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February 27, 2007

Dear, sweet waitress at Beechwood.

Yes. I am over 21.

Thank you for asking.


Posted by bonnie at February 27, 2007 11:18 PM


Thank you for being a good sport about it. People sometimes fail to realize that servers are just doing their jobs when they card people. I had a lady last night actually walk out because I carded her, complained that I offended her because she was 36 and I was treating her like a child. Management had my back.

Posted by: Amy at February 27, 2007 11:38 PM

People also need to realize it's the law. I'm a bartender and if a server or bartender does not card they can get fines or jail time. It's one of the biggest laws of Alcohol and beverage control. If vice were to come into a bar and they do! The server or bartender would got to jail that night. I saw it happen once and the bar was fined a huge penalty. California DRAM laws don't play with this sort of thing.

I had a woman tell me she has been in AA but it was her birthday and she needed a drink. I had to tell her it's a Shrley Temple or the door *well not in thise words) She had a fit and ofcourse management told her the establishment could be shut down and on top of that him and I could both face serious penalties if we served someone who had been in AA.

Posted by: Mary Carlisle at March 5, 2007 3:02 AM