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March 31, 2009

CARE Awards 2009

So I keep forgetting-slash-not-having-time to post about the BizParentz.com CARE Awards, which Keith and I were honored to attend a couple of weeks ago.

Well, since the beginning, we have been sponsors of the event, donating either copies of Self-Management for Actors or Acting Qs, the latter of which I co-authored with the awesome Blake Robbins.

But this was the first year it actually worked out that we could be there! And WOW! What an amazing experience!

The organizers have put together a really outstanding, lovely, inspiring event. And the cool thing is, it's not just about being a kid actor. These kids write essays, do artwork in competition, and have academic requirements that go along with "being biz kids." It's all about balance! I love that.

So, among many wonderful things we saw and heard and experienced that lovely Sunday, there was this--Keith's favorite pic off to the side of the red carpet. No, not us (above). The gaggle of girls (below). How cute is that?

Anyway, we made our way inside and were greeted by the sponsor table, featuring the over $400 of goodies each of the 150 kid actor honorees received. :) Yay!

I loved that someone caught this kiddo going through his bag, with our book right there in the pic. Hee! That's fun.

We found our way to our table (note the lovely product placement of Coca-Cola. Heh heh. I am a stockholder after all. And since I don't drink the stuff, I gotta at least represent somehow)!

And look at these awesome awards that all the kiddos got! So dang cool! (Oh, most of these photos are by the amazing and talented Allie and Cathy McCall--the latter of which was our wedding photographer a few years back.)

Lunch has been served and it's almost time for the awards event to begin! Loads of surprises and treats and laughs (and a few tears)!

Our buddy Gary Marsh braved the green glitter-coated chocolate bonbon (using his trusty pocket knife, of course). Hee! He gave glitter kisses the rest of the day!

Loved getting to hang out with the Casting About guys and Holdon Log folks too. I swear, we're a goofy bunch!

Anyway, there's a day in Hollywood. :) Congratulations to Anne, Paula, and the whole BizParentz.com group for putting on such an amazing event! Congrats to all the young actors who RULE! Looking forward to working with you all!

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