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July 20, 2007

"Toe thumb! Toe thumb! Toe thumb!"

So, I'm sitting on the sofa doing showcase stuff.

Keith says something sassy.

I threaten the same torture we offer the cats. (This would be a spritz from the water bottle.) Of course, I happen to shoot a little stream of water onto Keith's head from afar. He is up and out of his chair in a heartbeat.

"Oh, okay!" he says, as he's running over to start kissing on me, sitting on me, wrestling, playing.

As he plops down, he lands on the sofa cushion under which my left foot is lodged. My big toe is folded under and his weight is causing, um, pain. But we're playing and giggling and flirting and I can't find my WORDS.


So, I scream out, "Toe thumb! Toe thumb! Toe thumb!" (Of course, certain that he'll understand I mean "big toe knuckle" and shift his weight.)

When I finally find my words (in my head), I am giggling fiercely. I point at my big toe knuckle and say, "Toe thumb!" as if he should GET THAT.

And by now we are both laughing so hard that the tears stream down our faces. Unable to catch my breath, I can't answer his question: "Toe thumb?" He keeps repeating that question, because he doesn't know what a Toe Thumb is.

Well of course he doesn't. There is no such thing!! I CAN'T FIND MY WORDS!!!!!!! (The giggles continue.)

That is all.

Posted by bonnie at July 20, 2007 7:11 PM