See the life of a hummingbird. The site is pretty simplistic, but the photos are remarkable.
I’m getting ready to come to Georgia again. I’ll be busy with wedding stuff through Sunday morning, then I’m off to Canton to see my grandmother and paternal kin, and I hope to be back in Athens to see friends around the 13th or 14th. We were planning to stay in California for Thanksgiving, but somehow our family is not sick of seeing us and offered to pay for our travel expenses, so we’re coming after all. I need to make plans to travel home for Christmas, but I’m still holding out to see if we’ll get any word about where exactly we’ll be moving, and when.
Went today to buy some clothes for Joe to wear to the wedding. He has a really nice jacket, but his dress pants have a very clear and permanent impression from the iron on them, so he needed that, and a new shirt and tie. It cost an arm and a leg, but he looks snazzy all put together.

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