My Brilliant Husband

I’ve got to give props to Joe in his most recent efforts to get us back to Georgia. When we were in town last, while one of the hurricanes poured on us–I can’t remember which–he went to dinner with some coworkers based in Conyers and convinced them they needed to create a position that would be his dream job. And it worked! They DID! Over 100 people applied for the position, and they’re interviewing 4. Joe finished his second interview this morning. Even if it doesn’t work out, I’m amazed at the brilliance of his strategy. If it does, he’ll get to move to Georgia, get a company car, and drive all over the southeast to talk to folks about tractors, and even turn a wrench pretty regularly. Keep your fingers crossed (and for Keith too–see Bonnie’s blog). And I can live in Athens and watch TV with Chip and have dinner with Stephanie and run into folks downtown and LIVE IN ATHENS.
I’m supposed to go on a field trip with the Master Gardeners tomorrow, but I’m sure I won’t. I already paid for it too. Bad bad me. But we’re supposed to MEET at 6 a.m. With our lunches packed. I-don’t-think-so.
Am loving One Hundred Years of Solitude all over again. How’s this for a first line: “Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendia was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.”
Was watching Nova tonight while knitting. Did you know the earth’s moon was formed when another planet smashed into Earth? That’s the “widely accepted” theory for a couple of decades now. When the other planet smashed, it both blew off the earth’s crust and smushed into it, making one large planet, and leaving debris that eventually formed into the moon. The crash is also what threw Earth off it’s axis, giving us seasons. The moon keeps the Earth from wobbling erratically on this axis. They figure all this primarily from comparing rocks. Wow.
Bonnie, love your story about Thwok. Almonds! And a printer! How adorable. The most bizarre thing Hank eats is broccoli. He’ll actually knock the trashcan over in the night to chew on the stems, cooked or raw. He also comes running when he hears us eating yogurt–we let him lick the spoon when we’re done.

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  1. Bon says:

    Precious!! I’m thrilled to read that Hank and Thwok have similar traits. 😉 Archie and Salema HATE people food. In fact, Archie will “cover up” any human food he comes around. Very thoughtful. Salema will actually ASK for chicken, but she won’t eat it unless it’s really salty (ick). So, if Keith ever brings home KFC, Salema is all over him. LOL So, for Thwok to be in love with almonds… bizarre. She seriously was leaping up the length of my body to get to them!!
    HUGE congrats to Joe for inventing a job like that! WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!! Even if it doesn’t go beyond this, he’s an impressive fellow for creating the position. My fingers remain crossed for him (and you) to happily get back to Athens. I’ll be living vicariously if you get that lifestyle. Impressive “willing of the way life will be” stuff. I’ll expect full reports of TV viewing from Chip’s. Some of the best days of my life, spent watching TV at Chip’s. Ahhhhh.
    Keith’s TiVo’d all those Nova episodes. He LOVES that stuff. Good idea to knit while watching. I make potholders. Do you remember those silly Loom-Loopers? I found my old (childhood) kit and have been making potholders like crazy. How crafty! 😉

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