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August 31, 2007

The Waiting Game

Okay, you're all patiently waiting for some big announcement coming from me about the big meeting I had earlier this week.

(I do realize you might not ALL be waiting for this... and those of you waiting may not ALL be patient... but bear with me, will you?)


So, I have no big announcement. I mean, I guess I have a pretty good announcement but I'm not going to make it yet because there may be more to it and the story is a whole lot better if this all comes together... ah, I'm such a sucker for a great punchline.


Without giving too much away, I'll just say for now that the meeting was amazing. It was like a Top Five Best Meetings Ever-level meeting. And, because it's super cool to have an agent to negotiate all of my casting deals; package my casting services with his agency's directors, writers, and stars when pitching deals to studios; and take care of the details like getting me paid on time; I am happy. But because it might be beyond cool to have an agent representing me in an area I've only recently charged into (and about which I'm less confident, which is why the cloak-and-dagger routine, here), I'm holding off to say more 'til the ink is dry, y'know?


Anyway, there's a part of me that's bummed because I called this morning--as instructed--to learn whether the so-and-so department also wants to rep me and got the ol', "Can he call you back?" thing followed by hours (now) of radio silence.


And even though I know better (meaning, I know I have an amazing new relationship here with an agent I only ever knew from the dealmaking-for-his-clients-in-projects-I-cast side of things, I almost certainly have "people" now for the first time since giving up acting years ago, and it's the start of a holiday weekend so his lack of communication might mean nothing more than that -- for cryin' out loud, it *is* his job to finalize deals for current clients first, right?), there's a part of me that feels that sad, lonely sadness that only comes with having taken a really, really, really big shot at something huge and important and then wondering if you were too confident, too brave, and too far out of your league.

(The logical part of my brain wants to slap the shit out of that sissy, let me tell ya. But it's nice to be reminded how "putting yourself out there" can feel in this business. Even if it smarts.)


So, now I get to wait 'til Tuesday to know anything for sure.

And maybe I won't know anything then.

And maybe when I do know something, I won't love the news.

And so what? If "worst case scenario" is how this Top Five Best Meetings Ever-level meeting turns out in the end (which would be seriously weird, but you have to sometimes entertain the part of your brain that wants to "what if" in the negative direction), I'll hit my next favorite Mr. Superagent with my pitch, get invited into another swanky conference room overlooking a gorgeous view of Hollywood, charm the hell out of another wonderful person with whom I'll still deal in the "other direction" of my job, and continue to repeat that process 'til the right relationship comes together.

And, assuming what Mr. Superagent told me when I left him Tuesday is true, well... I'll be saying, "Have your people call my people," about one part of my career (and perhaps another) very soon.

Until I know for sure, I will wait.

And rearrange furniture. Because somehow that makes me feel better. (It's not like I'm looking for stuff to do... but a new vibe in the living room is kind of fun today. It's not pretty but it has me in direct line of fire of the A/C. And boy, do I like that!)


So, there's your update. I'm waiting.

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August 29, 2007

The Kitty Landers Show

Very excited. Today, we welcome Richard Moll to our cast!


We also re-released the breakdown (with revisions) for two remaining roles. VERY excited!

(Thank you for all of the amazing vibes about my big meeting with Mr. Superagent yesterday. It went extraordinarily well. Friday I will know if it went "just" as well as I already know it went--which is simply mind-blowingly awesome--or if it went even BETTER than that. Stay tuned!)

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August 27, 2007

Crappy Writers Are Crappy

I read a lot. Mostly scripts. I also read books about the industry. And columns. And blogs. It's kind of my thing.

(Bonus points for being my friend.)

Okay, so in the past three weeks, I've read a book a week while on the machines at the gym at 2am five days a week (yes, really. I'm that badass now) in prep for this kinda big bunch of things I've got going on.

(Bonus points for having written a film I cast.)

And the first two books I read ROCKED. Simply ROCKED. They were fun, funny, informative, and had tons of personality with very few typos (believe me, that kind of shit goes a long way with me).

(No bonus points. You do the math.)

And then... *thud* ...I decided to pick up a book that I got on gift certificate a year ago, when prepping for my "big entertainment attorney meeting." Because of where I'm going tomorrow, it's suddenly a wee bit more relevant than the one chapter for which I bought it.

And it SUCKS! Son of a fuck, it sucks so much that I wanted to hurl it across the room (which, technically, would mean "off the treadmill loft and onto the head of some cute but unsuspecting 'I love the mirror' freeweights guy down below")... and now I'm pissed because I have nothing in the queue to take with me to the gym tonight and, well, tomorrow's the big meeting and I need as many distractions as possible (hello, vodka in the freezer).

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to say that even non-fiction writers owe their readers a personality, their audience a VOICE.

Ugh. Mediocre is just *not* an acceptable baseline level for escapism material (even when the escape is "work-related").

PS--Speaking of other things I'm OVER, let's include my effin' craptastic 'puter and its busted-ass mouse that keeps selecting shit I didn't select and unselecting crap I'm still clicking-and-holding on.

PPS--Good LORD... am I cranky or WHAT?!?

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August 26, 2007

The Actors Voice, 8/27/07

Hi Everyone!

Here's how tomorrow's The Actors Voice starts out.


Issues of Race

All righty. Let's get those of you who don't usually read the Your Turn portion of The Actors Voice (tsk, tsk) up to speed. A few weeks back, I was asked the following:

Do you believe that actors of color (black actresses in particular) face any unique challenges out there? Is there anything beyond "preparation meeting opportunity" that we can do to be seen? I don't know if it's "Bitter Actor Syndrome" or what, but I've heard stories of being asked to play slaves time and again, of needing to look like Beyoncé to score a role, etc. I pretty much dismissed these things, because I firmly believe that you create your own reality. What are your thoughts?

So, after running that question once in Your Turn and receiving exactly zero replies when I asked readers to share their experiences, I decided to directly email some of my favorite working actors who could be considered members of ethnic minority groups and find out what they might have to say. Because I received so few replies to that request (even though the replies I did receive were amazing), I again ran this Your Turn last week. And boy, did y'all step up this time! Even many of those actors I had emailed came through, when they realized I was getting so little feedback. THANK YOU!!

What started as a really complicated debate about whether the struggles Hollywood actors face are universal or specifically unique based on issues of race has turned into a really complicated yet inspiring collection of, basically, how to work through it all, no matter who you are or how you're built. [Please note that whenever someone has asked to be quoted without attribution that I personally know that actor and can assure you that his or her IMDB credits are at a level to which most actors--of any race--would aspire.]


Continue reading this column in the morning, along with a Your Turn in which I ask for your help in directing an actor to some good resources for stand-in work at Showfax.com.

As always, THANK YOU for reading!

Live your dreams! If you don't, someone else will.

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August 25, 2007


1. Balls of Fury is exactly the movie you expect it to be. The 14-year-old boy in me loved, loved, loved it. The guest of the Hong family in me really enjoyed how much camera time brilliant character actor James Hong got. The on-the-rise casting director was thrilled to be introduced to the film's director (Ben Garant) as, "a wonderful casting director and producer to watch."


(There will be more photos to come... including one in which James "approaches me" with a paddle. *tee hee*)

Anyway, it was a great honor to be their guest and spend the day at the red carpet thingy. Really fun. Brought home a pair of Balls of Fury tighty-whities for Keith. As it should be.

2. Still blushing from the Joseph Mailander review, I come across this. My NBF Kevin Charnas had this nice thing to say:

Bonnie Gillespie was adorable and hysterical. And I wanted to run up and hug her...and not in a pervie way. Although, if my peep accidentally rubbed up against her, it wouldn't have been a tragedy.

Heeeeeeeeee! Oh, how I LOVE these blogger friends I've made! Such *very* cool people (and not just because they adore ME, but c'mon, that's fun too)! Heeeeeeee!

3. Will spend most of Sunday writing Monday's column on the particular issues minority actors face (Thank goodness for the wonderful bounty of feedback last week's request begging yielded!) and scheduling actors' auditions for the November 2007 showcase.

4. My chest hurts. Sun poisoning is not cool.

5. If it's possible, I'm more excited about the November showcase than either of the other two, at this point (meaning, the pre-audition excitement is like WAY super-overwhelming right now, just based on who's coming in on this).


(Yeah, number five could've gone with number three, technically, but I'm tired and wanted five and couldn't come up with anything clever to say. Clearly. *yawn* I think I need some sleep. Yeah. I'll dream of ping-pong, I'm sure.)

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August 24, 2007

Oy to the no.

So, I'm really bad at saying no.

That's not entirely true. I actually do a decent job of saying it. I always try to remain transparent about my process in having come to the decision that is NO (because, believe me, I know that a NO you don't understand can smart like the dickens, and as much as you might dislike the NO that you do understand, at least it gives you a starting point for either fixing the issue for next time or knowing where to go from here. I guess that comes from the former life as an actor thing. I never want to say no to an actor without providing some measure of feedback--even if the only feedback is, "You rock. We'll get you on the next one").



I mentioned the whole five-projects-in-the-queue waiting for bids for casting services thing, right? And I just had to say no to one, outright. And usually when I say no, I try to include a good list of casting colleagues who might be a better match for the project. I look to help a casting associate friend who is looking to build up credits as full CD. I always try to leave a situation at least a wee bit better than I found it. At least with a lead. Or something.

But I don't even have time to do that anymore. Ack!

And somehow I feel really, really bad about that. Same way I feel bad about creating enforcing a whole big section of my FAQ. I WANT to have time to answer all of my email. I WANT to give every newbie actor who asks advice on how to make it (or at least how to start).

And even though I am constantly reminded by those who know me best that the only way to have anything to give at the more public venues is to begin to limit that giving to those places, I somehow still feel like crap when I have to say no. Again.


I realize--assuming Mr. Superagent and I hit it off in person on Tuesday and I start filtering all of my stuffs through him--that I'll soon be met with the business end of a shitstorm, potentially. And if it's not now, it's soon enough. There are people who have become so accustomed to being able to reach me that--as I've mentioned before--this shift will not be pleasant.

At 2am, on the way back from the gym (that's another story for another time), I mentioned to Keith that I think this is kind of like that whole, "My favorite actor who used to come in and preread for me suddenly got his own series and now his email address and phone number have been changed, his Actors Access account is now managed by his 'people,' and while he'd probably be happy to 'take a meeting' about a role I'm casting, the days of point-to-point contact are over," except that I'm living it. And I'm sharing it (because, y'know, I'm all out about my damage and stuff).

That doesn't mean it's going to be any more gentle a transition for anyone... just that I'm sitting here commenting on what's changing as it changes (and dammit, if that's not what a blog is for, I don't know what is... I mean... other than sharing cute animal photos and popular memes).


SPEAKING of the word NO. Um... just NO. Really. Just. NO.

PS--Photo of big time agency conference table is from Endeavor (NOT the location of my hopefully future Mr. Superagent meeting, uh, NO. I like *kind* superagents, thankyouverymuch).

PPS--Houstons has the best fucking sushi on the planet and I could eat it all day, every day, and then some more. Holy crap, this stuff is delish! (Note: take-out is only available from 2pm to 5pm Monday through Friday. Probably for the best, or I'd eat it every day for lunch. I am not kidding.) Suddenly feeling a bit like Jane Espenson, with the lunch coda. Hee!

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August 23, 2007

Hee! Good day!

Okay, so, a good day. A very, very good day.

I start out by calling back the man I hope will be my new agent. He is so awesome. Asks if I want to do lunch, stop by his office, or run off to Vegas for our meeting next week. I choose option B, as his office is on the way to SAG, where I will be hosting another 200 audience member talk about resumés and online casting for iActor (SAG's new thingy). I figure: bonus. He can come along if he'd like to see me doing that public speaking thing.

(I am seriously simultaneously freaked out and thrilled at the idea of having an agent again for the first time in... er... something like seven years. Yeah. I loved the serendipity that was signing with an agent over Thanksgiving dinner, 1999, and then was sad to make the call to her that I was leaving "the acting thing" behind after having spent a quarter-life making it "the only thing." But, MAN, have I *never* regretted retiring from acting. Not ONCE.)

Anyway, as I laid out five--yes five--new scripts, outlines, and treatments to begin the "review process" (meaning, I gotsta decide if I'm even writing up a BID to cast these things--and then I have to figure out what that bid might be), I thought, "How cool is it going to be to just change out the Producer Query Form on the Cricket Feet Casting website and have it say, 'for inquiries about Bonnie Gillespie's casting services, please contact Mr. Superagent at blah-blah-blah.' And then know, when the script comes over from HIM, that the deal memo has already been put together and all I have to do is cast the damn thing? So cool. That's how cool."

But, hey, if he's not the ONE, that's okay too. I now know I have the kind of self-pitch email and relationships with agents at the "right level" for me that I can go right back out and tap the next one 'til I'm in a gooooood partnership with someone who's gonna rock for me (and in whose pocket I'll put loads of commission dollars).

Anyway. It's a good day.

In fact, I got a cool little ego boost by checking out the Mayor Sam blog today. Seems that Joseph Mailander was in the house last night (the house being Tangier) for the little LA Bloggers Live event.

Here's part of what he had to say:

I went to a blogger reading last night at Tangier and listened to some younger and largely distaff LA voices read narratives about themselves. (A highlight for me was Bonnie Gillespie, who has a comedienne's timing.)

Well, YAY! (Distaff, yes. Younger? Ooh, thanks! And with the timing? Well, now, I may just have to kiss you! *giggle* *blush* *curtsy*)

You KNOW I love the good reviews! Hee!

Click it to big it.

Anyway, wanted to take a moment to also upload the program from last night. Especially because it not only features my favorite ex-boyfriend's Spy Notebook, but also his favorite anagram of my name. Hee! Thanks for getting me set up to blog, Chip! Yay!

And thank you, Leah, for letting me join in the fun. Huge thanks to Colleen for the ever-present support and love.

Bonus shout-out to my rockstar intern Julie because, well, sometimes chocolate isn't enough. {{hugs}}

Oh, and thank you, LA weather. I'm chilly cold. And that's yummy fun! Whee!

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August 22, 2007

Big Yeah OMG



Where do I begin?

So I did something REALLY brave today before I left the house to do something else pretty brave. (Yes, when you do something REALLY brave, suddenly the other thing you *thought* was really brave becomes only PRETTY brave, and OMG, they're all still really freakin' big deals and, um, yeah... YEAH.)

I come home.

Basking in the afterglow of the pretty brave thing (which went well. Some would say it went better than well. Whatevz. It went. I'm glad I did it. I'll make Keith upload my seven minutes at The Comedy Store and everyone will enjoy the time I really went balls out).



Play messages. Check the caller ID to see (before messages start playing) who they're from.

Um... wow... is this really the ID I'm seeing?

No. Couldn't be. I like seriously JUST did the brave thing like HOURS before leaving the house. And I talked the whole way out about how it'll feel to get to the: "there's no reply gonna happen here, move on" stage in a week. And... um... there's a reply.

And it's not just a reply.

It's a, "Um, hi. You are a STAR, baby!" kind of reply (and I know that reads way smarmy, but, that's pretty much EXACTLY what he said... and it's soooooooo HIM!!!!!!!! OMG... do I now have an agent?!?


Um... so I guess casting directors need to be repped at some point too. And when they reach out to their, um, dream agent, and say, "Hey, what do you think?" and are met with a, "I think LET'S TALK" reply... um... that's a damn good day.

So, yay.

Moral of the story: See something that scares the bejeezus out of you and DO IT. And then do it again. Bigger. And then MOVE ON.


That is all.

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August 21, 2007

Casting Assignment List for 2007/2008 TV Season!

From the amazing Showfax Bob at Showfax.com:

Our CD assignments list for the 2007/2008 season is ready and will be released shortly but I put the file aside so you can get it now. :) It's free. (PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader.)



Yay! Thanks, Bob!!!!! :)


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August 19, 2007

The Actors Voice, 8/20/07

Hi Everyone!

Here's how tomorrow's The Actors Voice starts out.


The Blind Leading the Blind

I recently did something that took me way beyond my comfort zone. In a couple of months--when I know the outcome of this brave thing I did--I'll let y'all know what it was. But for now, I'm doing that superstitious thing that actors do after testing at network for a series regular role on a pilot: I'm keeping this thing pretty quiet. What I do want to share with you--about this recent experience--is something that I now better understand about Actor Mind Taffy. And a potential risk we face, when we're "new" at something.

What I learned in going through this new scary experience is that, when we muster up the courage to do a "hard thing" it is really "easy" to do two other things: obsess about the stuff we don't control and look to others for advice, no matter how "clueless" those others might be.

Here's how it hit home for me.

I was in the middle of doing the equivalent of the whole "staples or glue stick" debate. This is something that is so easy for me spot, when I see an actor doing it. I am quick to say, "Hey! Snap out of it! You're engaging in Actor Mind Taffy and you MUST stop to save your sanity. You will never do it the 'right way' for all potential recipients of your headshot and resumé, so you need to find the way that's right for YOU and then let the rest go. Believe me, no one cares anyway. They're way too busy to look at such things. No one in the history of casting has ever seen the headshot and resumé of the exact right actor for the role and then said, 'Oh, too bad. Can't cast her. She used two staples instead of four.' Never. Never, never, never."


Continue reading this column in the morning, along with a Your Turn asking--again--for help with issues of race and casting at Showfax.com.

As always, THANK YOU for reading!

Live your dreams! If you don't, someone else will.

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August 17, 2007

AWESOME Casting Day for LilyDidIt.com

Wow! Just wow.

Such an amazing day.

Regular readers of the BonBlogs know that I'm a big fan of the casting sessions. (Holy crap, do I LOVE seeing all of the potential options for our projects!! LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!)

But today was especially special.

See, we're looking for the LILY in LilyDidIt.com. This is THE FACE of our series. This is potentially way-damn-huge. And, due to stuff we can't talk about unless you've signed the non-disclosure agreement, the potential for hugeness is bigger than "just" finding a series regular for a pilot. We're not looking to invite someone into the world's homes each week... we're... well... doing something bigger than that.

And today was wonderful. WONDERFUL.

Yes, we had actors upload auditions to our YouTube channel. Yes, we reviewed those, plus headshots, resumés, and demo reels to get to this point. And now we have a really tough decision to make--and so many freakin' amazing candidates from which to choose.

Looks like we've gotten down to our "final three" and now we're gonna play on it for the weekend. (No, not sleep on it. Play on it. It's Anna's birthday and that means play. We'll decide after that. Hee!) And we're reaching out to our favorite dozen beyond that top three to see if they'll be interested in being "friends to Lily," which we'll certainly need, pending series pick-up.

Ooooooooh, I'm just so DANG excited. No matter what, this has been an amazing experience and I love love LOVE sessions because they remind me that actors are beautiful, wonderful, creative creatures with loads of brilliant instincts and passion for life... and they're dang funny too.

Just wow. Great day. GREAT.

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August 15, 2007

LA Bloggers Live

Well, thanks to the brilliantly wonderful Colleen Wainwright, I'll be participating in the August edition of LA Bloggers Live next week.


This event takes place at the Tangier Lounge on Wednesday, August 22nd, 6:30pm. (There is a $4 cover charge at the door.) Here's the line-up of live bloggers as of this moment.

Kevin Charnas
Julia Frey
Bonnie Gillespie
Liz Rizzo
Abigail M. Schilling
Colleen Wainwright

So, for those of you who have been hankerin' to hear a little Dear Middle-Aged Balding Entitled A-hole at El Cholo, done all live and proper-like, now's your chance.

I anticipate greatness. The last time I went to hear CoCo do the live blogging thing, I CRIED with laughter. That horrifically wonderful belly-laughter that makes you double over and get a cramp. It's soooooo good.

Thanks for the support, everyone! Hope to see you there!

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August 12, 2007

The Actors Voice, 8/13/07

Hi Everyone!

Here's how tomorrow's The Actors Voice starts out.


What's Your Motivation

Ah, Alfred Hitchcock got it right. "When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say, 'It's in the script.' If he says, 'But what's my motivation?' I say, 'Your salary.'" Awesome. Method Actors may want to argue with me, as I side with Hitch, but I think some actors spend so much time mired in thoughts of how to bring realism to their characters that they sometimes spin off the grid of reality itself. It's actually pretty simple: You're hired to do a job. Do it. HOW you do should be invisible to everyone else. Get "there" by doing whatever it takes to get you there. Just do it. But the more you let others in on your process (that is, until you're being interviewed by James Lipton), the higher the risk you're causing someone to glaze over and start thinking of that other, less "precious" actor we could've cast.

Please understand that I'm not bashing any one acting technique or the actors who subscribe to it. Hey, if you can bring the talent, I'm gonna cast you eventually, and I really don't care HOW you get there. But that's really the point: It's not about HOW to anyone outside of you. And I'm not just talking about connecting with the characters you portray. I'm talking about doing the rounds, networking, meeting with agents, staying on the radar of casting directors, doing plays, whatever! Your process is as unique as you are and what works for you might not work for anyone else. But this column isn't about motivation in your acting technique.

See, if there's one thing I've learned about this showbiz thing, it's that most folks seem to think there's some magic recipe to success in the industry. And that if they could just get their hands on that recipe, they'd be living their dreams. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there's just no such thing as one magic recipe. You take a look at what others are doing, try on some things, decide what works for you and discard what does not, and stay focused, disciplined, and committed to walking your path. As for what, specifically, motivates you to walk the path of the actor, well, let's look at some good and not-so-good types of motivation.


Continue reading this column in the morning, along with a Your Turn filled with follow-up emails on last week's "Don't Drop the Ball" at Showfax.com.


Be sure to visit The Actors Voice: POV for a POV from a self-proclaimed "Auditioning Actor" on Wednesday the 15th!

Woo hoo!

As always, THANK YOU for reading!

Live your dreams! If you don't, someone else will.

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No August 12 of 12 here. :(

Sorry, gang. My first 12 of 12 skip for the year. Facing a major deadline. Cutting short just about everything else 'til I'm on the other side of this project. Disclosure to follow in a couple of months. I promise!

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August 9, 2007

Dear Middle-Aged Balding Entitled A-hole at El Cholo,

You don't know me.

If you're lucky, you'll never actually know me, because I will make your life hell. And it's not because I dislike you. It's because I find you to be just about the lowest form of being there is, and--sadly--because you're White and Gainfully Employed and living in the place that values your kind over all others--you're also valued by people who (if they really thought about it) would spit on you. Not because spitting is cool. But because you are the king of what is wrong with this place.


So, I have already had a big conversation with myself about what it means that I'm seeing this crap (because I believe that what we see is a reflection of our reality and that concept makes me sad because OMG, if this guy represents my reality I'm in big-ass trouble), but I figure my brain needed to entertain this foolishness and share it with y'all just to cleanse the palate for better things. Believe me, just about anything is gonna be better.


So, we're at El Cholo, finally using a gift card Keith received from a lovely friend of ours for having done computer work (which he so rocks at) to have a proper date, which is well deserved. It's Thursday. It's a little packed. We've been at our patio table for an hour or so and when another table clears out, an elderly man and woman head over from the bar area to the patio table. IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no wait list for the patio. It's the honor system. Only if you want a table inside do you put your name on a list and get one of those cute little red-blinky vibrating "your table is ready" indicators.

As Ma and Pa Kettle amble over to the now-vacant table, MABEA (Middle-Aged Balding Entitled A-hole) rushes over--cute little red-blinky vibrating "your table is ready" indicator (NOT GOING OFF) in hand--screaming, "Hey! We were first! We've been waiting! That table is OURS! You get up!" His two other MAB (maybe/maybe not EA) friends swarm nearby, and the octogenarians, looking appalled at this jaggoffery, get up and move back into the bar area, figuring they must've done something wrong.

Of course, I want to run over and say, "You're not doing anything wrong! He's an asshole!" And then I realize, in a life more than twice the length of mine, they've surely seen many an asshole and know that's what they're seeing. I don't need to point that mess out. I should just continue enjoying my date.

But then...


Dinner is over for the MABEA and his MAB friends. Keith and I are still enjoying our date. Yeah... we hang out a long time. We drink. We talk. We flirt. We work. It's good.

Anyway, MABEA and his friends head over to the valet and MABEA sees a very lovely young lady returning to her beau at another patio table. He stops and watches her ass. Like SERIOUSLY takes in her ass as if it exists for him and him alone. Because that's not enough assholery here in front of the patioful of observers, he collects the fellow MAB with a cheesy '70s mustache (as opposed to the fat one) and tells him to act as if he's saying something to him. No, no... he's not saying anything. He's giving him an over-the-shoulder view of the juicy ass (which is no longer in clear view, as the lovely lady has sat down with her beau to continue their date). Mustache MAB is less amused by this than MABEA seems to be, who heads back to valet tugging on his nutsack while talking loudly about how much he would "hit that shit" if not for the (certainly, happy) wife he's got waiting back home for his sloppy, drunken, middle-aged balding entitled a-hole kisses.


Anyway. My point is, hello. Yes. I saw you. I let your vibe interrupt a good ten minutes of my date tonight. And you suck. You can expect a character based upon you in a future script coming your way soon. This will not be a compliment, despite the fact that you might want to take it that way.

You are a special kind of broken. And sadly, your credit rating is better than mine. There is something seriously wrong with that.

That is all.

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Oooh, that was fun. Earthquake!

I know, I know... I'm so silly with my "earthquakes are recreational" thing, but this one was FUN! And the biggest we've had since moving to Santa Monica three years ago.

Clickee for biggee.
Click HERE for quake details.

(Believe me, I was never this amused by earthquakes when the sample size was ONE and that ONE was the Northridge Quake and I was living alone for the first time in my life, living seven miles from the epicenter. Yeah. Not fun.)

But this 4.5 (estimated) shaker at 12:58am in The Valley was a nice, rolling shaker. And our pictures are all askew. Cats are FRAZZLED. We're giggling with glee that we were not in the car when it happened (because that's so boring. You feel exactly nothing).

Keith is also amused that--just 13 hours ago--he said (when I commented that the cats were acting weird... more weird than usual), "We're due for an earthquake." Ah... that smart, sensitive cookie!

Okay, back to work!

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August 7, 2007

New Breakdowns (THREE!) Posted Today

This is a repost from the Cricket Feet mailing list. (Busy day... consolidating the efforts, you understand.)


Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for being a part of the Cricket Feet mailing list! REALLY appreciate the love!

Wanted to give y'all a heads up about three new breakdowns that were posted today at Actors Access (WOO HOO)!

LilyDidIt.com (PILOT for a web series--upload your audition footage to our YouTube channel NOW): Click for breakdown.

Cricket Feet Showcase (for the November showcase): Click for breakdown.

The Kitty Landers Show (PILOT for a children's TV series): Click for breakdown.

VERY excited!

Yes, Another Harvest Moon (feature film starring Ernest Borgnine, Doris Roberts, Anne Meara, Piper Laurie, Richard Schiff, and Amber Benson) is still casting: Click for breakdown (although it looks like we may move the shoot to Philly--will know for sure by 8/15 or so).

Oooh, just really happy with casting lately. OH, and THANK YOU for your recent feedback on my columns AND on our NEW LOGO (thanks Communicatrix) ... we are SO PROUD of the new baby! Celebrating our fifth anniversary as Cricket Feet, Inc. THANKS for joining us on this ride!!

Much love,
Bon on MySpace
BonBlogs...a work in progress

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August 6, 2007

New Thing I've Started Saying All the Time

Okay, so Julie the Rockstar Intern sits in the floor (yeah, she's a floor-sitter. It's not like I don't offer her sofa space. I swear) and flips through headshots. These are headshots that have made their way to the "last chance" stack.

This means they're either going to be tossed out our stored with "folks whose work I know and generally like" even if I don't know their work because they have some sort of something that makes 'em a keeper.

So, as Julie the Rockstar Intern flips through the headshots, she holds one up and I shrug. I say, "Up to you. I can take 'em or leave 'em." Then she looks at the actor's resumé and mentions some reason I might need them in my files. "She speaks Russian." "He rides a unicycle." "She has a twin."

And my answer, at a certain point (usually when I've just glazed over and decided I can't take it anymore... I'm so OVER deciding who should stay in the files and who should hit the trash), becomes, "Yeah, so do I."

So, this is my new thing that I've been saying lately.

I don't know why I find this amusing. It really isn't. Go read Brendan's Laws of Life. Read 'em all (several posts. All funny). He wants more than 11 readers. Yeah, so do I.


No. I don't know why it's funny either. It just is. To me.

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August 5, 2007

The Actors Voice, 8/6/07

Hi Everyone!

Here's how tomorrow's The Actors Voice starts out.


Don't Drop the Ball

I scrapped this column last week in favor of turning in The Big Lies. (And, wow, y'all liked that one. Thanks!) But, I've been doing some thinking about why I wasn't in love with Don't Drop the Ball enough to stick with it, turn it in, and save The Big Lies for later. Ah! I think I figured it out. It has something to do with Actor Darwinism. Actors who aren't doing everything they can to keep their career afloat are basically selecting themselves out of the oversaturated talent pool and leaving more room for those actors who are better-prepared, more professional, dare I say more deserving of our attention. So, yay.

But then that makes me question why I bother writing any particular column, from week to week. I mean, if there's something to the whole "Actor Darwinism" thing (and actors self-selecting right out of the mix to help us with an already enormous task of finding the right actors for every project, in a sea of seemingly infinite choices), why does the need for "writing for actors" even exist? I write for both beginners (who hopefully get off on the right foot in this career by reading before they leap) and seasoned pros who might need a little re-focusing from time to time. So, am I simply delaying the inevitable, by presenting folks with ways to re-focus for a minute when they'll only end up un-focusing themselves again over time?

Perhaps I scrapped last week's column because it leads to an existential crisis! Why does anyone write anything for anyone? If your career isn't working, maybe that's what's meant to be! Why should we monkey with it by sharing tips that might help you along in ways that aren't organic to your default mode? Okay... then why should we offer classes? Why should the educational system itself exist, if I think like this? If nature always wins out, why nurture anyone, ever? Oy. Yeah. That's why I dropped the column. It heads down the path of, "Why are we here? Why do we bother? What does it matter anyway?" and that's not what The Actors Voice is about! Nope... it's here to--hopefully--provide you with some good ideas and maybe get you out of your own way. A-ha! Now that that's out of MY way, let's get to a very common problem for actors: Dropping the Ball.


Continue reading this column in the morning, along with a Your Turn follow-up on last week's "The Big Lies" at Showfax.com.

As always, THANK YOU for reading!

Live your dreams! If you don't, someone else will.

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August 3, 2007

Woo hoo! Good casting day!

So, before we left the house to attend the cast and crew screening of Mark Apicella's Salvation, Texas (which, by the way, is STUNNINGLY beautiful), I put together bids for two casting projects I've been asked to consider taking on (this is two of FOUR requests that have come in within the span of SEVEN DAYS--I kid you not).


So, I email out these two bids, thinking, "Man, I'd love to cast these projects. I'd LOVE to work with these people. I seriously dig this whole she-bang! (And what a cool job do I have? So dang cool.)" Then we leave and I talk about how I'm feeling at a transition point in my career, and it's all wonderful stuff and blah blah blah.

Come home, and there's two emails waiting. Both bids have been accepted and I have two new casting gigs starting up next week. YIPPEE!!! (And yes, I still have two more projects' bid requests to field... and Another Harvest Moon, of course... and the breakdown for the November edition of the Cricket Feet Showcase. And... this super cool project that I've not talked to many folks about because it's one of those things that would be so life-changing if it happens that I'm kind of playing my cards a little close to the vest until we see what happens... and... and... and....

So, life is good. I'm ecstatic. (Wait... can you end the sentence "I'm ecstatic" with a period? I mean, it pretty much requires an exclamation point, right?) So, okay... I'm ready to hire an agent. Or manager. Or attorney. I can't field all of these offers and read all of these scripts anymore. Quality problem, of course. But I think the "mom and pop shop" days are coming to an end. Wow! Gotta love the come-truing of dreams! VERY exciting!

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August 2, 2007

"Another Harvest Moon" Casting News

So, I'm way behind in updating y'all about the attachments we've made for Another Harvest Moon. (I'm giddy. Seriously. Would you LOOK at this cast?!?)

Ernest Borgnine as FRANK
Doris Roberts as ALICE
Anne Meara as ELLA
Piper Laurie as JUNE
Richard Schiff as JEFFREY
Amber Benson as GRETCHEN

Um, hi. Can you say, "I'd like to thank the Academy," folks? Well... SOMEONE is gonna be saying that, about this film. Wow! Wow! Wow!

For those of you hankerin' to get to read on the minor roles we still have to cast, please note a couple of things: The film is now 85% likely shooting in Harrisburg, PA (in the hospital they used for Girl, Interrupted). That means we'll do a rerelease of the breakdown and seek ONLY actors who are willing to work as Pennsylvania LOCAL HIRES. Or... we'll simply cast those roles out of PA altogether (paging Mike Lemon).

So, I know the original breakdown said we'd start prereads in LA next week but, until the other 15% of the 85%-likely-to-shoot-in-PA thing either comes together or doesn't, we're not moving forward with those auditions. So, hang in there, wouldja? More announcements to come! Yippee! I'm all kinds of blissed out!

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August 1, 2007

Showcase News: Director HIRED, Call for SCENES!

It is with great yippee-filled glee that I announce our November 2007 showcase DIRECTOR, the inimitable rockstar hyphenate: Annie Wood!


Annie Wood is an actor/writer/director who co-founded the theatre company Actorworks, directed her play Hiatus (while on hiatus from BZZZ! -- the WB TV game show she hosted and co-produced), and founded DoGoodStuff.org. Go show her some love, wouldja?


Also, our official CALL FOR COMEDIC SCENES is open!

In April 2007, the Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase launched with a cast of 35 actors in 17 comedic scenes. Representatives from agencies, management firms, and casting offices filled the Promenade Playhouse for three nights of fast-paced laughs (and dinner and drinks too)!

For our July 2007 showcase, we decided we wanted to use all original material rather than the combination of original and road-tested comedic scenes we produced our first time out. This turned out to be not only a huge success but also a wonderful opportunity for our writers—whose talents were showcased right along with our 32 fabulous actors' comedic skills!

So, we're doing it again for our November 2007 showcase! And this is our official call for comedic writers to submit original material. Yippee! We are specifically seeking two-person comedic scenes that come in at around four minutes. We are not offering any pay at this point, but you do retain all rights to your original material and may feel free to sell and resell it to as many buyers as you can find! (Meanwhile, if you do happen to hear from a literary agent or other cool industry contact who saw your work at our showcase, we do hope you'll let us know, so we can celebrate with you!)

Please note: All submissions MUST be accompanied by the two-page scene info and writers' release (PDF) linked here. DEADLINE for scene submissions for the November 2007 showcase production term is 5pm, Friday, AUGUST 31, 2007. Material received after that date will be held for future showcase consideration.

Thanks so much for your interest! We look forward to reading your work!

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