December 1, 2007

Saturday Night Search Party

Holy hell, has it really been a year since my last BonBlogs Search Party? Wow! Yes it has!

Okay, so I blame the MySpace. Because, y'know, more people are visiting me there than here and I can't track what's sending people to those pages (despite what those cool, scantily-clad-women-illustrated ads tell me I could do, if I were to just click-click-click).

That said, I do still get a fair number of visitors here to the BonBlogs (thank you, Chip, for the li'l corner of the SpyNotebook) and here's some of what's been bringing people here in the past year.

actors help the wga: Yes, they do. And writers will remember this, when/if actors have to strike in a few months. God help us all.

april 11, 2006 is $189,000,000: Good Lord, how did this search land here? Did I miss scratching a lottery ticket somewhere? Dammit, Keith! Why do you wash your jeans without emptying your pockets?!?

arguing on the internet competing in special olympics poster: Ah, yes. A favorite quote about message board bickering. Not sure I have a poster for that, but I sure as shit have a strategy for dealing with the jaggoffs I want to throttle. I Google 'em. If they're actors, I bring 'em up in the casting databases. Suddenly, the loud, obnoxious jay-holes who want to put me in my place are a lot easier to ignore. (Remember that line from Family Guy's Brian? Anything on that remote lower than MUTE? Yeah.)

arm involuntarily curls when yawning: Cool. It's like a workout for narcoleptics. (Ironic on both counts that this would lead to a search of my blog.)

casting director blogger: *waves* Hi!

casting posters, trailers: Only of those I've cast (and dammit, I need to update the Cricket Feet website again... sheesh. Is it time to hire a web guy? I'm so out of date lately), here.

Do you think that the tobacco companies should pay for people's medical bills?: Yes. But only for the rectal exams.

dream of someone throwing darts at me: But do they hit you? I think that's the more important question.

"freaked out" blog: Damn. I have my moments, but in general?

gimlet night: Yay! I love that the "gimlet night" has become a search item! It's an event Dawn, Michelle, Faith, and I dubbed after gathering to sip lovely vodka drinks (not always gimlets, but that was what we had first--since it was my (then) new fave) and to catch up like only we can. It's been far too long, ladies. Before year-end, right? RIGHT?

"good vibes" "promotional code": Okay, I search for promo codes when I shop online like everyone else, but really? Are there "good vibes" codes out there? Sign me up!

how do you get inside a notebook: Um... not to sound like a dick, but, um... opposable thumbs seem to help.

how late should eat last meal if working out: When are you working out? I go to the gym after midnight and my "last meal" is probably around 7pm (just like Oprah), but then, if I'm up 'til 6am, I'll eat again after the gym. Ugh... are you sure you want to land here with that question? I mean, really.

how to cast on while work in progress: Is this a knitting question? Again... really?

is it okay to eat gravy that sat out: Aw, this is just too funny. I burn water when I cook. What would I know? Keith bakes it and I eat it. (Should I be worried?)

it could have been worse jac: Yes. It could've been worse. You could've lost a more essential letter than the "K" at the end.

katie murff trotter: I didn't even Google to find out what this *might* really be. I just lurved it so much as a "sound" that I included it. Bring on the follow-up searches!

lemonface: No doubt, one of the best young bands today. I am not kidding. They rock. Love 'em. (Especially Dana. No offense, boys.)

mario cantone + ant: No, no, no. It's not "Mario Cantone plus Ant." It's "Mario Cantone is Ant! Duh.

neck deep + pictures: I have no idea why this started turning up in my searches, but it's there. A lot. I'm disturbed in that same way my mom probably was when she wasn't sure whether "huffing" meant "a sex thing."

pictures of Camille off of 90210: Don't have any. But--fun fact--the actress who played Camille also played a character the season before who was asked out by Steve and Brandon (with those two not being smart enough to understand that she and her "roommate" were girlfriends--it was the '90s and all). One of several actors who did multiple roles during a 90210 tenure. Should we take on the world with our trivia prowess, Stephen? ;)

principal vs. principle: Dude. Seriously. I am so happy people care enough to search this shit out. Read it. Bookmark it. While you're at it, bookmark this one too. And this one. And this one. I'm just sayin'. (And thank you.)

recent actors: "Recent" or "Resent"? Eh. I love 'em, no matter how current they are.

SALEMA: Ah, that's my little girl kitty! She's so pretty.

spasm baby hand arm: Aww... this almost reminds my of my Somesuch friends. Miss y'all! It's been way too long.

suddenly I miss someone: Aww... me too! It's cool how this one came in right after the "I miss my Somesuchers" one. Aww.

talent manager bonnie gillespie: Nope. Not in a loooooong time. And probably not again. Want to hemorrhage money? Become a manager. It's tough!

tight size 14 jeans: My goal. Woo!

tweeds clothings: Okay, I get a buttload of searches for Tweeds. And I get a TON of emails after people find my post about how much I miss my beloved Tweeds Catalogue and, by extension, my Tweeds Clothing and Shoes and Jewelry. Waaaah! I really, really, really do miss 'em. But I love the emails. It's like we're all members of this club of really well-dressed (one and two decades ago, anyway) ladies who loved clothing in colors named in pretentious but crafty ways. *sigh*

What casting websites actually work?: Um... they all seem to "work" (if by "work" you mean "load"). As for which ones casting directors use, I'd check the message boards at and my columns, of course. I'm not unbiased, but I'll always tell it like it is, even so.

what is the "mother tooth": No clue. But it sounds interesting.

what is the dumbest thing: Attempting to get different results by doing the same thing, over and over.

what kind of car did dylan drive in 90210: Have I mentioned that I love 90210 searches landing here? Hee! It was a cool car. ;) That's all I'm saying.

what's a corsage?: According to badass Jessica Bendinger, it's the universal symbol for "whipped." Good enough for you?

writers are selfish: This is only funny if a writer Googled it. Y'know, 'cause it's all about me. ;)

Hope y'all enjoyed the search party!

Happy weekend! Whee! :)

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November 10, 2006

Friday Morning Search Party

Oh joy! Oh rapture! It's time for a Friday Morning Search Party. Woo!

Here's some stuff that led folks to the BonBlogs in the past month or so, and where I think they should've gone instead. Or somesuch.


I'm out like it's 1999 sayings: Wow! I don't think I ever said that, although I did hang out with a very clever cute boy on 12/31/99 who reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a toy lion at some point, making me laugh 'til I spit champagne out of my nose.

dea vise leg: How random! Dea, how's your leg, baby? I knew your back was bad... but your leg? Very bizarre. Someone's checking on your gams, baby. Better put 'em in fishnets and prance! Meanwhile, keep churning out those lovely candles!

diet blessed bonnie: Sadly, no diet has ever truly blessed Bonnie. Perhaps a few have come close, but it seems I will always struggle with the scale in my life. Eh... no biggie. Some struggle with life and death, war and peace, good and evil. If my struggle is between fat and less-fat... *shrug* I've got it pretty dang easy.

denise chamian dropoffs: Interesting. I don't know if Denise accepts drop-offs, but I know a good CD resource page is here and maybe they have the deets you seek.

put your bra on: I think this may be my favorite. It's part of why I hate the "drop in" and always ask my rockstar intern to call just before she arrives. The bra--when the girls are this ample--must be ON in front of people.

artist's way julia cameron life pie: Not sure I'm the best source for this, but I did write about Julia's many artist resources in a grad school creative writing apologia. (Courtney, do you still have yours? I remember enjoying it.) Anyway, it's good for all artists and I think there's a variation on it at Talent PIMP too. (Sign up for free by visiting this link and entering promo code HHH.)

hollywood spy actor: Well, I'm not an actor (anymore) and I'm only a spy inasmuch as rockstar Chip lets me play on his way cool server, but I guess I'm technically in Hollywood, so... um... okay.

amazing babes: Babes McPhee is amazing. And she's a total rockstar. Hollywood heavy-hitter. You watch.

"What the heck, right?": I really like this one. Why anyone is searching this phrase, I do not know. But I love saying it and I think we should all do so. Often.

"celebrity d-list" "what the hell is": What makes this search extra special is the "hell" in the query. I mean, really. It's not enough that someone wants to know what the D-List is... it's that he or she wants to know what the HELL the D-List is. That's intense.

I think progress stopped with frozen pizza + movie: How the hell this landed someone at my blog, I will never know. But it's damn cool. And I respect you for searching. When do I get 31 Watermelons searches? WHEN?!?


I guess that's it. As always, I start out thinking the search party is going to be way fun... and then I realize it's probably only interesting to me. Like home movies. Eh... that just means I love y'all a ton. B/c why would I share my home movies with you otherwise, right?


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May 3, 2006

Wednesday Afternoon Search Party

It's been awhile, so it's time for another search party! Woo hoo!


What happened to catalogue Tweeds? *sniffle* This one makes me so sad. Regular long-term readers know all about my obsession with Tweeds and the horrific sadness I feel over its demise. Tweeds is gone. *sniffle*

Rebecca Romijn "fancy word for extras," commissary, David Spade, Showbiz Show: I got all manner of searches of this type. Seems for a while, my blog was the only source for the transcript and video capture of the beautiful, self-involved event. Greatness.

"bite my moment," "cardio vasectomy," "what's GED got to do with drunk driving from Stick It," buttahara: Got a bunch of these too. Hee! Of course, Stick It is the BEST MOVIE EVER, so I'm glad folks are looking up its brilliant quotes. Woo! If you haven't seen the movie, go. It's greatness.

Lydia Blanco blog: That's here. *waves* Hi, Lydia! Folks are lookin' for ya! (And "Bonnie Blanco" too, apparently.)

CSI gag reel: Ooh, that's fun. We saw the CSI: Miami gag reel and the best-of-season video at the wrap party. I'm so so so dang excited about Keith's episode airing Monday. Ack! Can't wait!

Randy Quaid Brokeback Mountain sue: Yes he did... and now it's over. Of course, my favorite part of the "settlement story" is this:

On Tuesday, Focus Features indicated that it was bewildered by Quaid's latest statement, saying that it had "never negotiated, offered or agreed to any settlement with Mr. Quaid or his attorneys, but we are happy to put this behind us, and do wish Mr. Quaid all the best."

porno casting: Huh? No. Uh... so, no. I did cast a movie with hookers, crack whores, and pimps (Oh my!) but I've never cast a porno... nor do I plan to do so. I like casting movies I can go see in public... without blushing (much).


from N. Barry Carver: Barry wrote a poem for me just before my mom passed away, and that's probably why the search terms "hit," but I'm going to use this as an opportunity to welcome Barry's and Fabiana's second son into this world. Yay! Congrats again!!


Levitz sucks money back going out of business: Indeed. Good luck getting your money back. Levitz does suck. And we've not heard a word from them since the whole thing went down. Ugh.

America's Next Top Model: Now you KNOW I loves me some ANTM! Best recaps EVER, though, are over here at Rich's blog. Brilliant. Always spot on. Oh, and since they got rid of my original pick to win (Mollie Sue), we all know my girl Joanie's gonna win. Right? You watch. Final two: Joanie and Danielle. Woo!


Who played Dylan's sister Erika on 90210? Which version? Erica 1.0 or Erica 2.0? Noley Thornton was the first Erica, and she's just finished film school and working as a PA on a new film. Looks like she's given up acting. Johna Stewart was the second Erica and she hasn't been in anything since 1999, but I don't know what she's doing these days.


fatass: Seriously. This is my favorite search to lead someone here. I don't know why, but it cracks me up beyond belief. Still. If I'd seen that search result on a "bad day," I'm sure I'd cry. But somehow, I simply find it hilarious that "fatass" led someone here. *snork*

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March 20, 2006

Monday Morning Search Party

Realizing we haven't had a Search Party in awhile... (and in honor of "erik patterson is a gay google" showing up in the searches that lead folks to KiK*'s site, it must be time)!

*Didja notice how I shortened your nickname? Does that mean MAP calls you Iki now? Didja also notice I totally fudged the placement of this "resolved asterisk" in order to not leave you hangin'?

Please pretend I'm a fraction of the funny that is CoCo, when she does her searches.


bonnie's bookstore activation code: Wow! I have NO idea what that means, but I really like it. I WISH I had some secret activation code that would lay out a store full of books ala me. Ooh! Like a secret room in the Batcave or something at Q's headquarters! What a fantasy! I'm more literary than I thought I was. Mom would be so proud! (I wonder if journalist momass punk is proud, just for good measure.)

invalid sibling link: I'm sure this search has to do with the computer hell that I faced a couple of months ago (jeez--not even), but I like the idea that it has more to do with brothers of unusual relations (Rodents of Unusual Size?) and non-existent connections. No?

"do not eat" poem poetry: Girl, please! If I could "do not eat" more, I'd be back at my fighting weight (whatever that is). Of course, I've written many an ode to the size of my ass and my addictive behavior regarding food and drink. I still believe that someday I'll be one of those freakshow women who gains only 10 pounds when she's pregnant but then drops like 60 pounds after giving birth. It's the "knocked up" diet. If it didn't involve a major change in my daily schedule, I'd so do that diet right now!

bonnie sex free: Sadly, that's sometimes true. Damn. Is it normal to get laid less in your 30s than you did in your 20s? Oh, wait. "Sex-free" wasn't hyphenated. So, it actually is a search of "sex... free," right? Oh. Well. No. Never free. I mean, duh. I am a female. There is always a price. Oh, and it may be of interest that this particular search came from Pakistan. No. Comment.

bonnie young girls 8 to 10: Okay, stop that! NO pedophile pornographers here! NO! (Is anyone else hearing Peter Griffin telling the TV "No! You HAD yours!" while trying to feed Magnum PI through the screen after the Y2K end of days? No? Just me? Hmm.)

copy right 2005 drunk org: Wow. Did you define my year or what? KIDDING! Or AM I?

should Isaac Mizrahi work Oscars red carpet: I think any of us who saw him do it would weigh in with a big fat NO. But, what do we know? Stupid Ryan Seacrest is earning millions of dollars to Botox up his face and make life hell for all other E! folk. Right, Chairman? Oh, I've never been so proud to share an ATL radio background with someone. PSYCHE!

Hollywood insider blog: Well... of course. ;) I sure as hell love that! It falls in line with my secret truth that I'm feeding into search engines everywhere. Ready?

"Is it true that Erik Patterson and Bonnie Gillespie secretly run Hollywood?"

Bring it, searchers.

BTW--NO RUG IS SAFE in the Gillespie-Johnson household. Blame Thwok. But for reals. NO RUG... NO! Photos to follow. Keith is on a rampage.

PS--You now have 11.5 hours to comment. I think. Good luck!

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December 30, 2005

Friday Night Search Party

It's that time again... it's a Friday Night Search Party. Woo hoo! Some juicy ones this time! Heeeee!


red hot momma: I'm not red. I'm not (that) hot. I'm definitely no one's momma. Maybe you were looking for this T-shirt? Not my style, but hey... someone's gotta buy all of those Maxine cards from Hallmark.

the spy who loves me: Well, I am a spy (per Chip) and I do love many folks, so, I guess that's cool.

tags casting porno casting: Ha!! Well, I haven't cast a porno yet (nor do I expect to do so), but I did just finish casting my first feature film with nudity. Woo! That was a wild experience. Nudity riders are not easy to write (and, even though a dear friend in casting helped guide me through the process, very few people want to share their work in this industry, making it tough to simply learn from what others have done). I will definitely get paid more for the next film with nudity. It's a LOT of extra work.

leemer: That'd be my musical soulmate, John Leeming (AKA Leemsy). He's here. Great blog. Wait... great BLOGS. Bookmark him. Enjoy him. Worship him. Like I do. *giggle*

post-production house organized a competition where assistant editors re-cut trailers for famous movies to try and make them seem like different movies: Well, of course I linked to that! That's Shining and West Side Scary. And while you're enjoying those, also watch the worst audition ever, to which I linked from my column a couple of months ago and the always amazing 30 Second Films. The classics never die, dig?

spokesmodel Tiffany: Ooh, that could so totally be my niece. I've really been enjoying getting to see her cheer on TV this season. Wanna see? Click here (but don't tell the copyright folks over at the network, the college football people, or somsuch). Hee hee. She's so great!

Bon's shoes: My shoes are really boring. I prefer to wear none. But I do have an old favorite pair I keep refusing to toss out, Tweeds circa 1999, bought for like $25. Man, I miss Tweeds. They made the best stuff. Anyway, I bought some freekin' $150 replacement shoes and they've since fallen apart. Ugh. Why why why, when I bought the 1999 shoes did I not do what my Momma taught me and go back and buy MANY of them, since I knew I loved 'em so much? Ugh. I did finally learn that lesson with the standard black cami tant top. I must have ten of those now. But, man! I miss my shoes.

chocolate dreamwhip pie: That's what Keith makes every year for Christmas. We take that and some version of my/Sloane's spinach dip to orphans' dinner each year and that's always fun. Of course, I eat none of the pie, but Keith could sit and eat a whole one for breakfast. I swear, that man eats like his parents are out of town. Anyway, here's a recipe, in case you're looking for one.

hearts of palm receipts: Yes... "receipts." Well, hell... I don't think those are tax-deductable, but knock yourself out.

Finally, my favorite recent search: ¿¡1ú-õ°í,®3/4Æ (gosh, I hope that comes through close to "right"). It's just a bunch of really cool keyboard "special characters" and I really love that, somehow, THAT led someone HERE. What a hoot!

God bless the Internets.

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October 28, 2005

Friday Night Search Party

Because sometimes there's just nothing else out there to make you say *ahh... yeah*


There's this!

Shawn Reaves... of course he's a search that landed here. I cast him in a feature film a few months ago and on day one of the shoot a personal emergency took him off the set. I'm not at liberty to say more, but I'm so glad to know (selfishly) that it's not like I made a bad call in casting him and he pulled a diva move and walked off set. No. It was legitimately a personal emergency. And there will be a moment in time when I can cast him again. And I will. Rockstar cool actor... and I'm so glad my life intersected with his.

Blindtrash... WTF? I don't even know what that is, much less how it led here. But maybe it has something to do with Blind Lemon (or was it Blind Melon? Damn those '90s!!) or at the very least Trashmouth, Smashmouth, or some other trendy band name. What were we called? Trenchmouth and the Plastic Unicycles? Yeah. That was a damn cool band name in the '80s... as was A Bunch of Lamps... That Don't Work. Of course the BEST band I ever fronted was Llama Farm. Seriously. We rocked hard. Believe it.

I think my favorite ever search came from "lost the key handcuffs photos" because--my GAWD, why wouldn't that RAWK?!? It just so would! Of course, I'm way tame in my mid-30s years and whatever handcuffs I had were surrendered to Brandon at the Walsh house somewhere around year six of the series. Oh, wait... that was Claire! Bitchcakes!

Ah, just the same... as Chip and Caroline taught me in '97, there are always two realities: "That's what happens to me," and, "That's what happens to me on my show."

I did get one Google for "Bonnie Gillespie Katrina," layst month, which is what reminds me that there are several Bonnie Gillespies. There's the first one I encountered, in 1994. I'd moved home from Los Angeles after the Northridge Quake (my starter quake, FTLOG) and re-established phone service in the Hotlanta area. I immediately began getting calls from creditors about my "strip club life" and the bills I owed payments on. Gold Club, Cheetah III... yeah, I loved those places, but I never worked there, yo!

Okay, so since becoming a grown-up (stop. laughing. you.), I've only ever been confused with two other Bonnie Gillespies. One is a board of regents member in the northeast (you go, girl) and the other is a photographer for the Red Cross. Every time there's a natural disaster, she gets higher Google cred than I do. DAYUM, what a year she's had! Bless her bones, since I do nothing as important as the work she does!

BTW--as for feeling like a slug and such... well, it just effin' happens. What can you do? You just keep doin' what you do and enjoy the ride. That's really all there is. Ever.

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September 4, 2005

Sunday Morning Search Party

Haven't done a search party in awhile, and I'm already ahead of myself in my To Do List this weekend (amazing), so let's have some fun and analyze the words and phrases that brought people here recently.


One on One: Camille Mana: of course! My friend Camille (from Wolfesden days and in Acting Qs) is a series regular now! Woo damn hoo!

Trashelle funny: yes, yes she is. Often in the way that Tara Reid funny or Anna Nicole Smith funny. Although, I must say that Katie out-Trashelled Trashelle last week on Kill Reality. Man, that show was such a great idea!

Bonnie pink: I like that one!

Blake Robbins: The OC: yes, my writing partner booked a recurring character on The OC but I can't tell you what he does. Just know, if you've seen him on everyothershowlately you know what his characters always do. *evil grin*

Tru-Fan Eliza: I think I got on their radar from casting the amazing Shawn Reaves as Kliner in Chandler Hall, but there has been so much turnover in that cast that I'm afraid to ask if he's been shooting lately.

Scout Taylor-Compton MISSING: yeah, a big spike in traffic over that one, as it seemed my blog was the only thing leading people to info, early on in her missing days, before the family went public. What's odd is that my blog drew the attention of (and led to phone calls from) the media... and lots of it. When the NY Daily News calls... well... it's just a little surreal.

girls upset tummy: aww. I have no advice for such. I got some advice for mine, but little of it was gluten-free, and I'd settle for an upset tummy over a migraine any day!

that hot dress: well, if it's one I've had on my bod, it MUST be this one. I mean... come ON! Hot, yo?


Kathy Griffin: ew! Don't look here for her (well, except above, I guess). Deb, I think I thought of someone who elicits in me the Renée Zellweger response you have. It's Kathy "Botox" Griffin. *shudder* (Oh, and upon looking over RZ's IMDB, I have actually seen FOUR movies she was in, but in two of them, she only had one forgettable scene each, so yeah, I guess I really only have seen two of HER movies. Ironic to see the most recent title, considering our Friday night experience.)

Definition: Work In Progress: that's me, baby. That's me.

PS--My nails are so long that I can't type without fat-fingering everything lately. Gluten-free eating has proven sooooo healthy for me. Love it!

PSS--My confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with FOX is still in place from my Paradise Hotel days, so I can't say much, but OMG are the producers LYING in their interviews during Paradise Hotel Revealed on the FOX Reality Channel. Holy bejeebus, are they lying their arses off!! I'll tell you specifically where around May 2006, when I won't get sued for doing so.

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July 30, 2005

Friday Night Search Party

So, I went out. Everyone there was 20. It was loud and crowded. I'm home now.

Time for scheduling auditions for Teenage Dirtbag and a report of searches, inspired by the great commnicatrix.


While I've had a few fun yet benign searches turn up (living in Santa Monica blog, bonnie gillespie bio, bonnie photo, and computer bon), the following are the real puzzlers.

Diane Lane breasts
How? How does the fact that I mentioned one of the lies the media spreads ("Diane Lane is 35.") lead people to look for her boobies here?

Claire Danes nip
Now, this one I understand. I mentioned Claire Danes and Nip/Tuck in the same post. So, those boobies... okay. Although, considering the subject of the Claire Danes post ("Eat something!"), I'd say it's not likely you'd find them. Anywhere.

Eva Eastwood
Now, I don't even know who this person is, but she gets a lot of traffic coming to the BonBlogs. I'm going to guess it's because I mentioned Eva Longoria and Kathryn Eastwood in the same post. Wow. Reflections on the Golden Globes can send lots of search hits here!

Now, I also like the searches of names of people I know (Greer Shephard (friend, mom to Helmut, guest at HHH, etc.), Kevan Jenson (producer of the play I recently cast), Sean McQueeney (director of the film I'm currently casting), Jake Hanover (an actor (repped by Keith's agent) whose work I loved during the audition process on the last feature film I cast), Kate Flannery (another Origin Talent actor), Amy Ingalls (fellow Spy Notebook blogger), and Rebecca McCullough (AKA Def Jam Becca MC; my dorm-mate in Reed Hall freshman year at UGA)--who was actually searched out with "Rebecca McCullough Atlanta"). Click on any name to find the folks, best place I know of.

Kathleen Schultz blog and Origin Talent
Been getting these a lot (I guess since Keith signed with Kathleen Schultz (though I'm not sure that she has a blog) and Origin Talent in the past couple of weeks). I really liked Bonnie Gillespie and Origin, though. Were you looking for MY origin? Like planet?

And rounding out my favorites:

Spy Girl
Well, it is a Spy Notebook (celebrating six years of happy).

leaving Hollywood
NEVER! Not even now that I technically kick it 310 style. My heart probably hasn't left Hollywood since I first moved in at the Hollywood Tower on 12 August 1993. Heck... it probably moved to Hollywood long before I did, being the Hotlanta child star I was.

kim possible fucking bonnie
What?!? I really figure this search is some friend realizing how much I yearn for really exciting searches leading people here. Couldn't possibly be that I've written anything that leads folks to believe... well... I should stop there. Grad school *was* a blur, y'know.

bonnie woo
This was my favorite. Why? Well, the communicatrix has a category called Woo-Woo. Since this whole Friday Night Search Party is in homage to her brilliant searches, I figure it's a cool little shoutout. That's fun.

Okay. Back to audition scheduling. Lah-ti-dah.

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July 9, 2005

Where to begin...

Where do you begin when you have so so so so much going on that you can't even begin to STOP and organize thoughts into words (much less organize thoughts into words that accurately represent the non-stop goings-on)? Whew! I am spinning!! LOVE IT... but it's a LOT of swirl. I feel like I'm in the center of a kick-ass Spirograph design with lots of color. It's gorgeous, complex, and thrilling to behold. But, man, is it a lot to wrap my brain around!


We've finished up prereads for Shrinks. Wow. Some of the most amazing (and also some of the most baffling) actors I've seen, for this one. I'm thrilled with the actors we'll be bringing to callbacks (once we are able to cut down even further; we currently have too many actors on our short list). As for what was baffling... well... let's just say I actually WISH there were a Hollywood Blacklist so that I could make sure one actor is on it. *shudder* I have written (for the first time, ever): NEVER AGAIN across a headshot. I'll explain why over drinks somewhere, sometime... later.


Just got back from the Chandler Hall table read (I didn't stay for any of the read itself; just went at the start to get the last two actors to sign off on their SAG contracts and to get *my* final check for casting services). It is so very cool to see all of the actors cast in one place at the same time. Casting directors never really get to do that. We may see two or three together during chemistry checks at callbacks, but it's so neat to see a dozen confident, CAST, happy actors gathering, meeting, ready to begin the journey that will result in a feature film a year from now. Very gratifying.


Happily completing my essay (to go with my application) for joining the CSA. Received a copy of the letter Michael Donovan wrote on my behalf. It made me cry. What a wonderful man! And truly, he has been a mentor for me since the very beginning of this road (heck, even before I had any idea it was a path)! Wonderful letter. Wonderful man.


In fact, Michael was one of the first people Keith called with the good news. Yup. Keith Johnson, just three years after his first acting gig in Los Angeles, has signed with Origin Talent. That's right. THE Origin Talent. That's Origin Talent of JP Manoux, Katie Stuart, Patrick Malone, Susan Wood, Rodney Rowland, Kate Flannery, Christa Campbell, Suzanne Krull, Patrick Bristow, Jf Pryor, Will Wallace, Sean Bell, Rusty Joiner, Lindsay Hollister, Jake Hanover, Jessica Lancaster, and *ahem* Bob Clendenin fame. Awwwwww, yeah! That's a working actor agency, baby!

Fucking rockstar development. Abby Casey is the best manager on the planet and Keith Johnson now has a manager and TWO agents. Kathleen Schultz for print (signed earlier this week), and now Origin frickin' Talent. So so so so so amazing. Just unbelievable and delightful and perfect. Congratulations, my working actor baby. Oh, and break a leg at your THIRD producer callback session for Big Love. Nail it to the fucking wall!

*ahem* Sorry 'bout the f-word all over the place. I'm just really happy.

Okay, so in a week full of amazing developments, I get this email from someone who has read my advice in a new book published by the UGA Alumni Association.


Seems my advice to 2005 UGA grads is on page 35. You can download the whole PDF by clicking that phrase. If you just want to see my passage in If I Only Knew Then..., click here (also PDF, just smaller). I shared advice that was shared by my aunt Jean, back when I was in crisis over my decision to move back to Atlanta and go to grad school. I couldn't believe I was actually considering leaving Hollywood. It was my PLAN. She taught me about Plan A and Plan B... well... read the passage. You'll see. Cool to have already gotten email about it.

And, I sent a note to Aunt Jean to thank her for the advice and to show her the impact it obviously had on me. I'm guessing she doesn't even recall that particular conversation, but it certainly helped me, in those tough early-20s (when you're so sure you know how your life is going to turn out and think it's WRONG to not know (vs. how blissful it is to not know, which you eventually learn)).


I love living in Santa Monica. We're almost at our anniversary here. So blissful. Being so close to the beach, being able to walk everywhere, the cool weather, the friendly people. Ah, people laugh about, "Never wanting to go east of the 405," but Keith tells them I try not to go east of 26th Street! The temperature drops there, when you're coming back from "the rest of LA" to the Westside. It's not just that, though. It's also the vibe. My pulse actually slows at that point. I relax differently. It's awesome.


And while I love my digs... man, doesn't this place look cool?


It's almost that time! I'm really excited about this birthday. It's been an outstanding year.

That's Ash in last weekend's LA Times. (Click it to see the whole article/scan--very large.) Go, girl. You are definitely the breakout star of MTV's The '70s House. Win! Win big!


Okay. If you haven't already, shame on you. And go NOW. Read the brilliance that is (collectively) Colleen Wainwright's "Searches, We Get Searches" blogs. Of course, every bit of her blog is brilliant, but it's the SEARCH stuff that makes me *snork* (snort-laugh). So much, in fact, I asked her to teach me how to track searches to my blog so that I could try to be so funny.

So far... here's what I've got. In seven weeks of tracking, the most interesting searches that have come my way have been (and my lame attempt at comedy follows each):

Eva Longoria Golden Globes (Yes, yes she does. Mmmmmm.)
Greer Shephard dress (She does, too. Probably once or twice every day!)
Miata touch-up paint Miata (That's catchy! I could sing that.)
photo of Kevan Jenson (Hm. I don't have one, but I'll see if I can snap a pic on the SixHundy on Wednesday, if you'd like.)
star caps (Tooth-coverings for famous people? Headgear for celestial bodies? Five-point bullets? Nah... just a bright-orange, garlic-smelling herbal drug thingy.)

How'd I do, Coco? You say the searches will get better with time, right? ;) Hopefully the comedy will too.


Just transition artwork, above. It says my name. Cool, huh?

Okay, so we took a vote in the Gillespie-Johnson household. Best Hunter: Thwok. Sexiest Vixen: Salema. Sweetest Oaf: Archie (although Keith was close on that one... he's not as sweet).

Oh, and Lily, here's my blog!

'Til next time!

(reminders to self: blog about why a special agent from the ATF stopped by on Thursday, the cat that meditates to the Stones, Fantastic 4, and cool sofa repair guys. also look up the date's for Joni's vist, find out if the casting gig in MO and the trip to Tahoe are mutually exclusive, roll out a SMFA seminar press release, and consult the SixHundy for the rest of the scary to do list. that is all. back to work. stop with the blogging and trust that you'll remember all the other shyte you want to write about when the time is there to do so. seriously. go now. now.)

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