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May 14, 2010


I haven't uploaded a photo in the 2010 Photo a Day challenge since May 11th.

I took only 11 photos on the 12th, which is of course 12 of 12. I still haven't uploaded them.

I'm not motivated to post anything at this blog because it is so completely overrun with spam comments that we've had to just turn off the whole dang thing. (Well, that's not true, there are still a zillion spam comments waiting for moderation, but I can't even sift through them to see if there are real ones, so why bother, y'know?)

Completely disgusted by the violation of privacy settings (I'm calling it rape, since Facebook has been so aggressively shady about rolling out these "new features" that most folks don't even understand), I've pulled off almost all vids, photos, notes, links, and tags at Facebook, while uninstalling almost all apps and extras. I've also been going at least two days between log-ins at the Facebook, which is ridiculously less frequent than I used to.

I used to think in status updates (like, whenever something would happen, I'd say, "Ooh, 'Bonnie Gillespie is...' HA! That's funny," and then remember that for when I next logged in. Now I don't. I'm using Facebook for its reach now, not for pleasure.

And amazingly, I'm not HURTING for a place to share a list of my favorite shows, a random share meme, a link I found that I think might be interesting, or anything else that social networking (via e-groups, then message boards, then Friendster and MySpace and Facebook) has been so good about helping me cultivate over the years.

I'm so busy with the launch of Somebody's Basement that I really can't focus on anything else. Oh wait, yes I can. Like the casting offer we put out today for the lead in Everything But. Or the casting deal memo that's about two steps away from being executed on the next film project (breakdown next week if we stay on schedule). Or like the collaboration with a few of the finest industry players in this business which will launch later this year. Or my pilot, the treatment for which I have a meeting over the weekend. Or the web series I'm exec producing. Or the fact that my stepson will be in town in just over a month!


I see why I'm no longer focused on things like snagging a photo a day, or 12 on the 12th, or updating my status at Facebook. I am so completely overrun with all the other things in my world--things I love, love, LOVE--that I'm just making time to Tweet (thank goodness for the Twitter) and even that, I'm behind on somehow.

I'm feeling okay with this. There's a transition going on both online and within my life. It's like all of the online stuff I did to grow my business has worked. And now I have to run my business. I'm using different muscles now. And it's the best kind of sore, y'know?

This is pretty awesome. Believe me, I am sooo blissed out right now. Even if you don't get a daily status update saying so. :)

Posted by bonnie at May 14, 2010 11:42 PM


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