June 8, 2009

Worst Two Days

Today is one of the worst two days of the year (the other one is a month from now).

Today is when it's been the longest since we've had Quinn with us. And a month from now is when it'll be the longest 'til we see him again.

The good news?

An entire month of hugs and love and tickles and giggles and family happy in between.

Oh, hurry up, tomorrow. Bring me the Quinn and all his love!

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May 19, 2009

A Gift from Quinn

So my amazing stepson Quinn sent this to me.

He's only with us each summer, so what I love is seeing him remember very specific things as he filled in what had to be a Mad Libs-style guide to creating this piece of laminated awesomeness.

• He sees me at my desk all the time.
• He hears me laugh a lot.
• He sees the Hello Kitty blanket at my desk.
• He watches me drink a gallon of ice water per day.
• He sees me as glad and loved.
• He sees me needing a little more money (awesome), more time with him (absolutely), and more hugs (everyone needs more hugs).
• He remembers me having squealed at a spider so he could be brave and kill it for me.
• He has an awesome time with me.
• He feels LOVED.

What more could a stepmother want?

Well... more time with Quinn. :) And luckily, this summer, we will get that! Just a few more days 'til my brightest spot of my year: my beautiful stepson's visit. :) Yay!

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July 8, 2008

No Time To Blog!

Okay, so obviously, I have like no time to blog. (Yet somehow I always find time to Twitter. Something about that 140-character limit makes me show up and do it. A lot.)

But I realized today that if I put together a bunch of my Twitter posts, I could actually compile a blog entry without having to work too dang hard. ;)

And I could share some photos from Quinn's visit.

So, here we go.

June 12th, Quinn's Arrival


bonniegillespie @NiNiCorvo Thanks. :) Already having a blast and he's only been here a couple of hours. Hee! Almost want to wake him up just to play. :) XO 10:42 PM June 12, 2008 from web in reply to NiNiCorvo

June 14th, Denker Pool Party

bonniegillespie Deep thought: Do blind people ever *really* know when the coast is clear to masturbate? 11:33 PM June 13, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Headed out to Malibu for a kid-tastic pool party! Woo! 02:49 PM June 14, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Kid-tastic Malibu pool party = *very* good for adults too. (Bonus: learned the meatiest piece of gossip about anyone I've ever known ever.) 10:17 PM June 14, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie I actually called Keith on his cell to ask him to come back and kiss me one more time before he drove off. Aww. I love that man! 09:56 AM June 15, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Hee. Created an email rule that reprioritizes & files incoming High! Priority! Emails! as trash. Heh. Try to tell ME my priorities, will ya? 10:47 AM June 18, 2008 from PocketTweets

bonniegillespie Are all men idiots, or just the ones I marry? 11:23 AM June 19, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Taught Quinn how to bet a buck on a 50/50 situation. He thought about welshing, then got excited about that free dollar. Ahh, Capitalism! 02:25 PM June 19, 2008 from web

June 16th, Our Anniversary

bonniegillespie Watching season one of SOAP on DVD proves that all Michael Richards ever did was a mildly bad Richard Mulligan. Man, SOAP is greatness! 07:04 PM June 20, 2008 from PocketTweets

June 19th, Pier Date with Lucy

bonniegillespie Saturday Night Los Angeles Heat Beating Tip: FREEZER PANTIES. You're welcome. 09:41 PM June 21, 2008 from PocketTweets

June 22nd, Houston's

Rec'd this email from Quinn while at Houston's, re: what it's like to be with us: The love is overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 23rd, Kid Actor Panel at SAG Foundation

bonniegillespie That was awesome. http://tinyurl.com/45mmup The SAG Foundation Kid Actor event I moderated was inspiring! The future of Hollywood is BRIGHT. 09:49 PM June 23, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Tip: Don't like phone calls? Change your ringtone to your favorite song. Suddenly, every call's an excuse to dance! You're welcome. :) 11:44 PM June 24, 2008 from PocketTweets

bonniegillespie @davidmarkland No kidding! And @communicatrix Same here! (Every phone call home, Q says, "She's working... AS USUAL. *sigh*" (Ow, my heart.) 05:53 PM June 25, 2008 from web in reply to davidmarkland

bonniegillespie Ooh, I had forgotten how much I enjoy tweaking PHPBB code! *hangs head* I am SUCH a geek. 12:31 AM June 26, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie CD Workshop tonight at the Hayworth Theatre Ensemble. Looking forward to meeting some actors whose work is new to me. Hope traffic is good. 12:48 PM June 26, 2008 from web

June 25th, on a walk through the neighborhood

June 26th, Dickie and Linda's

July 2nd, Quinn's First Trip to Dan Tana's

bonniegillespie Addressing 1000+ Cricket Feet Showcase postcards to send to industry pros. So. Many. Papercuts. 01:32 PM June 27, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Column turned in. Show Bible 95% complete. Now prepping for mtg. w/ Indie Music Coordinator to review showcase song submissions. Yay! 05:45 PM June 29, 2008 from web

bonniegillespie Headed to WCI Studios for the day as guest casting director and instructor. Right after phone date w/ NC-based CD about a POV contribution. 09:21 AM July 01, 2008 from web

July 3rd, Travel Town

bonniegillespie Taking a well-earned day off to see WALL-E and dine out with hubby, stepson, and sister-in-law. Also buying new (smaller) jeans! Woo!! 11:57 AM July 02, 2008 from web

July 3rd, Autry Museum

bonniegillespie Just saw Sumner Redstone at Dan Tana's. Quinn loved the cheesecake. Aunt Liz loved the Lemon Drops. Me? Gimlets, baby. :) Keith? EVERYTHING. 07:58 PM July 02, 2008 from web

July 3rd, Hollywood Sign

July 5th, Quinn Napping

July 7th, Headed to the Airport

bonniegillespie The last 24 hours with Quinn are always the hardest. *sigh* It's a loooong 11 months, starting tomorrow. :( 06:08 PM July 06, 2008 from web

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June 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

How does the Gillespie-Johnson household celebrate three of its seven years hitched all formal and such?

By (temp) dying Quinn's hair blue, of course!


We're also way stoked that we now share an anniversary with a bunch of history-making gay marrieds in California today.

Just damn cool.

(Of course, Keith wanted to start the day by knocking me up and I find his love of that quest endlessly amusing. Keep at it, cute boy. If you can overpower The Pill, then God bless ya for doing so.)


(Still, I'm super happy to be married. Especially since I never thought I would be, this is way fun. On lots of levels.)

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April 30, 2008

My mom was concerned. I try not to be.

My mom was concerned. I try not to be.

Every day, I look at the drawings on our refrigerator, held up by magnets. *Most* of them are drawn by Quinn (some are drawn by Lucy, or Edie, or any number of other kids we know and adore). And I love looking at them.

1. There's a family on the Catalina Express, labeled "Dad," "BAG," and "me." (My mom would've said, "He sees you as something more formal than 'dad' and 'me'. You've been told you're not connected.")

2. There's snakes on a plane with a label of, "To Dad and Bon from Q." (My mom would've said, "He sees you as 'Bon' and not 'stepmom' or whatever other affectionate thing he might call you. You've been told you're different.)

3. There's a family on a train labeled "K," "my Bonnie," and "Q." (My mom would've told me, "You're listed as a name, not an initial. You aren't family.")

And to all of this, I would say the following:

1. He just learned initials, and mine are novel. He sees his initials and his dad's initials as far too similar to be exciting. Mine are totally different, and he's excited about that.

2. What Quinn calls me is "my Bonnie," which is how I learned "I count." He's got another non-biological parent, and the reference is "my ___," just like "my Bonnie." It's the same as "my mom" and "my dad" for him. And I'm honored to share that.

3. See above. Highest honor.

See, I had a mom who looked at drawings I made, and if my dad's head was bigger than her head, it meant I saw him as smarter than I saw her. If his arm was disconnected from his body, it meant he was disconnected from the family. If I labeled a drawing with Daddy's phone number instead of name, it meant I only know him as someone I can call (ignoring the fact that the number was written with my non-dominant hand and backwards--like, mirror-image backwards, because that wasn't the point, to her). And if I never drew my brothers, it meant I never knew my brothers.

Okay! Give her that last one, but for cryin' out loud! Sometimes a kid draws an arm detached from a body and it means she got distracted or bumped or creative. Sometimes a kid labels people in the same way ADULTS label people, which is often just random and emotional and spur-of-the-moment/unrelated-to-anything-else. It's possible.

So, I love my mom. I love how worried she was about me and my development. And I also know that I trust and know that Quinn loves the crap out of me--as he makes that very clear every visit--and I love, love, love the variations in his works of art on my 'fridge.

That is all.

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February 18, 2008

I don't like it.

There is one thing in this world my husband loves more than me. That's his son, Quinn.

So, when Quinn's mom and Keith divorced seven years ago, they worked out all sorts of neat things like "reasonable visitation" (which will, within the next couple of years--thankfully--mean Quinn comes to live with us and then goes to see his mom every summer for a few weeks) and weekly phone calls.

Weekly. Phone. Calls.

And one of the things Keith looks forward to more than anything in the world is his every-Sunday chat with his growing son. They talk about everything from what Quinn is doing in school to what's on TV, from the weather to pets, from responsibility to tough choices.

And Keith hasn't had a conversation with his son in a month now.

Yup. A dozen unreturned phone calls.

Messages left, week after week, "Hi, this is Keith. Just calling to talk to Quinn. Have him call me when he gets in. Thanks."

And nothing.


I get it. I know it's gotta be tough to manage a family and work and life. And Quinn's getting old enough that he may not even want to talk to his dad anymore. Fine. Let him tell his dad that. When Quinn is here and doesn't want to call his mom, we tell him it's the right thing to do... that she misses him and he needs to call her even just to say hello. That's good parenting. A nine-year-old is not in charge of things.

So, today, when Keith called and was told by--not sure--either a babysitter or Quinn's teenage step-sister that Quinn was in the shower and that he should call him back in 15 minutes, Keith did as instructed.

And when the next call went unanswered... repeatedly... Keith became sad. Not mad. Sad. Depressed. I encouraged him to call again. He did... repeatedly... and finally the teenager on the phone clicked over and said, "I am ON THE PHONE with my driving instructor! He will CALL YOU BACK!"

Guess what?

Tick-tock, tick-tock, it's getting more and more past Quinn's bedtime and no one is calling back.

So Keith calls again... repeatedly... and no one answers. No one clicks over. No one but me gets to witness the emotional torture Quinn's father is enduring.

Sadder still, I don't think anyone else fucking cares.

Sorry, Quinn's mom. I know you hate it when I blog about you or your family or your choices, but this is getting ridiculous. And it HURTS ME, as an adult child of divorce who CRAVED to know that her non-local parent even thought about her, ever.

So, I am blogging to make sure that when Quinn is ready to read about it, he can be sure--100% sure--that his father thinks about him every day, talks about him every day, fights to spend MORE time with him, is desperately sad that no one bothered to send us school photos this year, and CALLS HIM EVERY GOD DAMNED WEEK, whether he ever gets the message or not. Whether he is ever *parented* in such a way that calls are returned because THAT IS THE DEAL or not.

I remember being nine. I remember not wanting anything to do with my dad. And I remember how much it fed my soul to get to know that he loved me so much it made him ache to be away from me.

I don't want to think about Quinn, 30 years from now--crying like I am right now as I write this--because he was robbed of knowing how much his father missed him.

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December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Today, my beautiful stepson Quinn is NINE.

And today Quinn gave a wonderful present to his dad and me: a 46-minute long phonecall.

We love you too, Quinn. Can't wait to see you in just a few short months. (Oh, how we love it when it's closer to your next visit than your last!) Happy, happy birthday!

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June 28, 2007

Mission: Accomplished

So, last year, Quinn spent a LOT of time telling us how much he wanted to live in Hollywood and be an actor. A. Lot.

And it was cute and sweet and funny... and something that he never really let go. He continued to mention it throughout the year during his phone dates with his dad. Uh-oh.

All right. Fine. Let's bring Quinn to set. Let's let him see how it all *really* works. Demystify the process.


So, Quinn goes to set with Keith for the last part of Keith's shoot (this is the part where he gets stabbed in the chest and all that cool stuff--of course, Quinn would've found it cooler if he had been stabbed by Spongebob or Harry Potter, but, whatevz) and the boys return after days in the desert and my first question (after the unlatching of the "I don't ever want to stop hugging you, Bonnie" glee) is:

So... still wanna be an actor, Quinn?


Apparently it was very boring and there were hours and hours and hours of waiting around and then about five minutes of cool stuff.

An actor no more.

Mission: Accomplished.

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June 23, 2007

Hot Date Tonight

Ooh, one of my favorite things we do while Quinn is in town is hit a few big summer movies.




It's Clobberin' Time! Woo hoo!

I love that we can walk to any number of theaters from here... and to do so at sunset with my stepson is one of my favorite things. Yay! Summer rules!

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June 22, 2007

Two of my favorite numbers...

...are 86 and 37. And both are due to those numbers' prominence in movies that are key to most folks of my generation.

Guesses are welcome. ;)

Another favorite number is 42, and for exactly the reason you would imagine. I fly my geek flag high.

Funny thing, listening to Quinn talk about how Keith and I don't have real jobs. I started to correct him (Y'know, figuring this is the kind of thing a kid picks up when listening to what others like to say about things they don't understand.) and then realized, "So what if folks see our careers as having nothing to do with 'having a real job'?!? Do I care? Nope. Not a bit."

I like that I can earn money while sitting around in my jammies watching 90210 on Soapnet. And that Keith can earn money while getting to pretend he's being killed by another person who is pretending to kill him. And that both of us can earn money while playing with--and like--an eight-year-old, because we've set up our adulthood to look a lot like childhood.

Glad it looks so simple to folks. We know where the heavy lifting is done. And we get sore from that stuff too.

But I wouldn't trade a bit of it, because it allows for plenty of snuggle and sugar time with my stepson. While I'm on the clock. So there!

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June 16, 2007

Newlywed No More!

So, you're only a newlywed for the first two years you're married, right? Well, that means we're finally an old married couple.

And since we've been together for nearly six years now, I guess you could say we've had "old married couple" status for a long time. ;)

That said, today is our 2nd anniversary. *beam*

For those who aren't familiar with the tale, let's have a little storytime, shall we? (Note: photos are in chronological order. Click to enlarge.)

Keith and Quinn were in Catalina. Our friend Cathy volunteered to take some family photos of us. We decided to choose Thursday the 16th, because the Beverly Hills Courthouse does weddings on Thursdays. We were going to secretly make these family photos our wedding photos. And no one would know but us.

But when Keith called the Courthouse, they were overbooked for the 16th. We would have to come back on the 23rd. But Quinn would be gone by then and we really wanted him to be with us as we wed.

So, while Keith and Quinn played in Catalina, I lamented the death of our covert wedding plans to our friend Aleta.

And, amazing woman that she is, she took it from there.

Within less than 48 hours, we had "a guy," a license, and a date at sunset. I emailed my dearest friends who represented successful industry couplings and said, "Show up at the bluffs seven blocks from our home at sunset on Thursday. Bring a flower."

And that is why my bouquet is so gorgeous. Everyone brought a flower (and several people put a lot of thought into it, choosing flowers from their home states or that were in their wedding bouquets or that signified something about our relationship or theirs) and lovely Anna tied 'em all up with a bow for me.

After an afternoon of photos on the beach, Quinn and Keith met us up on the bluffs and, at sunset, our friends stood in a semicircle before us and in moments, we were married.

(I wanted to use wedding vows from Beverly Hills, 90210--y'know, talking about how David got Donna after all these years because he waited for her all that time that she was a virgin--but Keith wouldn't hear of it. We were just gonna wing it. And wing it we did.)

We have two "rules" in our marriage. The first is that we trust that we each have the other's best interest in mind and at heart at all times. The second (and the one that I find far more important, really) is: "Always go for the funny."

Seems to be working just fine. ;)

After the "I Do" part of things, we walked around Santa Monica as a group until we could find a place that would accommodate our party. We held our impromptu reception at Ye Olde King's Pub and there was much champagne... and even gluten-free wedding cake!

When someone said that the best man needed to give a speech, Quinn looked up at his dad and asked what meant. (This had already been a long, long day for the six-year-old kiddo.)

After getting a quick tutorial on best man speech-giving (I think Keith said, "The best man talks to the group about the bride and groom and how much they love each other"), Quinn hopped up on a chair and glasses were raised.

"My dad and my step-mom got married today. And that means that they love each other and they will live together until they are both dead."

Perfect. Applause and tears everywhere. And then a quick, "Hey! That was my first speech!" from the brilliant child, who of course wanted to then give another and another and another. ;)

As I write this, Keith is flying back from the shoot to have our anniversary together tonight and then Quinn will arrive for his annual visit with us shortly. It is always our favorite time of year.

When I think about my upbringing (wherein survival and independence were values championed far above partnership and investment in others--since others can go away), I realize that every day Keith is in my life is a triumph of human connection over going it alone.

Thank you, honey, for being stubborn enough to prove me wrong, when I told you from the very beginning that I would drive you away within a few months.

I've never been so happy to say, "You were right." (And thank you for the lovely flowers too. You're one smooth hubby.) See you soon!

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July 2, 2006


It's my least favorite time of the year. No doubt.


I love love love that Quinn has the BEST parental structure on the planet, back home. But still, I miss him EVERY DAY for forty-something weeks.


And I try to comfort the guy who aches at his core every day, just because he doesn't get to live with his son.




Suck. Ole. Ah. And love love love love and more love. I guess that's all there is, really.

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June 29, 2006

It's a New Day, FURSHUR

Well, lookee here!


Seeking Stardom, Actors Flock to YouTube, MySpace
June 29, 2006
By Lauren Horwitch

Casting directors, producers, and even network execs are also waking up to the talent on the sites. CD Bonnie Gillespie of Cricket Feet Inc. said a New York actor who regularly posts his audition videos on YouTube told her about the site last year. "He can't fly in for auditions but always wants me to see him for films I'm casting," she wrote via email. "I think it's a great use of a free resource. Most online audition footage services are very expensive for actors. For example, one upload of an actor's two best takes of an audition can cost $50.

"As fun as video-surfing is on YouTube," Gillespie added, "I think we've yet to unlock its full potential for actors and electronic auditioning."

Rock on!

In other news... I have a phoner later today for another potential casting gig, plus gotta set up some meetings between directors and name actors to take place over the next little bit. It's funny, I remember this time last year being my busiest as well, yet somehow I hear everyone talking about how "dead" it is. Yeah... okay... if you say so!

Gotta get my names list together for the new Wild Card Productions project (so so so freakin' cool, this one), since the breakdown will go out on Wednesday and we have our phoner tomorrow.


Meanwhile, gotta attend FOUR FIVE kiddo parties in THREE FOUR days, while Keith bounces around town with STILL MORE auditions. Wow! Summer break, indeed!

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June 24, 2006

Quinnfest 2006 (part one)

We're just past the midway point in Quinn's annual Hollywood visit, and here's some of the photographic evidence of the fun we've been having (click on any photo to enlarge).

Traditional photo at the Hollywood sign.

Quinn posed Lugio on his dad.


Snacktime in THE FORT!

Dad in THE FORT!

Grandpa Dickie and Quinn.

Keith, Quinn, and Uncle Brandt at Gladstones.

Quinn meets The Pacific again.

Quinn neck deep in the drink.

Liz takes gorgeous photos!

Quinn's first Dodgers game.

Quinn's first Dodger Dog.

Quinn and Bon at the game.

Dodger BLUE cotton candy!

Group shot! Woo hoo!
Thanks, Chairman, for setting this whole thing up!

More photos when we're back from LegoLand. Woo!

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June 21, 2006

"My Dad" by Quinn

Moments ago, Quinn pulled a Father's Day card from his suitcase. It had a series of blanks, which he had filled in.

I love my Dad because...
My Dad is sily (silly),
My Dad is fun,
My Dad is funny,
but most of all...
I love my Dad because he loves me.
My Dad is the most wonderful daddy in the world!
He is as handsome as a baby trdle (turtle).
He is as strong as a rino (rhino).
He can lift 179 pounds and is 6 feet tall.
His favorite food is ceril (cereal).
His favorite activity is wachingtv (watching TV).
In the good ole days, when daddy was little, he used to play arond (around).
I think my daddy looks funny when he acts werd (weird).
I wish my daddy would play with me everyday!
I would not trade my addy for anything!

File this under "How to melt a Marine." Awww.

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June 18, 2006

Keith and Mini-Keith

Of course, Quinn is less "mini" with every visit, but I swear this kid behaves EXACTLY like his father, even though he lives 2200 miles away 49 weeks of the year. That *has* to be a pain in the ass to the ex. I mean... Keith's "quirks" are a pain in the ass to ME and I love the guy! Imagine having parted ways and still having a daily reminder of the power of genetics! Phew. Bless Quinn's daily parentals. They're doing a kick-ass job. This is a very good kid.

Click to enlarge.

Keith was at Nelson's overnight (babysitting Lois while Nelson hung out with Meryl Streep in Manhattan) and Quinn asked to stay here with me. No problemo, except the kid was up at five ayem... and I went to bed at four. *yawn* Methinks I shall sleep a bit tonight! Tomorrow is a big day.


Anyway, I spoke with each of the dad-types, and Quinn said hello to each too. Nice thing about a kid in a non-traditional family unit... he doesn't question the fact that we call two dads for me on Father's Day. When Keith returned from Nelson's, the boys played soccer for hours in the park while I finished my column and finalized casting decisions on the two shorts I'm casting. We then walked "forEVER," (says Quinn) to get to Color Me Mine to paint a dragon for Quinn and a cooking spoon holder for Dad.


We always celebrate Quinn's half-birthday during his visits, so we made that event today. It was a big celebration with way too much walking for Quinn's liking, although he did enjoy seeing the Chicken Car parked up on Lincoln. You know the one. It's like an Angelyne or a Dennis Woodruff sighting, but for the 310 exclusively. Gotta love LA.


Thankee, everyone, for the love re: Pissy Little Mood. She's gone. Gotta love the water sign gals! As soon as I get a real understanding of how a negative statement can resonate through us like a pinball locked between bumpers while a positive statement can be forgotten the instant it's said, I'll share the meaning of life with everyone. I promise.


And now that the boys have gone to bed and I have another few hours of work to finish, the eternal question: Do I open that bottle of wine?

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June 10, 2006

Q-Minus Five Days

Quinn will be here in five days. I am so seriously giddy.


One of our big events this year is Legoland (again).


Why return, three years after our first Legoland excursion? Ah... well...


There are new rides! And Quinn is now big enough to ride 'em!


Oh, we are going to have so so so much fun!


We've actually decided to stay for a few days.


Wait... these images aren't of things that happen at Legoland! What's up?


Ah yes... our anniversary gift to ME is a spa day.


Yes. An ENTIRE spa day.



Well-deserved rewards for all of our hard work lately (sorry for the light posting... way way way beyond belief busy). And congratulations for having been married a whole year (well... I think we'll make it to Friday). Hee!

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December 17, 2005

Quote of the Day

"She's always pretty happy."

Quinn, to his dad, about his stepmom (me).

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December 12, 2005

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Today, my new stepson is seven.


I love him so much. *sigh*

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September 13, 2005

Oh, All Right!

We're telling people.

Click images for larger views.

Thanks to our most wonderful hush-hush friends for helping us keep this private for as long as we have. And congrats to those who figured it out despite our best efforts to keep it very low-key.


Honestly, doing this with only four days of planning was a lot less stressful than the way we were trying to do it back in 2002. And keeping it private was a nice way to honor the intimacy of it all.


So, yeah. I'm a Mrs. Who'dathunkit?!? Tee hee.

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July 18, 2005

Long-Awaited Photos

Finally! Here are some photos from Quinn's visit. Click on any to enlarge by quite a bit.

Keith and Quinn on the lifeguard stand.
A kiss from Quinn on the beach.
Family on the beach.
A hug from the Q-man!
Keith and Quinn, all smiles.
Recognize that smirk? I do!
Like father like son.
Here I come!

I really love these photos. Thanks again to the amazing Cathy McCall for doing such great work. We're really happy with the way you made us all look so good!

Enjoy these photos (and this post) for a while. From the looks of this week, it's going to be pretty tough to get to post. New feature film casting gig, next Self-Management for Actors seminar, meeting to discuss the next-next feature film casting gig, HHH joint venture press release to create and blitz media with, plus packing for the trip to Missouri to cast a weekend's worth of short indie films for the American Academy of Art's Indie Filmmaker's Bootcamp. Hoo, boy... that's some lots of stuffs!

PS--The NEXT book (the one I haven't written yet, the one that's only been announced to our distributor due to the fact that their catalogue runs way early) has already presold 571 copies. What IS that?!?

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July 13, 2005


Look at this amazing photo Cathy McCall took of gorgeous Quinn!


Wow! She's such an artist.

Lots to tell. Lots of work still to do. Birthday was a blast--in every possible way. What a delight! News later.

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June 22, 2005

Real World Austin

Holy crap, that's a good show.


So, I got home from the SAG LifeRaft talk (which was effin' rockstar) and from taking Keith and Quinn to the airport (Quinn was VERY excited about taking the red-eye home) and found that Kris' boyfriend TiVo had saved Real World: Austin for me. Holy crap, what a good show! I don't remember such an exciting first episode ever.

In other I-love-TV news, I've noticed a whole buncha cool stuff coming up for my summer TV viewing. More on that later.

I've got to tweak the schedule for Thursday's prereads, plus finish the breakdown for Shrinks. Man, I should be sleeping! Oh well...

PS--There is a much more agile version of Archie who lives outside these days. What a panic attack seeing him run through the courtyard tonight gave me! Thought the oaf had escaped Casa Gillespie-Johnson. Nope. Still sleeping, right where we left him. Ha!

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June 21, 2005


1. Got the prereads for Chandler Hall scheduled (sides out, top actors for each role scheduled, etc.).

2. Got A New Tomorrow final cast list handed off to production (just need to get the cast webpage updated now).


4. Sent out MOST of the comp copies of Acting Qs. Got an amazing thank-you note from Tom Fontana, as well as super feedback from actors interviewed. I'll share soon.


5. Quinn had his playdate with Drake (that's Drake on set, above). They really enjoyed themselves. Turns out Puzzle Zoo is like the coolest store EVER. Will post photos from Quinn's visit when I can. I promise!

6. Got someone at SAG to agree to fax over the Limited Ex talent contract (even though it's only good for another couple of weeks--then we go to Ultra Low Budget contracts for SAG). Bless you, Paul Bales, for the fax!! (Will pick up a copy of the AEA 99-seat Code while in the building tonight, thanks to Nancy Daly.)

7. Got Quinn *mostly* packed, though he'll leave without his memory book completed this year, for the first time (bummer. I just could NOT get it together quickly. We'll mail it later). LOVE the drawings he's leaving behind. Perfect fridge material!

8. Confirmed that tonight's SAG LifeRaft event is over-booked with a waiting list--which means it will fly by (and we're taking 150 copies of Self-Management for Actors to give away). C'mon DayQuil! Hook me up!

9. Got Quinn's "LOVE QUINN" scrawled on all of our thank you notes from this week's 1/2-birthday gifts and treats. Seriously, Quinn had an amazing time! (I'll get 'em out in the mail later.)

10. Purged a few thousand pages of sides from previous projects' auditions, which felt good in a major way. Amazing the little things we can do when sick that happen to improve the general spirits, without taking too much out of us physically.

11. Slept. That was the biggie. Still not 100% (and Keith is worse), but enough to get the talk done tonight, get Keith and Quinn to the airport, and then get back home to write the breakdown for Shrinks, do Rox work, update the business-hours list for tomorrow, and get all of the email-based contact work possible done before Wednesday rolls around. Ack. Exhausted just looking at all of this.

So, I'll stop. Time to get on the road soon anyway. Thanks for all the good vibes, everyone! They feel GREAT!

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June 19, 2005

Best Father's Day Ever

What a wonderful day!

Clickee for biggee.

Thanks, Cathy, for sending this photo to us. You do such wonderful work!

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June 16, 2005

"Hey, Bonnie..."

(This is how many conversations begin when Quinn is visiting.)

"Yes, Quinn."
"You've really got a very big butt."
"Thank you."

(Long pause.)

"Hey, Bonnie..."
"Yes, Quinn."
"I really thought you'd be upset."
"No, Quinn. I have a big butt. It's true. No reason to be upset."


Truth is, I saw an interview with Mo'Nique yesterday in which she talked about the bliss that is being a big girl and having "fluff" for the guys to touch on.

I looked at Keith and said, "I need to be like that. Just love my fluff." He said, "Sometimes you are like that." And I said, "Yeah. But I need to be like that all the time. Just love my fluff and know I look good."

And today that was tested out. So far so good!

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June 15, 2005

Oy, so...

I've crossed everything off my list, plus subbed to every RSS feed (of interest) I could find (though I'm not *quite* sure what that RSS thingy means), and I've sent all of the potential local hires on to the director of the feature film I'm MAINLY casting right now (not finished with everything just yet).

(Yes, I'm having to learn what it is to cast three projects simulatneously and how to decide which is the "leader" in every call I make. Oh, and... I'm reminded that people at this point hire ASSISTANTS, for cryin' out loud!!)



View this, this, and... well... there is no three. Judge me now. It's not my fault! AND... if you're free, join us Thursday 7:30pm-ish for a little gathering. Hit me with a comment ASAP if you're free and want to head west for a glass-raising of some sort. SO much to celebrate! And... there's meeting the brilliant, beautiful Q-man!!

Oh, so, I get a call from Keith and learn that Quinn has taken a face-dive into the dock on the way to Catalina. My response, "Can you clean him up?" Answer, "I can clean HIM up better than *I* clean up!" Well, duh! I mean, I love ya, Keith, but we ALL admit that Quinn is parented better than we were! LOL

Such such SUCH a good kid! Kudos to the moms for taking such good care of him! I love how generous, loving, and affectionate that boy is!!

Photos will come! Hang in!

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June 14, 2005

How Cute Are We!

First feedback from an actor interviewed in Acting Qs... none other than the amazing Stephon Fuller:

Click for big.

What say he?

I am really enjoying the book. While I was on set Saturday, I showed it to the actress I was working with and she started reading it like it was hers. I was hoping to read in the "hurry up and wait" time. It’s pretty addictive. The stories are great!

Yay! Thanks, Stephon! And THANKS for sharing YOUR story!

BTW... the upgrade to Office 2004 (when it has become fried by your effin' Tiger upgrade on a Mac [yeah, laugh it up, folks who love it the once every NEVER that a Mac does something PC-like and craps out]) is basically painless, although it does take about THREE HOURS.

Further BTW... Quinn is learning major strategy in Hello Kitty Uno. Or, well, he WAS. Right now he's in Catalina with his dad. So cool! Me? Casting meeting tomorrow. News to come. Yippee!

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June 8, 2005

He's Here!

Okay, so today Quinn arrived for his annual visit. I'm in heaven already!

from the 2004 visit

Keith brought Quinn to the acting class I was teaching (just the last five minutes of class) and when they walked in, I said, "Hi! Introduce yourself." He said, "Well, this is my dad!" All big and proud and not shy or anything. So awesome!

Then Keith said, "Tell them our names." He said, "This is my dad, Keith. I'm Quinn."


Then I said to the gang, "This is going to be my stepson." Then to him, "Can I get a hug?" And he ran to me and gave me a HUGE hug. Soooo wonderful!

"Bonnie, do you know what?" "What, Quinn?" "I missed you when I was in Michigan." *melt*

My boys are sleeping now. Long day. Tomorrow... BEACH! Woo hoo!

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June 7, 2005

Sooo Soon!

Quinn will be here so soon! Sooo soon! Yippee!


Keith went from a producer callback for a new fall TV show this morning straight to the airport. He'll be in McChicken (Michigan... hee hee) tonight, and head back in the morning with the Q man. Woo hoo!!

We're hoping to do increasingly-longer visits each year (like we've done thus far), meaning maybe next year will be a month... building up to all summer one of these years.

I'm very very very excited to have Quinn here. Hurry home, honey. Bring that kiddo of yours to Cali!

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June 3, 2005

Theory of Car Drama and Showbiz

Okay, so I've always had this theory (and it seems to pan out, according to most actors I've talked to) that if you get a parking ticket while you're at an audition, you will book the gig.


Well, yesterday, Keith's car was towed. And he had a rockstar meeting (over 90 minutes) with an amazing agent, after his rockstar manager hooked him up with a week filled with agency meetings. Have we mentioned how much we love Keith's manager?

So, if a parking ticket during an audition means a booking, I think it's safe to say that a tow-away the morning of an agent meeting means you're going to get signed. We shall see.

In other news, A New Tomorrow is almost fully-cast. I'm doing some offer letters to name actors on Monday for this film *and* for Chandler Hall, based on some wonderful pitches we've gotten since the breakdown went out Wednesday night. Excellent progress.

Quinn and the book arrive next week. I'm teaching four classes next week plus attending an amazing CBS/TMA event. It's just an amazing, kick-ass life. Period.

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May 30, 2005

Special Day: 8 June 2005

Okay, so not only is 8 June 2005 the day that Quinn arrives for his annual visit,


but it's also the day that Acting Qs reaches Los Angeles.

Woo hoo!

Now, while I get ready for a big casting meeting for the NEXT feature film (Yippee!) and prepare for callbacks on the CURRENT feature film (Woo hoo!), you go read this (brilliant) and this (also brilliant). Oh, and go outside to enjoy this PERFECT day! Wow!

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May 28, 2005

Joseph Montana Update

Reports from NoCal: Joseph Montana is doing much better, thank you.


Yay! The vibes worked! Thanks, everyone!

In other news: T-minus 11 DAYS until Quinn gets here for his annual visit! YIPPEEEEEEE!

from the 2004 visit

I'm so excited I just can't stand it! Yippee yahooee and hooray!

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