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March 29, 2008

Hot Saturday Night

So, we had big plans.

There was a movie. Then dinner. Then a comedy show.

Long date. Big Saturday night out. Very cool (and well-earned).

Then today, Keith says, "Aw, crap, I have rehearsal!"

And instead of going out on my own or asking for arm candy to accompany me, I decide to stay in and fold laundry, download missing artwork for the mashups in my iTunes, and figure out what the latest--but not too ridiculously high-end--WYSIWYG webpage composer shareware (Or is it all called Open Source now?) is, since I can no longer use SeaMonkey since Keith had to rebuild Sid at the Mac Genius Bar for FIVE HOURS on Thursday (another story for another time).

Oh, such the Hollywood hot life!


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March 22, 2008

My Favorite MadTV Sketch

I've had this saved on our (old) TiVo for years... like... four years.

Click the screencap to watch the scene.

Finally, with Keith's new computer here, the footage has been uploaded and now I can share it here on my blog.

Genius. :)

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March 17, 2008

I love it...

...when a plan comes together.


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March 15, 2008

Déjà Vu!

Remember about three years ago when I was OBSESSED with finding the damn touch-up paint for my car?

And then I finally just broke down and bought some more?


Yeah, well, here we are again. After having left my 1990 Mazda Miata touch-up paint OUT! On the entertainment center! Every day! For over two years! So I would always know where it was! And never lose it again!, I had to go and fix a hole.

And damn if I can find the effin' touch-up paint I bought in 2005 to replace the touch-up paint I bought in 1989.

And the rainy and windy winter has caused a need to touch up a couple of spots on the TicTac.

And SONOFABITCH, I have to buy that shit again.

And I'm still obsessed, knowing I could tear this house apart and find TWO bottles of touch-up paint for my Miata... if I just had the time.

*grumble* *grumble* *obsession* *grumble*


I break down and buy the stuff again. (It's all of six bucks, so why do I care (beyond the obsession), right?) And it arrives on Thursday afternoon.

Guess what Keith finds today while throwing out computer equipment in anticipation of the arrival of his new 8-Core Mac Pro.

Yup. One of the two aforementioned bottles of Miata Touch-Up Paint.



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March 12, 2008

12 of 12 for March 2008 (all iPhone edition)

Well, well, welly well well.

So, Keith starts talking big on Monday night about how he's gonna whisk me away for a spa mini-vaycay and I say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah," knowing how much work I have to do and how far away our favorite spa joints are and how far in advance one must reserve such a thing as spa services and hotel stays in peak season.


I wake up Tuesday morning after a delightful "First Looks" of our showcase and Keith has already made reservations for my massage, his aloe wrap, my rosemary scalp treatment and reflexology, and his other massage at Hacienda Hot Springs. (Keith learned about this place while lamenting to a German filmmaker friend he made at Samuel French one day about this horrific "spa" experience we had last year in Santa Barbara. Seriously, we've become so spoiled by Copperwynd and La Costa that we thought there was just no hope for a nearby, affordable spa getaway... until she raved about this place and Keith followed up. Honestly, staying at Hacienda Hot Springs is like staying over at some friend's house. Only her house is split into six rooms and there's a pool, a hottub, a sauna, a firepit, a well, and a cool other friend who comes over to do massages while the host friend makes homemade granola and serves it up fresh and hot.)

So, okay, we're going. I spend the morning frantically doing as much work as I can and then packing up what will have to travel with me in case (HA!!! IN CASE!!!) there is more work to do, learning how to dial in and check our answering machine from the road, and then hitting that road in Keith's rental car (his car is in the shop... again).

Proud girl that I am, as we drive down the 10, I snap photos with my great little digital camera. I've packed extra batteries, extra memory cards, heck--the camera itself! This is going to be a perfect 12 of 12, right? (Don't know what 12 of 12 is? Visit Chad Darnell for all the info.) I'm snapping photos along the way, knowing I won't use them for 12 of 12, but have fun sharing them at some point. And then it hits me... I've left the camera's damn cable at home.

So, I even-more-proudly bring you this all iPhone edition of the 12 of 12. No choice. :) And these photos didn't turn out so bad, now, did they?

9:20am: Sun is streaming through the curtains on the door to our room. "Room" is not the right word. We have a little kitchen and everything. Sita tells us this is the last room she rents, as it doesn't have a patio, but when you call last-minute to an inn that only has SIX rooms, well, you take the last room. Happily.

9:25am: Hitting the shower before I start my day. Yes, I actually had a GREAT night's sleep here, in this strange place. Desert air, maybe? All of the swimming and massages from Tuesday? Being away with only a handful of people even knowing about it? Not sure. But I SLEPT. It was great.

10:27am: I've taken my breakfast out to the huge, handmade-on-site table in front of the café, and this is my view. I am in heaven.

10:53am: Shanti and Grace (and Witty, a black cat the size of Archie) lord over the place, making sure that everyone is fed and happy... and mostly naked.

10:58am: When Sita learns we checked in without a proper tour yesterday (oops... I was too excited to get my first massage and Keith was eager to hop in the pool), she immediately took us on one. I have LOTS of photos of that, but this one was a must-share for the 12 of 12, with those flowers looking like Christmas tree ornaments!

11:16am: It's almost time for my rosemary scalp treatment, massage, and reflexology (we just decided to rename it "two and a half hours of BLISS") and Sita is gathering more rosemary to take to Esther, who is creating the mix for my hair's conditioning treatment.

4:02pm: Well, you knew I was going to have to work eventually. Got out of the massages and learned that an actor in one of the films I'm casting needed an adjustment in shoot dates (next month) and that an actor to whom we'd made an offer on another of the films I'm casting had been given the script "with high recommendation" from his team... but we needed to get some more money on the table. Calls, emails, and more calls, while Keith gets his aloe wrap.

4:58pm: And now a break for dinner. I'm a member of the clean plate club, don'tcha know? (You would be too, if everything were this yummy!)

6:13pm: After another hour of work before close of business, I meet Keith (and Shanti) at the hottub for another soak. Mmmmmmmmm... bubbles. (And hummingbirds divebombing like crazy. I love it!)

6:31pm: Now it's time for a dip in the pool, because the hottub has gotten too hot and it's just totally time for laps (did an hour last night). I know, I know, this isn't the pool, but it is the rock pond next to the well (160 degree water, y'all) and it's just gorgeous.

6:31pm: Pool. Sunset. Firepit in the back of the yard--where we're headed after I post my 12 of 12. Can we live here?

6:58pm: Only 25 minutes of laps this time. It's chilly and windy tonight, compared to last. But you know what's great during cold winds? Sauna!!

7:20pm: Back to the room with the intention of posting 12 of 12 and then heading back out to the hot tub and firepit to read scripts and make some plans for next months breakdowns (yes, plural), but Keith gets a call from his agent with TWO auditions tomorrow. Son of bitch, if it ain't always the way. Leave town, book a national. Well, not yet, but one of 'em is a Home Depot callback and we just really love it when our spa vacations are cut short by really good reasons like these.

Hope you enjoyed my all iPhone 12 of 12. I sure as shit did! Yay! More spa mini-vaycays! Yay! :) Off to the hottub and such. See y'all back in LA in 12 hours.

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March 8, 2008

Class of '88

So, I got word last month that my 20 year high school reunion was coming up here in August. (I'm currently on page two of the "Where Are They Now?" area of the website.)

Let's just say that I probably had it pretty good in high school--certainly better than I thought I had it at the time--and that my life was most like that of Andie in Pretty in Pink: creative, brilliant, from the wrong side of the tracks and very lucky to live just close enough to the edge of the city limits to attend such a good school filled with rich kids from two-parent households with loads of privilege they didn't appreciate, passionate, outspoken, in tighter with the upperclassmen and teachers than my peers, and so ready to get the hell out of there that I was ticking off days like a prisoner by the end of it all.

So, why is it that I find myself both horrified by and completely obsessed with the idea of going back for the 20-year?

(It's certainly not the prospect of reprising my one night stand with that cute guy from homeroom like at the 10-year reunion, is it? Nah.)

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March 6, 2008

Tribute to Mali Finn

I know it's old news that Mali Finn passed away last year, but I just learned about this online tribute to her and had to share it. For several reasons.

One, it's amazing. It'll really show you how much Mali loved her job and loved actors, even in just a few minutes of footage.

Two, I'm always shocked how quickly the black-and-white headshots became outdated as "the norm." Most of this footage is from The It Factor and in just six years, the "saturation" of color headshots, if you were ever looking at that many photos at once, would be overwhelming by comparison.

Three, one of Keith's first Hollywood auditions was for--yup, you guessed it--The It Factor and, in 2002 (in fact, in that exact episode used for footage in the above tribute), Keith said the memorable words, "I met a girl on the Internet and she told me to move to Hollywood so she could make me famous," which of course endeared him to Mali and got him on TV (which was the goal). He would go in again for Mali on quite a few projects before she retired a couple of years ago, and she was always very good to him. We would joke that he'll see that footage come up in a few years, like on E! True Hollywood Story or something hilarious like that.

Four, that laugh of hers. Wow. Unforgettable.

We miss you, Mali. I'm glad I got to see this tribute today. Very nice.

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March 5, 2008

It is a good day to be an indie film casting director.

So, I'm casting FIVE feature films right now. The two you know about, the one I'm exec producing, and the two that haven't been announced yet (which will take me into 2009).

Therefore, when the producer on one of these fine indie films (the $20M one--about as high-budget as you can get and still be an indie) sent me this article from The Hollywood Reporter, I danced a little jig.

SAG said Tuesday that it will offer guaranteed-completion contracts to indie companies that have projects in production past the June 30 actors contract expiration date.

"We are pleased to offer guaranteed completion contracts to independent producers who are such an important source of employment for actors," said Doug Allen, SAG's national executive director and chief negotiator. "These (contracts) will allow independent producers to continue their work and continue to generate job opportunities for our members even as AMPTP employers decide unilaterally whether or when to greenlight new theatrical productions."

The contracts would quash any threat of a work stoppage for those companies that qualify, enabling them to get the financing and completion bonds required to start filming. To qualify, the indie producers must not have any financing or distribution deals with AMPTP-represented studios or companies.

Business as usual, baby. And USUAL is very, very busy 'round here lately.

God, I love my job.

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March 2, 2008

Keith's b'day

Tomorrow my Keith turns 50.

(Okay, not 50. 42. Same thing.)

We might be doing a thing. Shoot me an email or call his cell if you want to be involved. Or just show up at our favorite dining establishment sometime after 8pm and head toward the bar.


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