Content, notes, "I am pleased that stations and listeners are so enthusiastic about the program. We have assembled an extraordinary group of young talented writers, producers and comedians, many of whom are new to public radio. I'm confident that 'Fair Game' will give younger listeners a reason to turn to public radio on air and online."

About Faith Salie
"Fair Game" is hosted by Faith Salie, a star of Bravo's improvisational sitcom, "Significant Others." She has appeared in numerous sitcoms and dramas from a memorable turn in gold lame on "Sex and the City" to reaching the arcane iconic status of a "tradable life form" for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" fans. A pop-culture pundit on a variety of VH-1 shows, as well as a stand-up comedian, Salie has also written several shows for the Oxygen Network. "Fair Game" marks her first foray into public radio, where she is the co-creator, host and writer/producer of the show. While she's happy to see more women in comedy, she's still not sure if they should have the right to vote.

Woo! Go, cousin!

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Dear TiVo,

I have a request for enhanced service.

It's not enough that I can give a thumbs up to a show. I need to be able to give a qualified thumbs up. Like, always tape 90210, but only The Brenda Years.

Yeah. Call it the "jump the shark" button. Like, I want you to always grab Roseanne, but only the early seasons when the show was funny. Pretty much after Becky's hair got butched by Rosie IRL in the dressing room, you can stop taping those.

(whose nose is still bloody)

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January 8, 2007

Dear Santa Ana Winds,

Go away. I do not like you. It is currently 88 degrees in my home and you are creating very unpleasant pressure sensations in my sinuses.

I trust that you will take this note in the spirit it is meant: GO AWAY. I mean it.


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January 5, 2007

Kitties Sunning

All three kitties are happy that we moved the dining room table in order to sort headshots.

Click to enlarge.

More sun.

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January 2, 2007

It's Quiet... Too Quiet

And I know why. (Click any image to enlarge.)

Within a few hours, agents and managers will hit their offices and start in on follow-up calls for the auditions 250 of their clients had with us before this town shut down at close-of-business on the 15th of December. (Yes, I too am shocked that people weren't working on the 18th, 19th, and 20th... but now I'm prepared that I *may* be wrong about today being busy, as I GET that the industry will take downtime whenever it can... and that could mean that today's Federal Day of Mourning could become an extra holiday for the industry. BUT!! I am prepared, either way.)

If today is light on phones, that gives me time to do some deeply-required organizing (as it looks like I may be taking on another $500K feature film casting gig this month) so that I can really focus as efficiently as possible.

Now... here's the part where I get brave. I think it may be time for me to have another intern. Yes, I already have THE MOST AMAZING INTERN ON THE PLANET, Julie Inmon. She is a rockstar and I will cry, cry, cry when she becomes too busy to help me out one day a week. BUT, 'til then, I will absolutely continue to rely on her for her amazingly happy disposition, joy of learning more about the industry, interest in the "silly little stuff" that has to get done in a casting office, tolerance for my geeky husband and nudgy kitties, and willingness to be here every week in exchange for a bite to eat and a lot of 90210 on in the background.

So... IF I ask a second intern to come onboard, I think it would be best to start out with that person coming on the same day that Julie comes--at first--so that we can get into a groove that everyone is comfortable with, certain that we are all on the same page as to what needs to be done (Casting Wiki updates, filing headshots, purging old files, fielding show invitations, organizing audition sides, categorizing postcards, archiving completed projects, etc.). Yeah... this is the really unglamorous part of it all. It's the part of casting that is NOT reading with actors at auditions, running camera at auditions, signing actors in at auditions, etc. (although I use interns for that stuff too).

BUT--as Julie can tell you--you pretty much get me, providing Self-Management for Actors seminar-like advice to you upon demand while you're here, between phone calls with agents, managers, producers, and directors. (I'll let Julie tell you whether that's worth the trade. I'm sure she's sometimes annoyed with my career advice, after nearly a year of it. Heh heh!)

Okay, so lemme hear from y'all. I'll be "taking applications" for a one-day-a-week (about six hours at a time) internship in Santa Monica starting now (let's say... apply by January 19th). Your application is basically this:

- Name, Contact Info, Whether We've Met Before and Where/When/Through Whom.
- Why you'd like to participate in a casting internship like this at this time.
- What you'd hope to gain from the experience/What you'd hope to provide me with, in terms of organizational brilliance, computer savvy (we're a Mac shop), sense of humor, etc.
- Anything else you think I should know!

Yeah, that's a lot more than Julie had to do to get the gig, but she came first and she rules, so you have a pretty high bar set for you already. ;)

If nothing else, please know that we have a lot of fun. We're very casual, we talk shop and talk trash, and every day is different. I have no requirement as to your GOALS (if you're an actor who just wants to see more of the indie film casting day-to-day stuff, that's fine. If you think you might be an aspiring casting director, that's cool too). I'm totally flexible, schedule-wise, as long as I know you've needed to make a change (for auditions, class, etc.), and I know you're working in exchange for the experience, so I'll always try to make it the best experience possible.

Heck, Julie, if you want to tell people what to expect, that'd be great! I know that one of my goals for the next few weeks is to get everything REALLY well organized (office supplies; non-casting files--like for writing books, columns, etc.; demo tapes--maybe get some of those back to their owners; etc.), so a candidate with a LOVE of shows like neat. would be extra-special, IMO.

Okay, it's getting time to call New York! Happy New Year, everyone!

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