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January 17, 2008

Casting Numbers... Another Update

Just got home from a lovely evening of whispering at the SAG Foundation Casting Access Project. A couple of VERY talented actors tonight... and a head-scratcher or two (in terms of crossing the line with appropriate favor-asking). Always something baffling to balance out every something wonderful Hee! Life's like that.

So, right as I left for the night, an agent whose celeb client has an offer on Scratching the Surface called with a very enthusiastic reaction on the part of the actor, who has now read the script. I LOVE it when that happens! Stay tuned for an announcement soon. Hee!

Had to say no today to two casting gigs because it looks like a biggie is coming together, and that'll monopolize my time and energy in the best possible way for several months, here. Again, I say, "Stay tuned."

Deliciously fun production meeting for Blake Robbins Is Not Famous (the film I'm exec producing) last night before Tuesdays@9, then lots of paperwork today (egads, producing = paperwork). Tomorrow = shooting two test scenes for the Cricket Feet Showcase web-series. And, um, I'm supposed to send my head-honcho proofer home on her flight from visiting LA this weekend with a manuscript of SMFA3 and I haven't... um... put together anything close to "manuscript volume" to hand off. Eesh!

Okay, okay, so on to the casting numbers y'all love so much (avert your eyes, number-shy actors). Past editions here and here.

The breakdown for Scratching the Surface went out around 11am Monday. As of 11:30pm Wednesday (so, technically yesterday, but whatevz), here are the numbers.

Total submissions (on nine speaking roles): 10,738 (Amy = 1338, Jake = 1649, Maggie = 1291, Shelley = 1235, Mick = 1594, Mrs. Shifman = 420, Steve = 1868, Mr. Edelman = 893, Mrs. Westin = 451).

Number of agencies/management firms submitting (from California, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington, British Columbia, and Ontario): 478.

Number of actors self-submitting via Actors Access: 5157.

Number of "selects" (see previous entries on the way these numbers change, over the first week or so after the breakdown goes out--are ranked "1," "2," and "3" and those numbers now mean "name actors who can sell our film," "namey actors who we'd be happy to get, but who don't bring huge name value to our film," and "actors I can't wait to cast but who really aren't on anyone's radar more than a blip here or there, if at all"). And here's how many actors are "selects" anymore (not breaking it down into number of 1's, 2's, or 3's for y'all anymore): 1103 (Amy = 69, Jake = 101, Maggie = 71, Shelley = 175, Mick = 250, Mrs. Shifman = 128, Steve = 92, Mr. Edelman = 155, Mrs. Westin = 61).

Offers are out on three roles so far, with more offers to roll out next week. At this point, I'm not sure whether we'll actually hold sessions for this thing! (We may just go straight to callbacks, at this rate.) The combination of the number of name actors into this thing and the actors uploading their own audition videos at the Cricket Feet Casting group at YouTube is making straight offers--even on the supporting roles (for local hires especially) a reality. Is this the future of casting? Sure is cool, I can say that!

Oh, and as I sign off, let me just say that I have NEVER been so confused about my thoughts on an upcoming election. I almost always know exactly who I'm going to vote for WAY in advance of "the big day." And lately, I change my mind like EVERY day. I have NO idea who I'm going to vote for. Is that what "getting older" does to a person? Or is this field of candidates THAT dang confounding?

Thanks for the feedback on the Actors' Life interview, y'all. I really enjoyed doing it and I'm glad everyone is enjoying it too. :)

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