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April 30, 2008

My mom was concerned. I try not to be.

My mom was concerned. I try not to be.

Every day, I look at the drawings on our refrigerator, held up by magnets. *Most* of them are drawn by Quinn (some are drawn by Lucy, or Edie, or any number of other kids we know and adore). And I love looking at them.

1. There's a family on the Catalina Express, labeled "Dad," "BAG," and "me." (My mom would've said, "He sees you as something more formal than 'dad' and 'me'. You've been told you're not connected.")

2. There's snakes on a plane with a label of, "To Dad and Bon from Q." (My mom would've said, "He sees you as 'Bon' and not 'stepmom' or whatever other affectionate thing he might call you. You've been told you're different.)

3. There's a family on a train labeled "K," "my Bonnie," and "Q." (My mom would've told me, "You're listed as a name, not an initial. You aren't family.")

And to all of this, I would say the following:

1. He just learned initials, and mine are novel. He sees his initials and his dad's initials as far too similar to be exciting. Mine are totally different, and he's excited about that.

2. What Quinn calls me is "my Bonnie," which is how I learned "I count." He's got another non-biological parent, and the reference is "my ___," just like "my Bonnie." It's the same as "my mom" and "my dad" for him. And I'm honored to share that.

3. See above. Highest honor.

See, I had a mom who looked at drawings I made, and if my dad's head was bigger than her head, it meant I saw him as smarter than I saw her. If his arm was disconnected from his body, it meant he was disconnected from the family. If I labeled a drawing with Daddy's phone number instead of name, it meant I only know him as someone I can call (ignoring the fact that the number was written with my non-dominant hand and backwards--like, mirror-image backwards, because that wasn't the point, to her). And if I never drew my brothers, it meant I never knew my brothers.

Okay! Give her that last one, but for cryin' out loud! Sometimes a kid draws an arm detached from a body and it means she got distracted or bumped or creative. Sometimes a kid labels people in the same way ADULTS label people, which is often just random and emotional and spur-of-the-moment/unrelated-to-anything-else. It's possible.

So, I love my mom. I love how worried she was about me and my development. And I also know that I trust and know that Quinn loves the crap out of me--as he makes that very clear every visit--and I love, love, love the variations in his works of art on my 'fridge.

That is all.

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April 29, 2008


Good LORD, I love my job.


It is so filled with mystery and adventure and "what ifs" and "what could bes" and tons of creative, amazing, brilliant, AWESOME people who inspire me at every turn.

(Makes the whackadoos and wannabes so much easier to ignore.)


Just love it. Another film. ANOTHER another film. Good LORD, I love my job!

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April 26, 2008

LA Film Racing

So, a few days ago, David Markland (of Metroblogging LA--now LA Metblogs--fame) asked me to be a judge for The Los Angeles Film Race. (Visit 'em on the MySpace too.)

Basically, it's a 24-hour filmmaking competition (and you KNOW how I love time-controlled artistic challenges, if you recall my column on the topic) taking place next month. Audiences will get the first votes, then we judges will have our say. (Yes. Of course I said yes. You know how I loved judging the Reel Actors Film Festival [another column].)

I'm joining Kent Nichols (Ask A Ninja, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!) and Sam Harper (Cheaper by the Dozen, Just Married, No Place Like Home). Other judges will be added soon.

David tells me that LA's top films will be judged against those in other cities and the winners receive cool stuff like AVID software and $2500 in cash. Registration is now open (with a $20 break in the per-team price if you click here).

So, cool! Looking forward to seeing your best work, y'all. :) And thanks, David. Glad to be a part of this cool thing.

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April 25, 2008

Dear Bonnie,

(I hope readers will enjoy this composite sketch of my email inbox, today.)

Dear Bonnie, How can I submit on the films that you are casting? Thanks.

All of my breakdowns go out on Actors Access. Feel free to submit yourself electronically on the role for which you're best suited. And leave a note! We love notes. Thanks for your interest.

Dear Bonnie, I don't have an agent. How can I submit on films you're casting?

I put all of my breakdowns out on Actors Access, so you can submit yourself to me directly, without an agent or manager on your team. Thanks!

Dear Casting, I don't live in California. How can I submit on your stuff?

Actors Access is worldwide. Feel free to submit yourself and mention in the notes section of your submission whether you are a local hire to the area in which the film is shooting.

Dear Bon, I don't have an Actors Access account. How can I get my materials to you?

We are only pre-screening actors via Actors Access at this time. While it's free to have an Actors Access account, you will need to spend either $68 for a year's membership to Showfax (which also gets you unlimited sides downloads) or two bucks per submission. Thanks for your interest!

Casting, What a rip off! I'm not spending money to line your pockets just because you refuse to consider actors via email submissions. You suck.

I don't receive a penny of your submission money. Nor do I receive any kickbacks for choosing one of the electronic submission services over another. I prefer Actors Access because it's where all of my breakdowns, my submission history, my audition logs, my actor deals, and all of my correspondence regarding five years of projects lives. It's also really easy to use and costs the actors very little. I like having all of my submissions in one place and my producers like having one, simple interface from which we can all share a look at the submissions, notes, demos, and session videos. I refuse to consider email submissions because they are not convenient, nor do they help me keep all of my projects in one place and share the information with the production team.

Greedy Bastard, Why won't you let me mail you my headshot?

Knock yerself out! I have a large bin of headshots waiting to be opened by my intern. I do not look at hard copy submissions for specific roles on specific projects because I do all of my casting electronically via Actors Access and Breakdown Express (the agent and manager side of Actors Access). I'll review your materials during my next bit of downtime between projects, assuming my intern hasn't already reviewed and tossed your materials (because she knows what's lacking in my casting files, as well as what I have an abundance of, in terms of type, age, credits, etc.).

Why won't you look at my hard copy headshot for THIS project? I don't want to spend the two bucks on Actors Access!

Um, you do realize that it costs you money to print a hard copy headshot, print a resumé, staple the resumé to the headshot, print a cover letter, address an envelope, and put postage on the dang thing, right? Is your calculator working?

You need to see me for this project. Give me your address so I can FedEx you my materials.

I do not want you to FedEx your materials. Spend the two bucks and submit yourself electronically. I will review your submission via Actors Access and Breakdown Express, along with all of the others. A FedExed submission sits in the same bin as the rest of the mailed materials, which I do not review until I have downtime (assuming my intern hasn't tossed 'em by the time I get that downtime). Save your money. Don't FedEx me anything.

Dear Casting Director Who Hates Actors and Isn't as Accessible as She Likes To Think She Is, You suck. You should let people mail you stuff. Or FedEx. Or drop off.

Do you really understand what you're suggesting? That somehow a CD who puts all of her projects out on Actors Access is not as accessible as the rest of the CDs out there? Okay, think it through. There are hundreds of CDs who never list their projects on sites or services that are accessible to actors. Yes, actors "gain" access to these listings, but they usually have to buy that sort of thing on the sly and then, if it says, "electronic submissions only," then what? What do you do? Try to "crash" the system somehow by doing a drop-off or mailing and hoping that'll work?

Hey, believe me, I know that it DOES work sometimes, so I'm not saying that's an awful plan! But I am saying it's one that costs you more than the little $2 submission on my Actors Access-listed breakdown, right? Because most people are paying for these stolen casting notices (and sometimes key info has been CHANGED, rendering them worthless), and then there's the money for the hard copy submission materials, and if you're dropping it off, well, there's gas money and parking and all that jazz. And that's all for a "maybe get seen," since the CD was looking for electronic submissions only, and may just do like I do and keep your stuff in a bin 'til whenever there's free time. (Note: There is never free time.)

But okay, let's look even beyond those hundreds of CDs who don't put their stuff out on Actors Access and examine the dozens of CDs who simply pick up the phone, call their favorite agents, say, "I need a such-and-such," or, "Send me your top ten gals," or whatever, and there is NEVER a breakdown, NEVER even an indication that there is a project "out there" until it's too late and you've missed your shot at it.

Is THAT how accessible you'd like me to be? You'd like me to call my coverage reps at each of the agencies and just let 'em know I have a new film, send the script over, ask for their top pitches, take some meetings, and then cast the dang thing without ever being open to a non-union, non-repped, direct-from-actor submission? You'd like me to STOP being open to actors whose reps aren't hustling on low-budget indies (because there's no huge commission to be earned) but who know I love their work, so they have the opportunity to submit themselves directly to me? No more putting the script out on my casting website for all to read, so if there's a part in it for you--wherever you live--you can take your best shot by uploading an audition for me at the Cricket Feet Casting group at YouTube.com?

How "accessible" would you recommend I be, then? Since my current level of accessibility isn't working out for you?

It's not enough that you can read the breakdown? Read the script? Self-submit, no matter your location, union status, or representation status? And all that for free, free, and then two bucks for the last part of it? Not enough for you?

Well, damn. I guess I do suck, then.

Dear Bonnie, You DO suck. I hope your movie sucks as much as YOU do.

Ooh, that's perfect! I hope that too!!!!!

Inaccessible Casting

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April 23, 2008

Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago, I met Keith online.





Thank you.

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April 22, 2008

Welcome to my world.

Occasionally (okay, I'll be honest: FREQUENTLY) Keith has to stop me from writing any given week's column about the ridiculousity that is my collective inbox.

Y'see, I cast these cool indie films. And, while I get that most casting directors do the "very inaccessible" thing, it's because I *also* happen to produce showcases and write the aforementioned columns, plus the books, and do the speaking engagements that I pretty much cannot be inaccessible. My *other* jobs rely on knowing what's going on with actors, being reachable, being *gulp* willing to read such stuffs.

So, tonight, while enjoying a glass of wine and wondering if I did the world a disservice by cleaning up the atrocious spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in this week's column's email, I toodled upon this post, by a fella whose book is being cast as a movie these days (Go, Joseph Middleton, with your bad-ass self! And congrats to the writer!), and my eyes glazed over, much in the way they do DAILY at several given points.

And then I realized, it wouldn't matter if I were to write a column about this sort of email. I'll continue to get dozens of them a day. DOZENS. Among the hundreds of emails I get per day--many of which are just fine and dandy, and some of which I actually find time to answer--there are these emails that make me wonder why I don't have unlisted contact information.

In fact, I spoke with a manager today who was pitching three actors on one of the films I'm casting and she said, "I think I called your cell first."

When I told her, "I don't have a cell," she was SHOCKED.

"I have an iPhone, but I don't have the phone set up. I use it for email," I told her.

"What?!?" she asked. "What if someone needs you?!?"

"Someone always needs me," I replied. "And I check email hourly, so if they really need me--and I believe them--I'll call them back after I see their email about the emergency. But the problem is, everyone thinks their BS is an emergency. And have you seen how many projects I'm working on? Do you realize how many producers, directors, writers, agents, managers, publicists, and actors are certain that they have an emergency situation happening? Believe me. The ONLY way I get *any* down time--and I don't get a lot--is because I have no cell phone. The number you called was my husband's. Because 70% of the time, I'm with him. So if someone is SURE they need me, they have to weather the Keith to get to me. And that's about as good as my having no cell phone at all, frankly."

She laughed like crazy.

But, whether I had a cell phone or made my home phone unlisted or whatever, what would it matter? It's all gonna keep comin', no matter what I try to do to stop it.

So, when I want to write a column about the actors who call me, email me, fax me, FedEx me, anything me to try and find out "how to submit on my projects" when I FLIPPIN' PUT THE DAMN THINGS OUT ON ACTORS ACCESS, WHERE EVERYONE ON THE PLANET CAN SUBMIT, DUDE, I guess it's nice to have someone in my life who reminds me that THAT is not a column. It's a rant. It's, at best, a blog post.

Because--just like the idiot who takes up two parking spaces out in front of my house, when he could just as easily pull up two feet to allow another car to park behind him--there will always be people who JUST DON'T GET IT. And they wouldn't think you were giving THEM a tip, no matter how much you made it all about them, anyway.


(For what it's worth, I got about three sentences farther in to the post than Tucker Max did. I'm patient like that.)

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April 21, 2008

July Showcase Breakdown, Call for SCENES

Today, the breakdown for the July 2008 Cricket Feet Showcase went out on Actors Access. We've brought back Chil Kong to direct again (since he kicked so much ass with our April 2008 showcase) and we're back at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, which is simply stunning, as venues go. Hope to see a bunch of you in the mix (and, again, submit electronically and leave a NOTE... we love that). Auditions will be the week of 5/12 (submission deadline is 5/2). Showcase dates are 7/9 and 7/10. As always, tons more info at the Cricket Feet Showcase website. Thanks and break a leg!

Today, we also announce our official call for comedic SCENES for the Cricket Feet Showcase. The submission period is always open, but this is when we push for July-specific submissions (with a deadline of May 16th for this round). We are specifically seeking two-person comedic scenes that come in at around four minutes. We are not offering any pay at this point, but you do retain all rights to your original material and may feel free to sell and resell it to as many buyers as you can find! All submissions MUST be accompanied by the two-page scene info and writers' release (PDF) linked here. Material received after 5pm on 5/16/08 will be held for future showcase consideration. Thanks so much for your interest! We look forward to reading your work!

Thanks for the love and keep kickin' ass everyone!

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April 20, 2008

Everybody's Workin' ON the Weekend

Crazy. So I put out the revised breakdown for Another Harvest Moon at 5:43pm Friday.

I expected that the weekend would be filled submissions direct from actors, hoping to join the superstar cast already in place. Well, I've just logged on after 10 hours offline and another 28 agencies and management companies have submitted.

And WTF, places like Anonymous Content and Untitled Entertainment submitting at 10:30pm on the weekend? I love this! It's a new way of working! We're always ON! :)

That's just cool. Way cool. :)

(My post on the awesomeness that is the Cricket Feet Showcase is still to come. So busy. Of course. ;) Hee! Gotta write a little column, here, too. Yay! I love today!)

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April 18, 2008

A Big Week

So, the showcase was a HUGE success, and while I was in "the Burbank office" for the week, I got word that a film I cast last year got its funding restored and will be shooting in June!

Check out the breakdown for Another Harvest Moon right here. :) Yay! I'm so glad we're back!! (Meet the cast already in place.) Yay!

More updates to come. I'm swamped. :) Lovin' it!!

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April 14, 2008

Very late April 2008 12 of 12

All day on the 12th, I kept thinking--as I snapped photos that all looked the same to me--"Ah, this would've been such a cooler 12 of 12 if tomorrow were the 12th instead." You see, I had big plans for the 13th: an awards show, Universal City with the kids after, and a rockstar karaoke birthday party in Little Tokyo for my new badass director friend.

But then the weather changed. And I'm a weather wimp. Because I had so much work to do all day Saturday, in order to be able to be gone all day Sunday (my usual column-writing and catch up on everything else day), I stuck myself in front of my computer in a very hot room and neglected to eat much or drink any water, really, and by the time Keith got home from rehearsal, apparently I looked like death warmed over.

"Get into the bedroom," he bossed. I did, and he set up the AC, fed me NyQuil, and put me on migraine watch. My tummy flipped over many, many times and my head got all swimmy like in those anvil-to-head cartoons. I started shaking and got the dry heaves. It was way fun. (No, really. It actually was not. Not at all. Not fun.)

So, in addition to a very boring 12 of 12, it's a very late 12 of 12 because I spent the next 40 hours in bed, trying not to throw up, with wet washcloths draped over me and tissues filled from the nosebleeds all over the bedside table. Delightful.

I still feel like shit, but at least the weather has changed back. I'm sorry, but a sudden weekend high of 96 degrees with so much pressure in the air that it's like I've been placed atop a mountain with no ramp-up to it for my body to adjust is just NOT cool. My tummy is still so fluttery. I hate it. Bleh.

So, with that lovely little lead-in, I give you my boring-ass work-too-hard, forget-to-eat-or-drink, get-over-heated-and-dehydrated version of 12 of 12. (Don't know what 12 of 12 is? Visit Chad Darnell for all the info.)

9:03am: Starts out like any other Saturday. I check my emails from Nancy in bed before heading out to my desk. Put out as many fires from here as possible, to make the transition to "work mode" less clunky. (At least that's what I've convinced myself this ritual does.)

10:02am: A press release will be going out this week with some casting announcements on one of the films I'm casting right now, so I'm prepping the actors' headshots (no, they're not really "blurred"--that's just so's I'm not scooping the press release via 12 of 12, y'know) for the casting website and for posting up on my cubbies, where I always mount the active projects' casts. It's a nice way to stay focused on these awesome actors while dealing with minutia of deals and negotiations and hassles.

11:34am: It's still really early for me to be prepping the final cast grid (which I hand off to production after all deals are set), but there is so much ink on some of these casting deals that I want to stay ahead of the extras and perks and keep everything straight before it gets even more hectic than it has already been. Here, I'm looking up a manager's email address to enter into the grid.

1:41pm: There's been a date push of three weeks on this film, so I have to map out the new dates in the casting deals and on the final cast grid. Might as well be sure it's all accurate before sending out more offer letters. Note: At this point, I have a note in my photo log that says, "I wish I could get a photo of the spike to 88 degrees and PRESSURE that's just happened." Ah... if only it had stayed at only 88 degrees! (And if only I had stopped here to get some water or something. Idiot!)

3:42pm: Ah, a gluten-free muffin and some iced cocoa (Note: I do not generally like cocoa. It's high-protein diet cocoa that I'm supposed to drink. Bleh. See how the instant powder crap doesn't dissolve? EVER. It's annoying. Bleh.) while I outline this week's column and select a POV contribution for the 15th. I swear, I didn't feel so complainy while this was happening... it's only in the captioning (realizing how very sick I was making myself by working so much and ignoring my body's signals for so long) that I am pissy about it all.

4:42pm: Keith has called to ask me if I'm taking care of myself in this heat. "What?" I ask. And then I realize, "Oh, crap. I haven't even been drinking enough water" (and I usually drink a gallon a day) and I hop in the shower to cool off. This is the after-shower upside-down head-flip hair combing. That's the extent of my styling ritual. No product, no styling tools... I don't even own a hair dryer. For realz.

4:57pm: Convinced I've cooled myself off enough, I head back to my desk to work on showcase prep. Gotta get the tech/show bible completed; burn the CD of music for the pre-show, post-show, and show itself; log the RSVPs; and create the mic pack map among other things. This is the tower of booze we've bought for the showcase (admin showcase stuff in the boxes in the foreground). I hope we've got enough. This block of boxes is six columns deep. Eitan has the beer and water. We've got the wine and tequila.

5:11pm: Mic map, done! Let's hope this makes sense to anyone other than me!

5:17pm: I've posted the actors' headshots--again, blurred so as not to scoop the press release--and this makes me very happy. I really love this part of the process: Having actors cast in roles and preparing to bring fictional (and historic, in this case) characters to life! It's just awesome. And I know they're all so excited!

6:58pm: I'm getting punchy. Keith has come home and I'm frantic about getting the rest of my 12 photos in. I'm chattering like a rabid squirrel and Keith is trying to put a wet washcloth on my head. I'm fighting him on it, saying, "I'm FINE!" and then he makes me touch my skin just under my breasts. OH MY GOD! I am on fire! Suddenly, my tummy flips and it's off to bed I go. But first, of course, a photo (one of like 25 I took within like three minutes) of Archie.

7:30pm: Keith has put clean sheets on the bed and tossed Sid and Nancy and the Sex and the City box set (I'm trying to watch one DVD per weekend to try and get caught up before the movie comes out) in bed as bait for me to go follow. The AC is up and running, working really hard to try and bring the temperature down from the 92 it reached inside today. HOW did I miss this? My head is swimming. Ah! A nosebleed. Lovely.

8:48pm: Finally! I'm relaxing. And it's one of my favorite moments in Sex and the City history. I've even blogged about it (er, over three years ago), here.

In the whole "remember to stay grateful" line of thinking, I'm just so very happy that I have a husband who makes me take care of myself, a super-high-powered AC, and "good TV" (even if it's actually DVD on the 'puter rather than "traditional TV") to distract me while I'm mending from the stupid overwork, overheat, oversick nonsense. I really do love my lovely life. It's overfilled with good things. My problems are a piece of cake, considering.

(Sorry I missed the fun Sunday stuff, everyone. I hope the awards show was grand, the park was fun, and the birthday party was filled with happy celebration!)

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April 9, 2008

Cricket Feet Showcase! RSVP Now!!

Cricket Feet Casting ACTORS SHOWCASE
April 16 & 17, 2008 - 8pm - FREE
The Colony Theatre, Burbank

produced by: Bonnie Gillespie
directed by: Chil Kong

presenting: Andrea Russell - Brooke Stone - Carey Linnell - Christina Blevins - Cole Stratton - Craig Pearman - Cristina Cimellaro - David Boyd - Doug Dezzani - Edelyn Aubrey - Eitan Loewenstein - Elena Muntean - Etta Devine - James Jolly - Jennifer Betit Yen - Jeremiah Peisert - Jonathan Strait - Julie Inmon - Karen Forman - Keith Johnson - Kimberly Demarse - Lauren Aboulafia - Lindsay Katai - Louie Millican - Marc McTizic - Mark Wood - Mary Passeri - Nia Jervier - Regina Palian - Renee Spei - Shawn Lockie - Sheila Daley - Shelley Delayne - Stacey Healey - Tamika Simpkins - Yoyao Hsueh

A fast-paced, professionally directed, comedic showcase of 36 carefully screened and appropriately cast actors in just over an hour.

Did we mention that we've chosen a location where free parking is a breeze? And that we're rolling out yummy munchies and adult beverages before and after the show? Awesome, right? Yeah. We thought so too.

Two chances to see it:
Wednesday, April 16 - Thursday, April 17
8 pm - FREE

The Colony Theatre
555 North Third Street
Burbank, CA 91502

directions/venue info: http://colonytheatre.org/directions.shtml

reservations/showcase info: http://cricketfeetshowcase.com

RSVP is a must!
To reserve your seats: http://cricketfeetshowcase.com/rsvp.html

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April 8, 2008

Other Bonnie, You're Killin' Me!


So, some other Bonnie out there (yes, I have her last name, I know where--city/state--she lives) put down her email address WRONG on something. On multiple somethings.

Her Gmail address is just ONE letter off from mine, but she apparently has drunken benders during which she writes down the address "my way" and I start getting emails about staff meetings (she's a professor), from students turning in late writing assignments (oy, the attachments), about approving pizza party flyers (oy, the typos), and occasionally confirming dinner reservations made via the web or progress reports on fundraising groups.

At first, I just deleted the mail. I get so much spam already, plus so much unsolicited actor email ("Do I have what it takes?" "Do you like my headshot?" "Can I send you my reel?" "Will u casted me in a fulm plz?" "Which of these agents should I sign with?" "Can I work for you?") that it just seemed simple. HIT DELETE. Move on.

And then I decided to reply, "Please remove me from your address book and/or mailing list. Thank you." And that's how I learned that "Other Bonnie" is a professor in Florida whose email address is almost exactly like mine.

Damn, that bitch either doesn't want her mail or has horrific handwriting. :\

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April 7, 2008

The Six-Words Meme

As mentioned in my comments section recently, the lovely Beth tagged me to do The Six-Words Meme, and so I have done it. ;)

The Six-Words Meme was originally started by Smith Magazine. There is now a book. The history is thus:

Legend has it that Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." Last year, SMITH Magazine re-ignited the recountre by asking our readers for their own six-word memoirs. They sent in short life stories in droves, from the bittersweet ("Cursed with cancer, blessed with friends") and poignant ("I still make coffee for two") to the inspirational ("Business school? Bah! Pop music? Hurrah") and hilarious ("I like big butts, can't lie").

Without further ado, here is my effort:

So completely overfilled with good things.

The rules...
1) Write your own six-word memoir.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you'd like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag six more blogs with links.
5) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.
6) Have fun.

So, now I shall tag... hmm...

Def Jam Becca MC (I bet it'll have something to do with poop.)
JefBot (I bet it'll have something to do with comic books.)
JoJo (or whomever her guest blogger is this week)

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April 4, 2008

Eff the Net!

Oh, okay. NOW I get it.

So, I had been asking dearest besties why it is I'm so angry lately.

(It's really flippin' annoying. I've been a big-ass ball of rage for about two months and while I want to blame it on dieting--since I can't blame it on Keith anymore (he's been almost perfect, lately)--I can't really figure out what the eff has made me so "default mode: bitchcakes" lately. REALLY not fun.)

Well, y'know, I've been off message boards for like three months now.

I guess I never realized how much of my angries need to get out via Internet rage! I NEED to be angry at a troll or a spammer or a scammer! I NEED to be pissed at a poseur! A-ha!!

Without this outlet, there is nothing but the REAL people in my REAL life and suddenly I'm skating on the edge and being MAD like all the flippin' time!!! (Okay, that's an exaggeration. It's more like a tenth of my days, but that's enough to be really annoying and confounding. I like to be the happy. I idle at feeling really damn good.)

So, apparently, some part of me knew that's what I needed and I signed on to Yahoo! Answers (after a Google Alert sent me to a question about Showfax membership). I answered that question and then realized I could earn points by answering more. Hello, addiction? Here's a fix! I'm sooooooooooo there, OCD. Thankee.

(Not like I have other shit to do, right? Um, hi. Casting four films, producing a showcase, updating the top-selling book, writing the weekly column, exec-producing a film and a web-series. Okay. Hi. Life?)

And then today I had the audacity to answer a question about a blog where a guy posts copyrighted information about auditions (and all I did was say that this type of thing--even if it doesn't ask for money from actors--can qualify as a "scam" because it's reproducing copyrighted information, distributing it worldwide, and giving wannabe actors the impression that they've got a shot at roles that are being cast exclusively via agent-casting director relationships and such, not even going out on public breakdowns *within* the industry, much less on a BLOGSPOT blog).


Now I'm being hit with:

If you see castingq's other answers, she says "I write a weekly column for actors and have also written several acting books." That sounds like the scam to me. Casting Directors selling books, and taking big money to do those "cold reading workshops". Cause casting directors like to take money from actors too.

GAWD casting directors can be SO ANAL!


castinq's is Bonnie Gillespie. And yeah all she is about is selling books.


It's pretty pathetic that Bonnie Gillespe comes in here and bashes Alan. He has been in here for ages helping us with all kinds of answers, then she comes in here and acts ike a know it all. Check out her page at IMDb......


She has hardly cast anything and she writes all these books and does seminars. Look like shes ony into making money. What a joke.

(Hey, buddy, thanks for driving up my StarMeter! Woo! Yay!)


Suddenly, I'm reminded why I dialed back my interaction with web-boards earlier this year... but now it's making TONS of sense why I'm feeling so much RAGE about nothing to rage about, because obviously I used to have an outlet (haters, poseurs, wannabes, shills on any number of web-boards) and now I just have my REAL life, which has no space for anger.

But the emotion has to go somewhere, right?

Ah, I get it! I get it!

Thank you, silly question about whether someone's copyright-infringement-filled blog is a scam and my knee-jerk reaction to answer that it might be, if it's ripping anyone else off or providing false hope. Thank you for subjecting me to the hate that's out there--a delicious reminder about why I like the REAL LIFE so, so, so much better.

And now, finally, an understanding of WHY this built-up energy hasn't had a good place to go in too many months.

Maybe I'll take up masturbating.

I mean, really!

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April 2, 2008

Loves the Kitties

Yeah, yeah, I know. Not everyone is into the beautiful kitties. Whatevs. Fine.


A. I'm totally into Rich and his blog, b/c he covers ANTM like nobody's business.
B. I appreciate the capture of a kitty in total bitchcakes whoredom (I have tried to catch Thwok, the broccoli lover, like this, to no avail).
C. Bonus points for closed-captioning. Brill. Loves.


PS--My Microsoft Office Notifications have stopped working. If you were owed a conversation that was based on an alarm going off, you'll be affected by this glitch. How will you know? Er... I won't call you. Or email. Or whatevs.

PPS--MySpace changed its notifications' system and I had to unsub from all of it to stop the spammage. This definitely means folks who think we interact via MySpace are gonna miss my eyes (if'n that matters).

PPPS--Suddenly respecting the old-timey phone panel and attendant. "Hello, operator? I'm calling K-L-1. Please connect me." Yeah.

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April 1, 2008

I love my showcase cast.

I know I say this every time.

I know I always brag about how brilliant the actors are, how funny the writing is, how amazing the director is.

And I know I always say, "This is our best showcase EVER."

But dammit, I have to say it all--and mean it all--again.

For real!

Last Looks was last night and everyone was so flippin' amazing. Just, wow. I am in awe of how laugh-out-loud funny this showcase is.

And I'm so excited that we don't have to turn away ANYONE, now that we're in this great new location. :) Have you RSVPd yet? DO IT! (Pretty please?)

Thank you. :)

I love these actors. They're amazing. So committed and funny and smart and awesome!!!!!!

Come see for yourself.

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