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May 19, 2009

A Gift from Quinn

So my amazing stepson Quinn sent this to me.

He's only with us each summer, so what I love is seeing him remember very specific things as he filled in what had to be a Mad Libs-style guide to creating this piece of laminated awesomeness.

• He sees me at my desk all the time.
• He hears me laugh a lot.
• He sees the Hello Kitty blanket at my desk.
• He watches me drink a gallon of ice water per day.
• He sees me as glad and loved.
• He sees me needing a little more money (awesome), more time with him (absolutely), and more hugs (everyone needs more hugs).
• He remembers me having squealed at a spider so he could be brave and kill it for me.
• He has an awesome time with me.
• He feels LOVED.

What more could a stepmother want?

Well... more time with Quinn. :) And luckily, this summer, we will get that! Just a few more days 'til my brightest spot of my year: my beautiful stepson's visit. :) Yay!

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May 14, 2009

Hey, thanks!

Thank you, readers of Back Stage West for including me among the list of "Favorite Casting Directors" (again!) and--this year--among "Favorite Industry Blogs" (behind the awesomeness that is Nikki Finke, of course) in the 2009 Readers' Choice Awards for Los Angeles.

MUCH appreciated!

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May 13, 2009

12 of 12 for May 2009

Well all right! This day was CRAZY busy and I'm typing up this blog entry using the 'puter we call The Chicklet (and she was bought after I got hired on my first casting gig, well over six years ago) b/c Keith decided to work on my 'puter (called Sid, bought 18 months ago, and apparently in BIG need of a defrag) and the most fun part of all of this is the fact that three keys are missing or misplaced on this 'puter, and I'm having to *really* watch myself to be sure I'm getting my letters right.

It's like I'm back in Ms. Prosser's keyboarding class all over again. "Y'all sound like a bunch of chickens peckin'! A-S-D-F..." and so on.

So, here's the awesomenss that is 12 of 12. New to 12 of 12? Visit Chad Darnell for all the info. Join us! It's ever so much fun to see what's going on all over the world on a single day. And if you have famous friends, they like to schedule visits with you on 12 of 12 dates and put on fancies. :) It's cool like that.

7:09am: Good morning goodbye kiss from Keith as he heads out to Runyon Canyon. He's doing like 30 miles of biking (to and from) and then 90 minutes at Runyon four days per week. Seriously. He's a little insane.

8:19am: Me on the other hand? I do a nice, easy Wii Fit program. I'm now welcomed to Day 302 of Wii Fit and Abraham. My Mii is psyched! And so am I. Nah, I may not have fast results, but I do have results. I'll be at goal weight by my birthday. I'm less than ten pounds and two months away. Crazy awesome!

10:11am: My theme of the month of May continues. Being on time makes me a half-hour early for everything. (Love how Mercury Retrograde slows so many people down.) While waiting for the awesome Aussies, I ate all of the almonds and dried cranberries. Yum! My tea was the weakest one they offer. That's my preference, since I generally don't do caffeine or anything like that.

11:47am: Lunch meeting with Cristina Cimellaro at Raw in Santa Monica. Love a place where there's nothing that could ever do me harm. Such good food! Good meeting too!

12:57pm: Archie lobbies for a post-lunch meeting nap. I decide to cuddle for a few moments, but it doesn't last. There's much work to do!

2:42pm: First time on Facebook in 32 hours. 15 friend requests, 10 messages, 17 events, 73 notifications. Eep!

3:29pm: This just in: 48 new pitches on K-Town, P.I. from Innovative. Loves me some casting buzz on a rockstar script!

4:52pm: Anna Vocino test driving the Flawless Aloetini Gimlet. Thank you, Cheryl, for the Flawless. Thank you, Tamika, for the Aloe. :)

6:05pm: AnnaVo checking the Interwebs for more fan mail. I mean, when you voice the evil chipmunk on Y&R, how can you NOT get flooded?

8:18pm: Oh, how I loves me some Houston's, with the sand candle and the Marvin the Martian condiment caddy! And the sushi and the wine, natch! Goooooood dinner! Goooooood times!

8:39pm: Anna shopping at Sur la Table. Watch out! There's much to pop into the bag, here!

8:46pm: Because my 12 of 12 is looking like an "I stalk Anna Vocino" tribute, here's me w/ small wooden bowls. I mean, let's just call it a "bonus pic" this month. :) Might as well make an appearance, right? And who doesn't love small wooden bowls in a stack like that?

8:55pm: To be fair, there's no reason not to stalk Anna. I mean, check out the gams for the fans as we shop our asses off at Sur. We now have too much to carry home, BTW. Good thing we're only a few blocks away. Next there will be more snacks and bevvies and Wii and laughing and vibing. No photos... gals gotta keep some stuffs behind the curtain.

As always, thanks, everyone, for stopping by. And thank you, Chad, for another lovely 12 of 12 experience. :) Kiss, kiss, kiss!

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