The wedding was beautiful and fun. I was so glad to see so many people. Many of whom are in Chip’s pictures, tho I am not 🙁 Probably for the best. I am so very exhausted now. Despite crashing in the villa right after Stephanie and Alex were pelted with rose petals and bubbles and off in their fancy car. I had pictured spending the time after the reception catching up with friends in front of a crackling fireplace at the villas, but I collapsed in bed instead. I guess I’m just officially old.
I need to get busy with knitting so I can have gifts for all of my friends who all are pregnant. Unfortunately (?) for Shanna and Rachel’s children, I learned to knit after they came along. I’m going to my grandmother’s this afternoon and she’s going to teach me how to crochet edging onto baby blankets, so that should help me catch up. I’m hoping there are still a few scuppernongs on the vines.

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