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October 30, 2007

Cricket Feet Showcase: RSVP now!

Hello *Industry Friends who read the BonBlogs!

We'd love to see you at the third 2007 Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase next week. To meet the cast and download a PDF of the invitation, go here and then click CAST.

Here are the basics:

The Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase
produced by: Bonnie Gillespie
directed by: Annie Wood

Alex Collins || Alexandria Fierz || Amy Crofoot || Anna Campbell || Anoush Nevart || Beau Wilson || Christopher Haro || Constance Hsu || Courtney Andresen || Darren Meekin || Eitan Loewenstein || Eli Bildner || Ernest Monroe || Ethan Flower || Etta Devine || Gabriel Diani || Glenn Keogh || Jenna West || Jennifer Boarini || Jim Gleason || Katie Swain || Keith Johnson || Kimberly Crandall || Matthew J. Cates || Megan Hollingshead || Michael Proctor || Pamela Newlands || Paul Vroom || Sheila Daley || Shelley Delayne || Stephen Pollak || Tamika Simpkins || Tim Astor || Victor Fischbarg

A fast-paced, professionally directed, comedic showcase of 34 carefully screened and appropriately cast actors in just over an hour.

Free show.
Free food and drinks before *and* after the show.
Free industry kit with DVD compilation of the actors' demo reels.
Free industry parking.

Last chance to see us in Santa Monica before we move to our 2008 location (bigger, better, Burbank-ier)!

You have THREE dates to choose from:

Tuesday, November 6th
Wednesday, November 7th
Thursday, November 8th

All shows begin promptly at 8pm! :) Seriously. We're prompt. :) And funny.

Promenade Playhouse
1404-8 3rd Street Promenade,
Santa Monica, CA 90401

directions/venue info: http://promenadeplayhouse.com
reservations/showcase info: http://cricketfeetshowcase.com

Please RSVP using the handy form at our website. Thanks!

Thanks, as always, for your support! Add the Cricket Feet Showcase as your MySpace friend!

Bonnie Gillespie
Cricket Feet Casting

* Industry = someone who can lead (directly) to a job for our showcase cast. That means a director, producer, casting staff, agent, manager, or other VERIFIABLE professional in the industry. Non-industry = someone who has maybe cast one thing, but it was a short film starring himself. Someone who has maybe directed one thing, but it was a play starring herself. Intern in a casting office whose career track is "working actor," not "future CD." Basically, we love the hyphenates, we love the people who are out there doing it for themselves, but unless their butts in the seats = more opportunities for our cast, they're not likely to be let in as industry.

Bottom line, we're not gonna turn away the head of theatrical at Buchwald because some actor friend who randomly shot a self-starring video that went viral on YouTube wants to sit in his seat. Right? Right.

Y'all can still come, just be prepared to do so on a stand-by (or stand-up) basis. K? Thanks!

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