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January 30, 2009

Hey, look at that!



I'm gearing up for Monday's book signing and Q&A at Samuel French (Studio City) and I get a call from the awesome Leslie Gornstein (AKA "The Answer B!tch" for E! Online). And here I am again, in a bit about whether stars have to audition for roles like the rest of the actors out there. :)




This one went out on Yahoo! News as well. :) Cool. Thanks to Marcellas Reynolds for the heads up. And of course to Colleen Wainwright for the hook-up in the first place. Very nice.

Two breakdowns went out Monday for Glass Houses and Arranging Mia. Also put out the breakdown for the Cricket Feet Showcase (and the call for writers went out last week, so if you have a comedic scene for us, please download the PDF release at the showcase website and get your goodies to us by 2/13). Actor submission deadline is 2/6 and we'll hold auditions on 2/16. Woo! This is the one and only showcase of 2009. Yeah!

Keith has been working his arse off on rehearsals for a play he's doing and spending the rest of his time fixing computers like crazy! My awesome intern comes today and we'll order in Chinese food and get a lot done. :) My goal is getting the ranked list of top name actors for key roles in the two films sent over to producers, so we know which first offers we want to make next week or so. Gotta track the bankability of the actors, which--hey, full circle--is what I talked about the first time I was quoted by E! Online. ;)

It's like, my job, and all that. Yippee!

PS--Thanks to everyone who helped me recraft my casting resumé and bio. (Those links are to PDFs. Don't be scared.) It was tough getting the resumé down to two pages (from five), but "killing off babies" is a big part of Resumé Feng Shui and now I really do know how all those actors feel, when I insist they CUT CREDITS to have a more purposeful resumé. Awesome!

Posted by bonnie at January 30, 2009 11:10 AM


Wow. You make me look like a slacker.

I so love how you attack your job with such vigor, and also how you seem to continue being rewarded by the universe for it. VERRRY inspiring.

I have the signing on my calendar for Monday. No promises, b/c these days are precariously full, but I soooo wanna go have fun and celebrate more bonbon success.

Rock on, girlie!

Posted by: the communicatrix at January 30, 2009 4:44 PM

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