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January 30, 2008

Lily Did It!

Yes! It's here! The webseries I cast last year has launched!

Go check it out! LilyDidIt.com Send me a vCard so I know how much you love it (and send one to Anna and Laurel and Milissa too). Hee! AWESOME!

It's like I'm more in love with my job every day. What a gift!

Congratulations, ladies!!!!!! XO

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January 28, 2008

Candidate Match (with Bobbleheads!)

So, that was fun! ;)

I saw on the morning news a "Candidate Match" generator thingy, so I went and plugged in my opinions on issues and found out who the computer says I should vote for.

And then I went and got bobbleheads for my computer-generated top three! :) Hee!


Get this widget!


Get this widget!


Get this widget!

And then, just because it was so dang cute, I had to get a little bobbling-HUCKABEE:

Get this widget!

Seriously! Mouse over his little head! Heeeeeee!

I'm so easily amused.

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Latest Twitter Action (#650121132)

I really love that whole "I'm an actor" opening to the SAG Awards each year. It's very moving. Yeah, I know. I'm a sap for that stuff. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/650121132

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January 26, 2008

Casting Announcements!

Well, all right! It's been a great week, as casting is concerned. :)


Here are some great casting announcements for Scratching the Surface (with MORE to come SOON, baby). Hee!

Meet Jake (Jeremy London).

And Amy (Laura Buckles).

Shelley (Vanessa Branch).

Maggie (Jackie Geary).

Steve (Tristan Wright).

Jennifer (Ryan Angel).

And Rachel (Kathy Gardiner).

Several new offers rolling out shortly. We'll be going straight to callbacks on the role of MICK for sure (and, OMG, how many great candidates do we have for this one? Oooooh! THANK YOU for the YouTube Group uploads! They're great) and I'm just thrilled with how much awesomeness is overflowing on this precious film! Congrats, all!

More updates to come. :)

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January 25, 2008

The Italian Job

By now, you've probably seen the breakdown for The Quest, the highest-budget indie feature film one could possibly cast without being affiliated with a major studio (and certainly the highest-budget indie feature film this chica has ever had her hands on thus far).

Well, in case this is news to you, The Quest is an amazing historical adventure shooting this summer in Rome. It's a script by Max Bartoli, Jeffrey Stackhouse, Sam Ingraffia, and Doug Burch; directed by Max Bartoli; produced by Brendan Davis and Blue Nelson for Tangible Entertainment and Max Bartoli for MaXaM Productions in association with executive producer AVT Shankardass for Victory Productions UK.


In addition to the nine roles on the public breakdown, we're going for major star names on another half-dozen roles and, I know regular BonBlogs readers anticipate--by this point in the casting process on most breakdowns I put out there--a slew of numbers to pour over (or obsess over, depending on your style). Hee! Well... here's why I've had no time to even calculate the numbers, let alone post about them.

Turns out--brace yourself--it seems that when you cast a project that is ten times the budget of the biggest project you have ever cast previously, you actually *do* get ten times the traffic in terms of phones, emails, faxes, drop-bys, etc.

< Craig mode > "I know!" < / Craig mode >


Um, I'm busy. And I'm also really thrilled with this gig. Not only is it a mind-blowingly COOL concept, outstanding script, and magical story told in stunning locations, the production team is dynamic, talented, brilliant--dare I say--visionary. And I'm honored to be on the team.

(Oh, and, OF COURSE, I'm thrilled to have to add to my "To Do List" that I need to renew my passport. Hee! I mean, a casting director must travel to Rome during shooting in order to "gather casting paperwork" or something, right?!? Hee!)

Ah... in the words of "Hannibal" Smith, "I love it when a plan comes together." ;) Amazingly, a random visit to the Improv to scout comics with fellow Atlantan Jonathan Walker Spencer one year ago would allow me to meet fellow gadget-lover and Atlantan Brendan Davis who would not only come to every single edition of the Cricket Feet Showcase but end up hiring me to do the coolest casting gig of my career thus far. That's cool-ass Hollywood, y'all. (And as Brendan loves to say, "We roll deep." Atlanta Posse, baby. Don't ignore it. It's the new Gay Mafia in Hollywood, yo.)

Oh!!! And speaking of the showcase and The Quest!! Brendan and his team scouted an actor at the November showcase who they adored so much, they CAST HER IN A ROLE in The Quest just based on her showcase performance! That's right... Anoush NeVart is playing the role of PINA and it was really cool to "announce" that bit of casting information right there on the breakdown. Enjoy the buzz, Anoush. Hee!

And, while I'm talking "showcase," I should mention that the breakdown for the April 2008 showcase is going out later today (yes, a little early; yes, before we've even interviewed potential directors--heck, we weren't anticipating over 100 resumé submissions on our "call for directors" from earlier this month--we have a lot of people we want to chat with). Hope you'll join us on the ride! :)

Back to The Quest! One little sad "thing" is how many (about a half-dozen, probably) of my coverage reps at "the bigs" (who were all assistants or sub-agents for the most part) are GONE due to strike cutbacks at their agencies. It's so weird. And sad. And I hope they will all come back when things are back in full-Hollywood-swing (or that they've already landed on their feet elsewhere and are happy for the new opportunity). *sigh*

Next casting-related post (hopefully) will include FIVE casting attachments for Scratching the Surface, the sweet, super-cute rom-com I'm casting right now as well. :) *beams* I'm really excited for the deals we're working out, but won't post about 'em 'til we're all set. You know how that goes.


Life is good, y'all! Moto bello! (I think that means something good. I like the sound of it, either way.)

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January 23, 2008



Keith always seems a little bit disappointed when the series finale of Beverly Hills, 90210 airs via our TiVo (y'know, because TiVo goes and picks it up on SoapNet every day) and then the pilot airs right after it.

It's like he secretly (or not so secretly) hopes that I will, this time around, lose interest in watching the best show ever, every single day.

"Not bloody likely!"


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January 21, 2008

Latest Twitter Action (#626919592)

Off the 'puter and the home phone for the next 24h. Amazing that that's a status update. I miss when *accessing* a 'puter or phone was news. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/626919592

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I so love my life.

That is all.

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January 20, 2008

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I love it when the hippies win. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/622508512

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January 19, 2008

Easy 15-Step Method for Importing Your "Juno" Soundtrack CD into iTunes

1. Buy Juno soundtrack on CD rather than downloading from Rhino Records' website because you want to qualify for "Super Saver" shipping when ordering your husband's early birthday present (Family Guy's "Blue Harvest" episode special collectors' edition).

2. Pop Juno soundtrack CD into your Mac Sid's CD drive and watch iTunes launch, run a quick scan, show a brief glimpse of a dialogue box that includes things like "gathering artwork and liner notes," and then no longer recognize the CD.

3. Visit your desktop to try clicking on the CD from its icon. Find no icon representing said CD on desktop.

4. Have husband pop CD into the CD drive on his old Linux box.

5. Have husband launch something called "Sound Juicer."

6. Learn husband cannot extract as MP3 due to lack of MP3 encoder on Linux box.

7. Have husband extract as something called "FLAC" format.

8. Have husband FTP FLAC files to his Mac (The Chicklet).

9. Have husband open FLAC files using something called "Toast."

10. Have husband export FLAC files as .MP4 files.

11. Launch Fetch from Sid and connect to husband's Mac (The Chicklet).

12. FTP self .MP4 files.

13. Drag individual .MP4 files into iTunes.

14. Get artwork and other bullshit from the iTunes store.

15. Have a nice day.

Happy early birthday, honey.

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January 18, 2008

Is It True?

Do we set out on a path for "who we are" in high school and determine our own fate when we're too young to even decide on a haircolor or an elective or a boyfriend and then that's just who we are?

I ask this both because this is the theme of one of the films I'm currently casting and because I recently reconnected with someone who totally remembered me from high school (who I, sadly, have to admit, I don't *really* remember, although she totally looks familiar to me) and she said, "I always knew you'd make it in Hollywood. But I really thought you'd be an actor."

And I remember an encounter with my high school best friend (after our ten-year reunion) in which he said every time he sees Julia Roberts on screen, he screams because he knows I could do it better if I would just get my shit together and do it.

(It's good that he said this, as it caused me to drop out of grad school and move to LA to give acting one more shot, at which point I became very sure acting was not my dream anymore, but dangit, wouldn't you know I'd grow up to become a writer and casting director of all things. Oh, and be really happy with all that.)

But my point in posting this is that I'm remembering this guy from high school. His name is Steve. In our senior yearbook (no, Alex, I'm not telling "that story" yet. Heh heh) he listed, in the "clubs and activities" section, one thing.


And at our ten-year reunion, in that little, "What have you been doing since graduation?" booklet (the one in which I wrote about traveling the world, going to grad school, working in the recording industry in Hollywood and in college radio in Athens, and having the Barbra-Streisand-turned-Oprah-Winfrey pipe dream), Steve wrote one thing.


So, we're coming up on our 20-year reunion. (And I say "we" knowing full well that I won't be going anywhere near Fulton County or North Springs High School in 2008 without having dropped a good 50 pounds and having scored a much better StarMeter ranking.)

Just wondering. What do you think Steve will say in his update this time around?

Are we THAT close to "who we will always be" in high school?

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January 17, 2008

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Long, relaxing, delicious dinner with creative, beautiful, SMART, funny people is pretty much some of the best medicine on the planet. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/612563712

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Casting Numbers... Another Update

Just got home from a lovely evening of whispering at the SAG Foundation Casting Access Project. A couple of VERY talented actors tonight... and a head-scratcher or two (in terms of crossing the line with appropriate favor-asking). Always something baffling to balance out every something wonderful Hee! Life's like that.

So, right as I left for the night, an agent whose celeb client has an offer on Scratching the Surface called with a very enthusiastic reaction on the part of the actor, who has now read the script. I LOVE it when that happens! Stay tuned for an announcement soon. Hee!

Had to say no today to two casting gigs because it looks like a biggie is coming together, and that'll monopolize my time and energy in the best possible way for several months, here. Again, I say, "Stay tuned."

Deliciously fun production meeting for Blake Robbins Is Not Famous (the film I'm exec producing) last night before Tuesdays@9, then lots of paperwork today (egads, producing = paperwork). Tomorrow = shooting two test scenes for the Cricket Feet Showcase web-series. And, um, I'm supposed to send my head-honcho proofer home on her flight from visiting LA this weekend with a manuscript of SMFA3 and I haven't... um... put together anything close to "manuscript volume" to hand off. Eesh!

Okay, okay, so on to the casting numbers y'all love so much (avert your eyes, number-shy actors). Past editions here and here.

The breakdown for Scratching the Surface went out around 11am Monday. As of 11:30pm Wednesday (so, technically yesterday, but whatevz), here are the numbers.

Total submissions (on nine speaking roles): 10,738 (Amy = 1338, Jake = 1649, Maggie = 1291, Shelley = 1235, Mick = 1594, Mrs. Shifman = 420, Steve = 1868, Mr. Edelman = 893, Mrs. Westin = 451).

Number of agencies/management firms submitting (from California, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington, British Columbia, and Ontario): 478.

Number of actors self-submitting via Actors Access: 5157.

Number of "selects" (see previous entries on the way these numbers change, over the first week or so after the breakdown goes out--are ranked "1," "2," and "3" and those numbers now mean "name actors who can sell our film," "namey actors who we'd be happy to get, but who don't bring huge name value to our film," and "actors I can't wait to cast but who really aren't on anyone's radar more than a blip here or there, if at all"). And here's how many actors are "selects" anymore (not breaking it down into number of 1's, 2's, or 3's for y'all anymore): 1103 (Amy = 69, Jake = 101, Maggie = 71, Shelley = 175, Mick = 250, Mrs. Shifman = 128, Steve = 92, Mr. Edelman = 155, Mrs. Westin = 61).

Offers are out on three roles so far, with more offers to roll out next week. At this point, I'm not sure whether we'll actually hold sessions for this thing! (We may just go straight to callbacks, at this rate.) The combination of the number of name actors into this thing and the actors uploading their own audition videos at the Cricket Feet Casting group at YouTube is making straight offers--even on the supporting roles (for local hires especially) a reality. Is this the future of casting? Sure is cool, I can say that!

Oh, and as I sign off, let me just say that I have NEVER been so confused about my thoughts on an upcoming election. I almost always know exactly who I'm going to vote for WAY in advance of "the big day." And lately, I change my mind like EVERY day. I have NO idea who I'm going to vote for. Is that what "getting older" does to a person? Or is this field of candidates THAT dang confounding?

Thanks for the feedback on the Actors' Life interview, y'all. I really enjoyed doing it and I'm glad everyone is enjoying it too. :)

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January 16, 2008

That was fun!

After having interviewed over 200 casting directors in my "past life" (i.e.: before going into casting myself), I've now been interviewed by my showcase producing partner Eitan Loewenstein over at the Actors' Life website.

Hee! That was fun! Pretty cool to have this go live just one month before my fifth anniversary in casting. I guess I kind of can't call myself "new" to this anymore, huh?

Thanks, Eitan. :) Good photo, there too. Hee!

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January 15, 2008

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Headed out to Naked Angels' Tuesdays@ 9. First time I've left the house in eight days. 'bout damn time! :) I'm ready! http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/603802462

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I tuned in for about six minutes (maybe five) of the 2008 Golden Globes thingy

(and if you know me, you know that the Golden Globes' ceremony is my all time favorite of ALL Hollywood award bullcrap that takes place each year. It brings TV and film together, it is festive, cable and broadcast, studio and indies, above and below the line folks hang out out party... it is good)

and my only thought, after consuming that 300 or so seconds of mediocrity was this:

"Oh my GAWD, this is exactly the way they were watching 'stuff' in that horrible future version of life as depicted in Back to the Future II. I'm pretty sure I saw the fake-old Michael J. Fox scanning this version of the Golden Globes on his big screen in his future sterile living room while 'now-real Michael J. Fox' watched from the closet."


The future is now. That's what I've learned.

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January 14, 2008

Can I Just Say?

I am so looking forward to the end of this silliness.

That's right. There's only one more chance for you to wear your goofy New Year Glasses, folks. God bless you, 2010. Can't wait.

In other news, I'm in that annoying stage of the illness (seriously, there's this Hollywood Crud going around like crazy) that is no longer feeling like I'm sick yet I am incapable of speaking without going into a ten-minute coughing fit. It's lovely. I'm coughing more than I'm not coughing... and it's just that dry, nothing cough. Keeps me from getting any sleep. And well, that's just delightful. For everyone.

What else? Made cast offers on two roles today, which is always fun. One is to an "OMG HUGE" celeb and the other is to, well, an also pretty huge celeb type and that offer has already been met with an, "extremely excited" response. The fact that both of these offers are coming off pitches is huge. Oh, I love my job!

Gotta get this throat in order. Wanna meet with Blake and do Tuesdays@9 tomorrow, have to be better in time for SAG CAP on Wednesday, and we shoot two test scenes for the showcase web-series on Thursday. Not un-busy. STOP COUGHING!

That is all.

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Bullies suck. In fact, bullies should suck. They should all suck a fart out of my ass. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/599806892

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January 13, 2008

12 of 12 for January 2008

Yippee! Here's my first 12 of 12 for the year! (May this be the most boring 12'er of 'em all.)

(New to 12 of 12? Visit Mr. Chad Darnell for the details, rules, and links to all of the other 12 of 12ers out there participating. And leave comments. 12'ers love comments!)

12:03am: Thwok's favorite hiding place. She loves warm, clean laundry. But mostly she loves that no one can "get her" without climbing her tower.

12:40am: Too much technology. Watching my new boyfriend on TV, checking up on posts at HHH, charging up Nancy, and killing time "saving the world" on the BlackBerry I never named (which is now just a really expensive game of computer solitaire). Notes in the foreground on past and future contributors to The Actors Voice: POV.

1:37am: Laughing my ass off at a comment at Nikki's site about moguls' spec scripts failing because these people are born without an irony tendon.

2:02am: Stack of resumés and cover letters from the 92 applicants for the three director positions for the Cricket Feet Showcase. Wow. (Plastic bin behind the stack? Self-Management for Actors content. I'm sooo behind!)

9:23am: How most of my day looks. Kleenex and cough medicine. Ugh. Bleh. Over it.

10:27am: Archie wants to know why I haven't hauled my ass out of bed yet, seeing as I was asleep before 3am. "Too much sleeping, Bon. Get up."

12:53pm: Okay. Now I'm up. I'm working on my column. Slowly. And Thwok discovers her favorite thing: anything plastic she can chew on. Bag of Halls? Fair game for this chick.

12:54pm: See? She's in heaven.

12:56pm: The aftermath.

2:27pm: Watching auditions that actors have uploaded to the Cricket Feet Casting YouTube Group for Scratching the Surface. Cool.

8:49pm: Keith is scanning through the Scratching the Surface selects and enjoying some pot roast he made. He does like his crockpot, baby.

11:23pm: And I'm filling in Ulmer Scale numbers, AFM stats, and IMDB StarMeter rankings for our name actor grid so that producers and I can decide on best "first offers" to make for a half-dozen key roles, come Monday. VERY exciting!

So, there ya have it. My first 12 of 12 for the year. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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January 12, 2008

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My 12 of 12 is going to be really boring. How many photos of cats and cough medicine can one enjoy? http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/592482792

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January 10, 2008


So I'm watching the episode of Seinfeld in which James Spader comes 'round and gets all "step nine" on everyone, apologizing for the wrongs, as he works his 12-step program. And I'm reminded of a time a couple of years ago when someone (once) very close to me came 'round and got all "step nine" with me, apologizing for all sorts of things that I just thought were parts of our fractured relationship. Turns out he was an addict and I had no idea to what degree.

That was really meaningful. Still is. I didn't need an apology. I thought we had a pretty dang good relationship for the kids that we were. But it's nice to know the power of, "I know that I hurt you. And for that, I am sorry."

* * *

Next up... I joined the Twitter. Not sure I'm loving the straight-to-the-BonBlogs updates just yet, as a few of those in a row and my pretty, graphics-included blog posts are bumped off the main page, making the BonBlogs' landing pad not look so lovely. But does anyone visit the BonBlogs "proper" anymore? Is this all just read via RSS nowadays? So the Twittering is welcome?

Here's a cute Twitter-related graphic I found. Just goes to show that I'm generally a year or two behind everyone, on these tech trends. That makes me old, right? Remember when I used to be an early adopter? Damn late-30s.

* * *

Have I mentioned that I am totally overwhelmed and humbled by the resumés we've received from AMAZING directors for the 2008 Cricket Feet Showcase season? I mean, WOW.

* * *

I am feeling ridiculously self-righteous over how many "Common Errors in English Usage" in the page-a-day calendar I treated myself to for Christmas I "win" on. It's a movie premiere, idjits! Not a premier. The "t" in often is not pronounced. A character cannot be one-dimensional. Oh, lordy, this is going to be a fun year! (Until I hit that run of a few pages in which I'm proven wrong about something grammatical. That'll suck. Heh.)

* * *

I am currently wearing a shirt that will be thrown away the next time I take it off. I bought it in 1990 when I worked at the GAP and sold all of those cool T-shirts to Michael Stipe before the MTV VMAs in which he took one off for each trip to the mic to pick up an award. It will make me sad to lose this shirt. But c'mon... an 18-year-old shirt? Really?

* * *

I am officially a crotchety old woman. I actually emailed the local news channel to tell them their lady news anchor needs to take off the jangly, bangly bracelets she's wearing while flailing her arms about, delivering the news. Sorry, kids, that's Microphone 101. But the fact that I have now emailed this exact comment to two different local news channels within three weeks is... well... disturbing. I think I'm turning into--not my mother--my grandmother. She once called up the local Toyota dealership because their mascot dog was sitting on the hood of a car and said, "I wouldn't buy one of your cars with that mangy ol' dog's clawmarks all over the paintjob."

Next week, that dog (Mr. Toyota) was sitting on a MAT on the hood of that car.

Go, Cleo.

* * *

That is all.

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Being sick suuuuuuuuucks. It suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. So suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/584925352

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More Geeky Casting Numbers

Phew! I'm exhausted. And with good reason.

The breakdown for Scratching the Surface went out around 11am Monday. As of 12:30am today, here are the numbers.

Total submissions (on nine speaking roles): 9907 (Amy = 1241, Jake = 1517, Maggie = 1119, Shelley = 1111, Mick = 1472, Mrs. Shifman = 384, Steve = 1735, Mr. Edelman = 840, Mrs. Westin = 408)

Number of agencies/management firms submitting (from California, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington, British Columbia, and Ontario, so far): 449

Number of actors self-submitting via Actors Access: 4723

Now, you've probably already read about how I score the "selects" in the first day or two of casting.

This morning, the numbers are assigned a different value structure:

1 = name actors (their names will help us sell the film, get distribution, inspire investors to come up with even more money)

2 = actors whose work I know (this includes actors who, in Hollywood, are definitely "name" actors and certainly people we would all love to work with, but whose names aren't so weighty that you needn't do a little, "You know... the guy from that show..." in order to explain who the actor is to someone in the real world. It also includes actors I've cast before, actors who've come to callbacks with me before, actors whose work I've always liked even if we've never met at an audition, etc.)

3 = actors who included demo reels with their submissions, so we have one last chance to see their work and decide whether we'd like to have them advance further. We may or may not ever get to watching all of these reels, sadly. This is the "next-to-be-cut" group of actors, unless something inspires us to keep 'em in the mix (we're also looking at actors' self-submitted YouTube footage at the Cricket Feet Casting group on that site).

And numbers, right now, go like this:

109 actors ranked 1
1919 actors ranked 2
1416 actors ranked 3

Looks like we'll make some offers this week (or early next week) to top contenders/name actors pitched for the roles of Mrs. Shifman and Mr. Edelman (seriously, folks, if you could see the "OMIGOD YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" level of pitches for these two roles alone, you'd be agog). Then we'll decide on some next round offers and/or name actor meetings to arrange, choose sides and audition dates, and then start deciding who gets invited to those prereads.

Yippee! It's way fun to be a casting geek! Hee!

Thanks for enjoying the ride with me (and for those of you who don't, well, um... I hope that my post's titles serve as "spoiler warnings" to keep you from reading and getting depressed. It's just not depressing to me. It's my JOB, baby! I love it).

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January 8, 2008

Geeky Casting Numbers

You know how I loooooove my geeky casting numbers. :)

Breakdown for Scratching the Surface went out yesterday just after 11am. As of 4:30pm today, here are the numbers.

Total submissions (on nine speaking roles): 8799 (Amy = 1098, Jake = 1356, Maggie = 1058, Shelley = 1002, Mick = 1296, Mrs. Shifman = 332, Steve = 1542, Mr. Edelman = 755, Mrs. Westin = 360)

Number of agencies/management firms submitting (from California, New York, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Vancouver, and Ontario, so far): 419

Number of actors self-submitting via Actors Access: 4272

Now, in the first day(s) of marking "selects," I go through and score actors as follows:

1 = I know their work (so, that's anything from a "name" actor whose work we ALL know to an actor who included a demo reel so we can "know" their work in a click, and anything from actors I've cast before and can't wait to cast again alllll the way down to an actor on my "never, never, never" list, but at least I know their work, so they get a 1 for this first time through)

2 = I know them, but not their work OR I know and love their agent or manager, so they should be considered based on reputation alone

3 = Don't know 'em, don't know their work, but I like their look enough to not dismiss 'em just yet... but these are the folks who will, all at once, LEAVE the "selects" within the next few hours, unless one of the producers says, "Oh, I know her! She's great! Keep her in the mix."

And numbers, right now, go like this:

2380 actors ranked 1, 584 actors ranked 2, 4170 actors ranked 3.

Yup, so in another few hours, our number of "selects" will go from 7133 to under 3000. And then down to... well, eventually... one actor per role. ;)

Flyin' my geek flag proud! (Even with laryngitis, which is actually a nice way to not have to deal with too many phone calls.)

Thank you for submitting, everyone! I'm thrilled!! :)

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January 7, 2008

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Best part of casting: I am paid to look at photos of some REALLY attractive people for days at a time. Drooooool. (Is that unprofessional?) http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/573821762

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I'm quickly reminded how intense things get 'round here after a new breakdown goes out. WOW! http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/573379252

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Those kids on THE REAL WORLD... they're all just slutty, right? http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/571500192

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January 6, 2008

Y'know, I love him, but...

the next time I get off the sofa and Archie steals my warm seat while I'm up, I'm just gonna shave him bald for my own entertainment.

Photo of Archie from December 2003 at the old apartment on the old-old computer on the Duran Duran crate. He still sleeps on that computer like it's his own heatrock (but that computer now lives on Keith's desk, and Archie only seems to want to be on it when it will most annoy Keith).

Theme: Archie likes to be "in the way" which, in Archie language, means "in love."

Non-Archie-related note: Breakdown for Scratching the Surface goes out tomorrow! Check CricketFeet.com/Casting for a link directly to the submission page. SOOOOOOO EXCITED! :)

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My favorite weapon in bedtime wrestling? ELBOWS OF DEATH. Keith can't beat 'em. Ever. Heh heh heh. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/570437472

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How many hours does the average housecat sleep? I'm thinking something like 21 per day. Does that sound right? My cats are LAZY! LAZY! LAZY! http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/569612012

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HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED is a cute show for Sunday morning. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/568946632

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January 5, 2008

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Celebrating the arrival of Rockstar Intern Julie! Yay! Ooh, how I missed that girl! :) http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/566430132

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Still not sure I'm Twittering correctly. What are the response-looking Twits in some posts? Is Twits the right word? Need Twit Tips. Twipts? http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/566332492

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January 4, 2008

Not News: JUNO is an excellent movie.

Seriously. That shit is outstanding. Go see it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I'm behind most LA-based hipsters by a few weeks (at least), but DAMN. That is an amazing movie and I loved it, loved it, loved it. (Like, updating my TOP MOVIES list "loved it.")

And why did we go see Juno at noon on a Friday when I have so much stuff to do that I can hardly keep my compartmentalized mind in its proper Tupperware?

Because last night on Letterman, the amazing Ellen Page made an appearance. She is brilliant, articulate, FUNNY. And within just two minutes of her banter with Dave, I knew I was watching a superstar. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone in Hollywood has been saying this for quite some time (and her name has been on some casting wish lists of mine, but not because I fought to put it there--I work with some very smart filmmakers, apparently). But I hopped on the bandwagon last night.


And then I watched the movie today and fell more deeply in love with actors I already adore (JK Simmons, Allison Janney, Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner, Michael Cera) and became totally addicted to Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby. Just WOW. In the wake of all the Britney/Lindsay bullcrap (which is almost getting more coverage than the storm), I have to say I now have hope for the future of the young Hollywood female. PLEASE let me cast these wonderful women soon!

Excellent movie. So much "more" than what you might expect. It's about love. And hope. And family. And choices. Just wonderful. Great work casting, Mindy Marin and Kara Lipson. What a fantastic screenplay from Diablo Cody! And, of course, lovely work from director Jason Reitman.

Get on the bus, y'all. Thundercats are GO!

PS--The trailer for Young at Heart blew me away. Must-see (well, the trailer at least). I'm willing to bet I'll love the film too. I'm a sucker like that. Octogenarians singing The Ramones and The Clash? I'm soooooooo in. (Seriously, go watch that shit. Outstanding!)

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Not News: JUNO is an excellent movie. Holy crap, that's some good stuff. http://twitter.com/bonniegillespie/statuses/563443402

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January 3, 2008

You know you live in Southern California when

...the local news anchor, in response to the meteorologist's report about the storms on the way--the storms that are supposed to be some of the biggest storms we've had, bringing the most rain we've had in a decade--says (as a button to her colleague's story),

"So, really, the best thing we can advise is that everyone just take the four-day weekend and get out of town."


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Have You Met My New Boyfriend?

His name is Craig.

I love him. I adore him. I will replay his opening monologue on an endless loop and laugh with glee constantly.


Super-tight runner-up position goes to Dave. Next is Conan (assuming his "schtick" was designed to show how much he needs his writers). Then Jimmy. Then newly-anointed asshat Jay. Then reigning douchebag Carson, cleaning up the dung left behind by those who had at least a couple of weeks' more class.

That is all I have to say at 2am.

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January 2, 2008

Cricket Feet Showcase CALL FOR DIRECTORS (feel free to pass it along)

1/2/08, For Immediate Release:

Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase seeks directors for its 2008 season.

Bonnie Gillespie of Cricket Feet Casting and showcase coordinator Eitan Loewenstein are reviewing directors' resumés, with a first submission deadline of February 1, 2008.

The Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase regularly features the performances of 30 to 35 actors in 15 to 17 original, comedic scenes presented for industry professionals in showcases mounted in April, July, and November. Information about the showcase and its history is available at Cricket Feet Showcase.com. The director's commitment is approximately 10 weeks. This is a paid position.

While directing so many actors in so many scenes in such a short period of time can be challenging, the experience thus far has also exhilarating and creatively rewarding for all parties involved. Showcases are a unique blend of audition, performance, and networking event. Directors are both coaching our actors on presenting their best, most marketable selves and maintaining the creative vision of the showcase producers, creating what is essentially a "live screen test" for the participants. Emmy Award-winning director Anna Christopher (July 2007 showcase) called the experience "directing boot camp." We work hard, but we have a lot of fun too.

After a successful 2007 season, we've moved our performances to the stunning Colony Theatre in downtown Burbank: Colony Theatre.org. This presents a new set of production challenges, as our previous venue seated 67 audience members per night... and now we'll welcome as many as 268 audience members per night! We have already hired our tech crew through the Colony Theatre, but we would love to meet with directors who understand the "film and TV presentation" we aim for, various types and styles of comedy, and the live staging requirements for such a large venue.

If you are interested in interviewing for the job of director for our April 2008 showcase, please submit your resumé and/or cover letter no later than February 1st to: showcase [at] cricketfeet [dot] com. We are also accepting submissions for directors of our July and November showcases (with later deadlines), so please indicate in your submission which particular showcase you are hoping to direct (and, if you are not selected for the April showcase gig, whether you'd like to have us keep your resumé on file for future showcases).

The call for original comedic material is ongoing (more information at Writer FAQ) and the breakdown for actor submissions will be released through Actors Access on January 28th. We would like to hire a director the following week at the latest, and have that person with us during the prescreening and auditioning process.

Thank you for your interest in the Cricket Feet Casting Actors Showcase. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: Bonnie Gillespie, 310.395.9540, Cricket Feet.com


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January 1, 2008


I think I have figured it out (and it has to do with a word I used twice in the first three words of this sentence).

In heading around the "feeds" last night to see what folks were saying about the writers' strike, I noticed the title of a post by major entertainment news source Nikki Finke.

As I Expected, Big Media Ignore Pro-WGA Sky Messages Over The Rose Parade

And suddenly, it hit me, why it is that people (even fans of Nikki Finke, like me) might have a hard time liking the woman at times.

The title of the blog post, if made by a more likable person, would've been one word shorter.

As Expected, Big Media Ignore... reads a hell of a lot more "one of us" than As I Expected, Big Media Ignore... (especially considering the fact that EVERYONE expected it).

And--putting aside the strike, making this all about semantics and not at all about the topic--there's something nice and "we're all in this together" that makes some people inherently more "readable" than others. Sure, some readers want experts. They crave directives. They hunger for being told JUST how it is.

But I think there's something really exciting about knowing what your simplest word choices might be saying to your readers.

(Could this be why I suddenly like Harvey Levin more, lately? He's just so dang, "into it" without being sooo inside--and proud of it--that he needs to show us he's IN more than he wants to share his toys.)

Believe me, I'll remain a huge fan of Nikki's, despite her overindulgence in, "I broke the story and no one is giving me credit for it," moments or anything else that makes folks say they don't love her. I can only imagine how cray-cray my life would feel if my column's 50,000 hits per week neared the numbers she must get, or if I received ten times the 200 or so emails I get per day. (And, yeah, I know it is probably nowhere near Nikki's top goal to be likable.)

Hmm. Something to ponder, at least. Maybe by journalism students out there.

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Help me understand this, please.

Now, I've not done much "office time" in my working life. (Some. Enough. Believe me; enough. Rolling around on a plastic pad behind a desk gives me hives.)

But I've never seen one of these. (Still haven't in real life. Just saw it while perusing porn. ("porn" = "the Staples catalogue") And it seemed odd.)

I mean, I understand needing a tape dispenser. We have one. But with TWO rolls of tape? (One Scotch Transparent, one Scotch Magic, per the photo in the catalogue.) Because sometimes you need both types of tape within a very limited span of time and having to reach farther away than an inch would mean crisis in your office?

Just wondering.

PS--Goooooooooooooooo DAWGS!!

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