Icky Morning

This morning started out icky. Just after breakfast, as I was running water to wash my face and brush my teeth, I heard the distinctive spasm sound of my cat about to barf. It was muffled, though, and I knew he was under my bed. Or in the bed really. The thin fabric that covers the bottom of the boxspring was torn from it’s multiple moves, and Hank likes to crawl up and sleep on that fabric, as on a hammock. He barfed in my bed twice. Then he managed to crawl out, and he couldn’t walk, was staggering. He did that for a few minutes then sat still recovering. I was worried he was poisoned or maybe his FIP has now affected his nervous system, but he seems fine now. Anyhow, I then had the icky task of cleaning it up. I just cut away the sagging fabric and pulled it out and threw it away–that got most of it–then cleaned up the few drips. It was just not a pleasant way to start the day.
Thanks to Chip for the Jessi Klein debate blog. Very amusing and informative.
A couple of nights ago on the Daily Show Jon Stewart said that Comedy Central, in response to Bill O’Reilly’s remark that DS viewers are all stoners, did a study and found that DS viewers are significantly more educated than Bill O’Reilly viewers. That surprised me, but it really does make sense politically, since partisan views tend to follow education levels, and DS leans left, O’Reilly far right.
I’m in a crafty mood this weekend. I think I’ll finally make that bulletin board out of wine corks (from our drinking days) and give it to my dad for Christmas. This is the second year he’s making scuppernong wine. It’s pretty great, if you like sweet wine. I may also put together the pictures of Joe and me as children with weird things on our heads. Joe has half of a gallon milk jug upturned on his head–his space helmet when he was Gam, the barefoot boy from outer space. I have underwear on my head, so I can be like my grandmother, who found nylon underwear to be the best nightcap available, so her once-a-week-styled ‘do would look as nice on Sunday as when it was styled.
Bonnie, hope you are seeing like new soon! You are very brave to undergo such an icky-sounding procedure!
Last night I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and LOVED it. Very fun and odd and Charlie Kaufman. Kate Winslett was beautimous with all her different colored hair. If I ever have a daughter, maybe I’ll name her Clementine. But will I remember?

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2 Responses to Icky Morning

  1. Bon says:

    Survived it and blogged about it (don’t read the Extended Entry if you don’t like the ick). I can seeeeeee!
    It’s awesome.
    Thanke you for the good vibes. I know they helped!!!

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