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March 20, 2009

Charger Plate

Okay, so the first time I ever heard the words "charger plate" was somewhere in the neighborhood of November 2008 when Fawnda was rambling about her woodland creature napkin holders and other stuffs she'd bought from the Pottery Barn for Thanksgiving dinner.

So, tonight, Keith and I are out for a wonderful date at a favorite place and it's nice and quiet as non-trendy places that serve amazing food should be on a hot Friday night.

Well, around 8:30pm, the hostess lady came around and started picking up all of the salad forks from the unoccupied tables. She placed them on a silver platter covered with cloth napkins. It was a very formal experience.

Around 8:45pm, the hostess lady came back around and started picking up all of the charger plates (hence the whole conversation about WTF a charger plate is and why it's necessary and whether we're out of the loop for not needing nor caring whether we ever have such a thing under any plate--or removed before the introduction of our plate--at any time).

And around 9pm, the hostess lady came back through and out went all of the wine glasses.


So is the rate of theft of extraneous silverware, charger plates, and wine glasses exponentially higher as we reach 9pm on a Friday in Santa Monica?

Does the likelihood that anyone will order a meal requiring a salad fork or wine glass plummet after 9pm? (Does it matter that the restaurant is open 24/7?)

And that charger plate. Do we just--as a society--require less-formal arrival conditions in fancy restaurants at a certain hour?

(Seeing as I have never had an interest in--nor knowledge of--a charger plate prior to five months ago, I guess that whole last part is lost on me. But I thank the Wiki for schooling me a bit.)

So, huh?

I really kinda wanted to ax the hostess lady about it, but was too much in love with my dinner. And my hubs.

Holy crap.

Sometimes there is nothing a bottle of Ferrari-Carano, kisses from the beloved, a lobster tail, a slab o' meat, and a big-ass potato can't fix.

(Note: Nothing needed fixing. I had another sentence there, but it ended in a preposition. And I blog so infrequently now that I figure I might as well be more grammatically correct. Hence my use of "ax" for "ask.")


This is why I don't blog much anymore. Twitter better. Shorter. Ahh...

Posted by bonnie at March 20, 2009 10:28 PM


Oh my goodness, how refreshing to read your blog. You crack me up with your quirky view of the world.

Posted by: Maria at March 23, 2009 6:25 PM

Well, thanks, Maria! :) Tee hee!

Posted by: Bon at May 15, 2009 1:39 AM

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