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January 30, 2009

Hey, look at that!



I'm gearing up for Monday's book signing and Q&A at Samuel French (Studio City) and I get a call from the awesome Leslie Gornstein (AKA "The Answer B!tch" for E! Online). And here I am again, in a bit about whether stars have to audition for roles like the rest of the actors out there. :)




This one went out on Yahoo! News as well. :) Cool. Thanks to Marcellas Reynolds for the heads up. And of course to Colleen Wainwright for the hook-up in the first place. Very nice.

Two breakdowns went out Monday for Glass Houses and Arranging Mia. Also put out the breakdown for the Cricket Feet Showcase (and the call for writers went out last week, so if you have a comedic scene for us, please download the PDF release at the showcase website and get your goodies to us by 2/13). Actor submission deadline is 2/6 and we'll hold auditions on 2/16. Woo! This is the one and only showcase of 2009. Yeah!

Keith has been working his arse off on rehearsals for a play he's doing and spending the rest of his time fixing computers like crazy! My awesome intern comes today and we'll order in Chinese food and get a lot done. :) My goal is getting the ranked list of top name actors for key roles in the two films sent over to producers, so we know which first offers we want to make next week or so. Gotta track the bankability of the actors, which--hey, full circle--is what I talked about the first time I was quoted by E! Online. ;)

It's like, my job, and all that. Yippee!

PS--Thanks to everyone who helped me recraft my casting resumé and bio. (Those links are to PDFs. Don't be scared.) It was tough getting the resumé down to two pages (from five), but "killing off babies" is a big part of Resumé Feng Shui and now I really do know how all those actors feel, when I insist they CUT CREDITS to have a more purposeful resumé. Awesome!

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January 26, 2009

Two New Breakdowns

A third will go out tonight, for the Cricket Feet Showcase, but here are the two that are out right now, for two feature films:

Arranging Mia

Glass Houses

Good luck to all! :)

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January 12, 2009

12 of 12 for January 2009

Welcome back for another year of 12 of 12! New to 12 of 12? Visit Chad Darnell for all the info. Join us! It's so fun.

7:20am: Went to sleep just before 2am after a lovely Santa Ana-induced walk with the hubs. While we were out, everything STOPPED--no sound whatsoever--and then there was stillness and a crack in a tree above. We stopped and just stared, commenting on how, strangely, no cars were parked on that side of the street (that never happens, at that hour), and then I said the words, "It's like something's about to happen." (I was thinking earthquake.) And then... POP! That whole branch of the tree just snapped right off and slammed to the ground. Had there been cars parked there, there would have been insurance claims. It was bizarre! Like when Keith walks by a street light and it just turns off. Happens all the time! Anyway, got a big five hours' sleep after that and woke up to kitties and Keith sleeping away. Me? Up. Gotta get up. Can't stay in bed at this point.

8:10am: Customizing today's Jillian Michaels workout on the Wii Fit. I love this thing. The "hard" workout is HARD. I know. Shocking! I'm lovin' it, though. And I'm so happy I've learned how to opt out of the country music and pick my own routine. Really great! Loads of sweat. Happy! Downloaded the "Lose It" app for iPhone as recommended by Ames and am already obsessed. I will be at goal before my b'day!

9:38am: See anything you like? All these VHS tapes are headed to donation bins! Yep. I had hoped that Keith could take 'em to his used video store and get a credit of a few bucks from 'em. Nope. NOTHING. They're worthless. Damn. That hurts. But we made sure all of the really "important" vids here were downloadable and/or buyable somewhere. Yay! Clear the clutter! What's next??

9:57am: "Breakfast" at my desk: butternut squash soup w/ lots of pepper! Yum! I know it's not a standard breakfast, but it's way creamy and filling and it's the only time of day--what with the Santa Anas and all--that I can enjoy anything remotely warm.

10:28am: Paying bills. Didn't I do this last month? Seriously. This is not fun. I mean, I love that we have the money to pay for the things that we have, but the hassle of filling out documentation on the Income Contingent Plan for my dang student loans for the sixth time in a year is just crazymaking! "Yes! This is my documented income! YES! It's radically different every two months! YES! That's what living freelance is all about!" DUDE!

11:44am: So, my lovely cousin Faith has furniture in LA that needs to live here, while she lives in NY. And we have a lovely storage space in Pacoima (I guess it's lovely; I've never been. Keith carries the heavy stuff), so we help her out sometimes. This is the most recent U-Haul Keith rented to schlep stuff to storage. Cousin's dining room table and chairs, plus two boxes that were recovered from my mother's house after it burned down a few years ago. I can't open them. I'm just not ready. So, off to storage they go, to be with the boxes Keith shipped home from my actual cousin's house in 2007, also unopened. Someday, we'll have a house and all of this stuff will live in a garage there. And then we'll die and Quinn and his wife and kids will sort through the boxes we haven't opened, ever. It'll be like a time capsule! Or, we'll get our house and hire "people" and have a week or so to go through everything and... yeah, I know. It's a fantasy. But at least I'm not alone in believing that we'll someday go through "the boxes." Right? Everyone has this stuff, yeah?

12:20pm:Well, Keith was on his way to the storage space when he got a call from his rockstar agent, and learned he had to rush home to change for a callback! Awesome problem to have! :) So, as he stopped home, he grabbed the mail and opened our 2009 Shiba Inu Cam calendar. Yes, really. We didn't have a 2009 calendar and saw we could buy one from the Shibas. And we did. And it's presh. Shut up.

1:20pm: Lunch! Yes, it's just been a couple of hours since the soup, but considering the workout, I'd say it's time. What's for lunch? Pork Papaya and mixed veggies. Yum!

1:41pm: Thwok begs for (and receives) broccoli. Seriously, this cat is weird. Oh, but good news comes at this point. I've been tapped for a book signing and Q&A at Samuel French in Studio City on February 2nd! Woo! Wine, food, Bon! You gotta be there! :)

2:21pm: I hear sirens and have to check out the window. Yup. It's the fourth time in this very young year that the paramedics have been here. Poor Bob. Our neighbor is really having trouble lately. It won't be long. :(

4:22pm: Santa Anas require a DayQuilTini. The lovely DayQuilTini is posing on a lovely new table from cousin Faith. Ahh... somehow this cuts the pressure from the Santa Anas. A little. Wish it helped more. Ugh. The Santa Anas are sooo rough on my sinuses...

6:27pm: ...and skin. The Santa Anas are so bad that my moisturizer needs moisturizer! Luckily, the amazing Nancy Wolfson bought me some sweet Sephora goodies, and this was one of the lovely things. Hope in a Jar is seriously like butter on my skin. Thank goodness!

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. And thank you, sweet Chad, for another wonderful 12 of 12 experience. :) Kiss, kiss! Be well!

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January 11, 2009


Is it possible that it's January 11th and I'm posting my first blog entry of the year? Truly, Facebook and video blogging and Twitter have collectively taken over my blogging energy.

Ah, well, it's always good to check in with the fine folks who only visit SpyNotebook or my MySpace page. So, here's a check-in.

Today is my half-birthday. Anyone with a summer birthday knows what this is about, because the only way we got singing or cake or decorated lockers at school was to celebrate a half-birthday, which I did. My high school locker-mate Kori actually reminded me of this today with a Facebook wall post. Awesome. Even 25 years later, we celebrate each other's half-birthday. That's devotion! :)

So, I'm 38.5 and that means... um... well, I guess that's all it means. :) I'm happy. I'm healthier than ever. I'm fit. I'm supercute. I'm working my ass off. Life is good.

And the mantra for 2009 remains: "More funny; more money!" Because laughter and income = really cool stuff. Let's have more of both! :)

Quick hits of news: I'm under contract for seven feature films in the 2009-2010 slate. A film I cast in 2005 just got distribution. I've been hired for three speaking gigs so far this year. I'm producing or associate producing over half of the films I'm casting at this point. The biz-of-the-biz class I'm facilitating is awesome. I got a nice note from the head of Yale Drama thanking me for my amazing book. A major showrunner friend wrote a similar note. The radars on which my stuff lands these days are all pretty dang cool. I signed with an agent on New Year's Eve. Yes, casting directors have agents at some point. Keith and I are happy. I've lost over 50 pounds (and still going). I am so happy!

Eesh, I'd love to post photos and links and all that detail-oriented stuff, but I'm on the run to get my hair did and then watch the Golden Globes (damn Pacific tape delay). Yes, I'll be a brunette by the time you've finished reading this. Hee! Just a mood I've been in. Couldn't shake it. Indulged it. There ya go! Happy my half-birthday! :)

Tomorrow is 12 of 12! Get your cameras ready! :) I'll be home most of the day, so it'll be a "here's my desk, here's a cat, here's a list, here are some headshots" kind of day, but sometimes that's how my days look. :) Hope you'll enjoy just the same.

Much love!!

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