It’s finally rained here, and the air is much more breathable. It’s the first rain since February, I think, which is typical for this area. Before the rain, there was so much soot in the air I kept choking while trying to set out our Halloween decor (four styrofoam tombstones, a raven, and a light-up skull and boney hands and feet). And my car, while at the Fresno airport for about 9 days, looked tan rather than white, and I couldn’t see out my windows. I think I can make a pretty good guess what comprised that dust, since everywhere I drove for the next few days, flies congregated on my car. Ewwwwww. I guess the price you pay living in a county that produces more dairy than all of Wisconsin.
Found a black widow just inside the front door last night. Joe found an enormous one outside a couple of weeks ago. Scary! Despite myself, I bought spider poison today and sprayed it where I’ve seen the red hourglasses. I saw the innocent spiders running, afflicted. It was sad.
Watched Confessions of a Dangerous Mind last night and enjoyed it a lot. It’s unique, not your typical cookie-cutter film, which is more to my taste. Ordering some Hitchcock masterpieces from Netflix to arrive for Halloween.
Speaking of taste, I’m back in cooking mode. Yesterday made the Grit’s roasted pepper and mushroom soup, but used regular milk and butter and Worcestershire sauce rather than the vegan soy-based equivalents listed. Very yum. Today I’m going to make a turkey breast and cranberry relish and fresh green beans. And tomorrw, a pecan chicken quiche. Can you tell I have no freelance work?

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